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FeedMix Feed Mix lets you easily combine a few RSS feeds into one feed, edit it, and upload it. It packs a unique combination of features! Our application comes with a number of great tools, including its built-in RSS reader, WYSIWYG feed editor, blog client, HTML editor, image editor, XML editor, and FTP uploader. Feedkiller, un agrégateur de flux RSS Feedkiller est un service en ligne gratuit qui permet d'agréger différents flux RSS pour aboutir à un seul flux RSS sur mesure. Pour cela, il suffit de se rendre sur le site, d'indiquer le nom de son flux global (dans le champ "choose a name for the custom feed you are building") puis de donner l'adresse des flux (dans le champ "enter the url for the feed you want to use"). Par défaut, l'utilisateur ne dispose que de deux champs pour renseigner l'adresse de ses flux RSS. Pour en ajouter d'autres, il suffit de cliquer sur le bouton "add more". Une fois cette opération terminée, il ne reste plus qu'à cliquer sur le bouton "Build it" pour obtenir l'adresse de son flux RSS sur mesure. Certes, Feedkiller n'est pas le seul à proposer ce type de service.

Gateway by OneLouder We want you to explore, be entertained—and even caught off guard— so, we don't track and then just feed you more of what's in your usage history. Instead, ChannelCaster allows you to build and share Channels with your friends or the entire community based on what interests you. Discover FeedRoll You are on Feed Combiner! While the addition of any relevant data feed to your website will have immediate benefits, sometimes it may be beneficial to bring in more than one feed. While certain areas of interest may be covered by one site, it is not very common for one site to give you all of the information which you require.

BlastCasta You can use the tool below to combine up to 5 RSS or Atom feeds as well as filter them using custom criteria. In addition, you can translate, convert, and sort them. After you're done, copy the URL from the bottom box to use the resulting feed. (Note: This free feed aggregator may include ad feed items. You may need the content publisher's permission to use their feed in this manner. Please see their terms of service.) Edit Feed I. Acceptance A.I.Studio (owner and maintainer of web site) provides its service («Service») to you, subject to the following Terms of Service («TOS»). By using the Service you are agreeing to be bound by the following terms and conditions. II.

Virto Social Aggregator by VirtoSoftware - Product Type: Add-In / Web Part Combine RSS, Atom, blogs and Tweets into a single SharePoint view. Virto Social Aggregator is a SharePoint Web Part for aggregating and displaying posts from various RSS feeds, combining blogs, news as well Twitter and popular social networks. Syndicate Press The latest documentation has been moved to a new, dedicated site for Syndicate Press: 3/25/2012: Version 1.0.10 now available. See the changelog for details. Easy RSS aggregation for WordPress Syndicate Press is a brand new WordPress plugin from Syndicate Press lets you include RSS feeds directly in your WordPress Posts or Pages at a location YOU choose.