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Psychoactive Vaults

Psychoactive Vaults
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Erowid Essential First Aid Item: Activated Carbon Activated carbon, in powdered form, should be in every medicine cabinet and first aid kit. It is also known as activated charcoal. It is used around the world as a universal antidote for hundreds of poisons, including arsenic, mercury, pesticides, strychnine, warfarin, hemlock, E. Coli endotoxin, and gasoline. Over 4,000 chemicals, drugs, plant and microbial toxins, allergens, venoms, and wastes are effectively neutralized by activated charcoal, when it is given in sufficient quantities. Activated charcoal is also an effective detox for practically any drug overdose if administered in time. In 1813, French chemist Michel Bertrand swallowed five grams of arsenic trioxide: 150 times the lethal dose. In 1831, in front of his distinguished colleagues at the French Academy of Medicine, Professor Touery drank a deadly cocktail of strychnine and lived to tell the tale. Manufacture and Storage Risks: Charcoal significantly decreases a body's absorption of all nutrients and medications.

Valeur guide de qualité d’air intérieur: l’Anses propose deux valeurs pour l’acroléine Divers polluants sont susceptibles de se retrouver dans l’air intérieur et peuvent avoir des effets sur le confort et la santé, allant de la simple gêne (gêne olfactive, somnolence, irritation des yeux et de la peau) à l’apparition ou l'aggravation de pathologies graves. Pour faire face à l’enjeu sanitaire que représente la qualité de l’air intérieur et apporter aux pouvoirs publics des éléments utiles à la gestion de ce risque, l’Anses travaille depuis 2004 à l’élaboration de valeurs guides de qualité d’air intérieur (VGAI). Après la publication en mars dernier des propositions de VGAI pour le dioxyde d’azote (NO2), l’Anses publie aujourd’hui deux propositions de VGAI correspondant aux expositions sur le court et le long terme pour l’acroléine. Deux nouvelles VGAI pour l’acroléine L'Anses publie ce jour ses propositions de valeurs guides de qualité d’air intérieur (VGAI) pour l’acroléine.

Review of Galantamine: the Lucid Dreaming Pill | the new dream studies portal So you’re considering the red pill… Galantamine has emerged as THE lucid dreaming pill. This natural supplement has been used for centuries in China as a memory enhancer, and was even noted by the ancient Greeks for its powerful mind-inducing effects. Now we know that galantamine indirectly promotes dreaming sleep as well as lucid dreaming, which is the art of becoming self-aware in your dreams. There’s a lot of hype about galantamine, so I want to cover the basics about how it works on the brain, the studies that have proven its effectiveness, and my personal recommendations for experimentation with this safe and natural supplement. I also want to be brutally honest about some of the mild psychological and physical side effects as well. Want to cut to the chase? Galantamine & Memory red spider lily (Lycoris radiata) Galantamine is found in the natural world in many plant sources, including the common daffodil (Narcissus pseudonarcissus). How Galantamine Works On your Brain Laberge’s results?

BackGround Check Cacti Vaults : San Pedro Preparation Years ago in the early 1970s I became friends with the employees of a plant shop in the Seattle University District. What was really cool is that I found out that the owner of this plant shop was also the author, as well as the editor of several fine books such as "How to Grow the Finest Marijuana Indoors under Halides" and "How to Grow Pot Hydroponically". They also published "How to Identify and Grow Psilocybe Mushrooms," by Jule Stevens and Rich Gee. One of the employees and I went to the Seattle Arboretum in 1975 and were playing Frisbee when I dropped the Frisbee to the ground at the Woodlawn Park section of the Seattle Arboretum. At that time in the early to middle 1970s, I learned that this cactus was from Peru and Ecuador and was used ritualistically in ceremonies similar to those associated with the ritualistic use of Peyote. My friends at the plant shop told me I would have to slice and cook the cactus for about four hours or so and then drink the remaining liquid.

Drug profiles Drug profiles scientifically sound descriptions of drugs in the form of ‘drug profiles’. Presented in a standardised way, each profile briefly gives the chemistry, pharmacology, synthesis and precursors of each substance, as well as analysis, physical form (e.g. powder, tablet) and mode of use (e.g. ingested, snorted, injected). Most of the substances covered are controlled internationally by United Nations conventions. The profiles are available in German, English and French. Presented in a standardised way, each profile briefly gives the chemistry, pharmacology, synthesis and precursors of each substance, as well as analysis, physical form (e.g. powder, tablet) and mode of use (e.g. ingested, snorted, injected). Where appropriate, the profiles also contain sections on prevalence, street price and typical levels of purity, which will be updated annually on the basis of information provided by the Reitox network. The EMCDDA would like to thank: Dr Leslie A.

AMEUBLEMENT non TOXIQUE AMEUBLEMENT non TOXIQUE On sait maintenant que tout élément d'ameublement constitué de particules de bois (agglomérés), de PVC, de colles synthétiques, recouverts ou non de stratifié, de peintures, lasures et /ou vernis, laisse échapper "pendant un certain temps" des vapeurs de solvants ou matières volatiles (COV). On appelle communément ce phénomène "relargage". Il est donc fortement déconseillé d'introduire dans l'aménagement et la décoration intérieure de sa maison : table, chaises, placards, bureau, étagères, fauteuils, canapés… à base de matières synthétiques, bois agglomérés ou stratifiés. Préférez-leur des meubles en bois massif ou constitués de matériaux stables ! On parle de stabilité d'un matériau lorsqu'il conserve ses propriétés pendant une longue période, même si les conditions dans lesquelles il est employé varient : - pression, - humidité, - chaleur... Pourquoi les enfants sont-ils plus exposés ? * Le nombre d’asthmatiques est passé de 5,8 % en 1998 à 6,7 % en 2006.

Pharmacology Vaults : Neuropharmacology of Hallucinogens : a technical overview, by BilZ0r (v3.1 Aug 2005) Please note that this subject is extremely technical and this article requires a background in brain science to fully understand. Some definitions of some key terms are included in the Definitions section of this artice. What are hallucinogens? In common usage, the word "hallucinogen" has become a catchall term for a wide variety of psychoactive substances, including such pharmacologically different chemicals as cannabinoids; NMDA receptor antagonists such as ketamine; 3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine; kappa-opioid agonists such as salvinorin A, and lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD). In this article, the use of the term "hallucinogen" will be in reference to two groups: chemicals that are chemically and pharmacologically similar to mescaline [the phenethylamine hallucinogens (Shulgin & Shulgin, 1991)] and the chemicals that are chemically and pharmacologically similar to psilocin and LSD [the indole or tryptamine hallucinogens (Shulgin & Shulgin, 1997)]. How do hallucinogens work?

List of Puerto Ricans This is a list of notable Puerto Ricans[a] which includes people who were born in Puerto Rico, people who are of full or partial Puerto Rican ancestry, and some long-term Stateside American and other residents and/or immigrants of other ethnic heritages who have made Puerto Rico their home, and who are recognized for their life and/or work. The list is divided into categories and in some cases sub-categories which best describe the field for which the subject is most noted. Some categories such as "Actors, actresses, comedians and directors" are relative since a subject who is a comedian may also be an actor or director. In some cases a subject may be notable in more than one field such as "Luis A. Ferré" who is notable as a former "governor" and as an "industrialist". Actors, actresses, comedians and directors[edit] Adolfo Quiñones, actor/dancer/choreographer(film Breakin)

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