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Backlink Checker - Linkody

Backlink Checker - Linkody
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Free Keyword Tools from WordStream WordStream's free keyword tools and resources for SEO and PPC are desigbed to help search marketers with keyword suggestion, keyword grouping, keyword analysis, long-tail keyword research and negative keyword discovery. Our Fre Keyword Tool draws from a trillion-keyword database and goes beyond the capabilities that a typical free keyword tool can offer. The Free Keyword Tool Get thousands of keyword suggestions from a constantly updated database of more than a trillion unique search queries, giving you more keywords, faster, than even paid keyword tools. Learn More Learn about keyword niches Discover your most profitable pockets of keyword opportunities. Learn about keyword grouping Not sure where to start with keyword grouping? Learn about negative keywords Eliminate waste in your AdWords or other pay-per-click marketing campaigns by identifying irrelevant keywords that could burn through your budget—before they cost you money. Popular Keywords

Niche Directories This Niche Directories list contains links to Niche Directories and Topical Directories that offer quality Niche Directories. Web Directory Resources Over 350 Blog Directories Over 40 ILQ Directories rated by inbound link quality Over 330 Pay Directories Over 260 Free Directories Over 500 Free & Paid Directories Over 50 Deep Link Directories Over 35 Reciprocal Web Directories Over 3 Niche Directories Over 90 Web Directory Lists Topical Directories For now I am just going to list the top niche or topical directoires that I have found. I have been considering a list of niche directories for quite some time and would like to make an honorable meantion of Edwin's which has given me the inspiration to move forward with this project. What you will find different with my directory is I use the all-on-one-page format that I developed when designing this cardealer inventory web app. Yes This List Has A Copyright

Cutting-Edge SEO Tools - cognitiveSEO Majestic : SEO Backlink Checker & Site Explorer teliad | Link building & Blog marketing Search Engine Guide: Search Engine Marketing and Social Media Marketing Advice 5 Killer SEO Tips to Get Backlinks Posted by: Steven Clayton, Guest Blogger Anyone who pays attention to SEO techniques knows that getting high quality, “do follow,” and diverse backlinks is the key to search engine optimization. The challenge, of course, is where to find places to get powerful backlinks. Most people build their link building strategies around blog and forum postings. This makes sense and is certainly part of our plans as well. With that in mind, I’m going to share the top 5 non-forum/blog backlink sources that we teach in Commission Blueprint 2.0. 1. is a great place to get links back to your site. “add+to+this+list” You will be presented with a huge list of Squidoo lenses where you can add your site, with custom anchor text. For extra credit, append +”keyword phrase” onto the end of this query, and you can target your links for relevance. “add+to+this+list”+”fitness” 2. 3. 4. The trick is to find these sites quickly and efficiently. “Keyword phrase” + “add url”

Les indicateurs clés de performance pour le SEO Puisque le référencement naturel (SEO pour les intimes) est devenu un véritable investissement pour les entreprises (en temps aussi bien qu’en argent), il devient évident de pouvoir créer des rapports de données efficaces pour comprendre l’impact des actions mises en place. Aussi une partie du travail consiste-t-elle à créer des « tableaux de bord » (« dashboards ») qui rassemblent les Indicateurs Clés de Performance (ICP) correspondant à l’identité, aux objectifs et aux cibles de votre business… Métriques et outils pour mesurer votre travail Il est certain que les ICP peuvent varier grandement d’un site web à un autre, ne serait-ce que par sa catégorie : site vitrine, plateforme informative, site de e-commerce… Ici je vous présenterai les 3 ICP universels et applicables dans la plupart des cas : le trafic d’un site, son classement (« ranking ») dans les pages des résultats de recherche des moteurs, et son net-linking (ses liens entrants). Quoi et pourquoi ? Outils : Google Analytics.