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Centre d'aide de Twitter

Centre d'aide de Twitter

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CCD COE - The Tallinn Manual The Tallinn Manual on the International Law Applicable to Cyber Warfare, written at the invitation of the Centre by an independent ‘International Group of Experts’, is the result of a three-year effort to examine how extant international law norms apply to this ‘new’ form of warfare. The Tallinn Manual pays particular attention to the jus ad bellum, the international law governing the resort to force by States as an instrument of their national policy, and the jus in bello, the international law regulating the conduct of armed conflict (also labelled the law of war, the law of armed conflict, or international humanitarian law). Related bodies of international law, such as the law of State responsibility and the law of the sea, are dealt within the context of these topics. The Tallinn Manual is not an official document, but instead an expression of opinions of a group of independent experts acting solely in their personal capacity. Open publication - Free publishing - More cyber

Base Need reasons to love Bootstrap? Look no further. By nerds, for nerds. Built at Twitter by @mdo and @fat, Bootstrap utilizes LESS CSS, is compiled via Node, and is managed through GitHub to help nerds do awesome stuff on the web. Made for everyone. How To Create A Twitter List - A Step By Step Guide! By now, you already know that Twitter is a great tool for teachers . Not only can you use it in your classroom to keep your students and their parents informed of what’s going on, you can also use it in class for projects and homework, and you can use it for your own professional development and PLN . Recently, we heard from a teacher who uses Twitter Lists to help manage her PLN and keep her sane when she’s trying to find the resources she needs. Twitter lists are a great way to maximize what you can get out of the tool, and an easy way to help you categorize and ‘file’ the people/things/information you’re after!

Esafety & in-app purchases - iClevedon Thanks to the many parents who have attended the various ‘Meet Your iPad’ sessions. If you haven’t been able to come and would still like to attend, please let us know and we can organise more. One of the areas covered on the evenings was on the topic of in-app purchases, what they are and how parental controls can restrict them among other things. Cards Introduction With Twitter Cards, you can attach rich photos, videos and media experiences to Tweets, helping to drive traffic to your website. Simply add a few lines of markup to your webpage, and users who Tweet links to your content will have a “Card” added to the Tweet that’s visible to their followers. The Tweet embedded below shows a Player Card along with 140 characters: Drive engagement from your Tweets

Safe Browsing - Protecting Web Users for 5 Years and Counting Posted by Niels Provos, Security Team It’s been five years since we officially announced malware and phishing protection via our Safe Browsing effort. The goal of Safe Browsing is still the same today as it was five years ago: to protect people from malicious content on the Internet. Today, this protection extends not only to Google’s search results and ads, but also to popular web browsers such as Chrome, Firefox and Safari. To achieve comprehensive and timely detection of new threats, the Safe Browsing team at Google has labored continuously to adapt to rising challenges and to build an infrastructure that automatically detects harmful content around the globe.

Embedded Timelines English | 日本語 Overview Embeddable timelines make it easy to syndicate any public Twitter timeline to your website with one line of code. Just like timelines on, embeddable timelines are interactive and enable your visitors to reply, Retweet, and favorite Tweets directly from your pages. Users can expand Tweets to see Cards inline, as well as Retweet and favorite counts.

How (And Why) To Try Twitter Teams In School Twitter can give a school district’s constituents—parents, community members, students and teachers—a real-time peek into the working lives of administrators and teachers and into the amazing projects students are working on daily. It is an instantaneous platform for communicating what reading material you find interesting, which teachers are doing innovative things in classrooms, displays of school spirit and of technology integration, showcases of community service and more. According to Washington Post columnist Michael S. eSafety for Mobile Devices Around half of parents do not use internet controls or filtering software 13 per cent of parents of children aged 5–15 have not heard of such controls.• Parents are even less aware of safeguarding controls for mobile phones and games consoles.• While children are generally aware of how they should behave to stay safe online, they often do not use these strategies. *Filter Through Your WiFi No filter or parental controls tool is 100% effective, and many of the risks that young people face online are because of their own and other’s behaviour. It is therefore important to talk to your children about staying safe online with your child and make sure they know that they can turn to you if they get into any difficulty. For more information about key topics such as cyberbullying, sexting and social networking, see the more advice for parents.

Share Bookmarklet Updated on Wed, 2014-02-12 17:33 Overview The Share Bookmarklet makes it easy for you to share any webpage on Twitter, even if there isn’t a Tweet Button.

Any account with a blue verified badge on their Twitter profile is a verified account. by agnesdelmotte Aug 23

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