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Home Automation with z-wave on Raspberry pi using openhab - first steps There are a few diversions on the road to running z-wave of RaspberryPi, so here are some notes on how I did a good working build using: Why did I choose these? Raspberry Pi, cos it's the obvious choice as a controller for this type as far as I'm concerned. Pleased with this choice, using a standard phone charger as a PSU, I'm seeing 2 watts at the mains side when it is actively running. RaZberry daughter board - better answer than a USB dongle as once plugged into the pi, it fits inside a standard Pi case. openhab software.

Wireless Multi-Channel Voice-Controlled Electrical Outlets with Raspberry Pi Update 2/11/2014: Thanks to everyone who voted for this project in the Raspberry Pi contest! This project is a combination of several difference resources: My single-outlet control project with Raspberry Pi and Python, originally inspired by user wilq44's Raspberry Pi GPIO home automation WiringPi, software written by Gordon Henderson that allows "Arduino style" control of the GPIO pins from the command line in a Linux terminal Voice Command, a package written by Steven Hickson that allows voice control of the Raspberry Pi by connecting to a Google speech-to-text service. The end result is voice-activated control of up to three electrical outlets using the Raspberry Pi.

“Raspberry Eye” Remote Servo Cam Webcams are a fun and useful tool. Being able to control where they’re looking remotely, though, takes their usefulness to a whole new level. Whether you’re watching your pets while you’re away or allowing friends to participate in an event from the other side of the world, a web-enabled camera puts the end user in control of the experience. Put a Pi on the Web The Raspberry Pi provides a perfect base platform for creating internet-connected devices. When researching how I was going to connect my device to the web, I ran into Make:’s very own Matt Richardson’s post describing how to use the Flask framework to easily create projects for the web on the Raspberry Pi. Setting up LIRC on the RaspberryPi - June 8th 2013 Update: I have completed a soldered circuit prototype, complete with a full parts list and high resolution build pictures. Please read Open Source Universal Remote - Parts & Picturse to learn more. March 9th 2013 Update: I have formalized the schematic and parts list that I’m using and have made it available on Upverter. Please read RaspberryPi IR Schematic for LIRC for more details. March 4th Update: I’ve written a follow up post that describes how to control your RaspberryPi universal remote from the web. Please check out Controlling LIRC from the web for instructions on how to install and configure the software.

Rails Assertions Cheat Sheet Last week I was working on the Rails testing book and I started wondering how the rest of the Rails world was writing their tests. Since I decided that I was going to use Test::Unit instead of Rspec in the book, I knew that I could safely limit my search to just assertions and refutions. The first thing I did was identify every method available to ActiveSupport::TestCase that starts with assert or refute. HABDroid - Applications Android et Tests Description This is a native Android user interface application for openHAB - an open source home automation system. The open Home Automation Bus (openHAB) project aims at providing a universal integration platform for all things around home automation. It is designed to be absolutely vendor-neutral as well as hardware/protocol-agnostic. openHAB brings together different bus systems, hardware devices and interface protocols. Supported technologies include KNX, Modbus, DMX, Philips Hue, PLCBus, Sonos, Plugwise, IHC/Elko, RFXCOM, Homematic, Koubachi, Pulseaudio, Samsung TV, Bluetooth, One-Wire, Novelan, Asterisk, generic serial devices and many others. It supports all openHAB features plus NFC tags based sitemap navigation and item control, automatic discovery of your openHAB and remote connection back to your house over the Internet with my.openHAB service. openHAB is the integration and control point of your Smart Home.

Long Range UHF RFID Item Tracking System Maker spaces typically have hundreds of valuable tools available for use by their members. These tools can navigate from room to room and project to project. There is no real good way of knowing the whereabouts of a particular tool at a given time. Paper sign-out systems are often forgotten in the adrenaline rush of finishing an exciting project, and you can't always count on people putting things away properly (though they really should!). It is easy for items to become misplaced and lost, sometimes for weeks on-end! The hardware and software projects contained within this article aim to provide an affordable method of tracking these tools and other valuable items.

Adafruit Raspberry Pi Educational Linux Distro This is our second distro, Occidentalis v0.2. Rubus occidentalis is the black raspberry. It is derived from Raspbian Wheezy August 16 2012 We have made a few key changes to make it more hardware-hacker friendly! Version 0.2 updates (new!)

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