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Internet Journal of Emerging Medical Technologies

Internet Journal of Emerging Medical Technologies

Welcome to Critical Care Medicine Tutorials Global Issues : social, political, economic and environmental issues that affect us all Health | - Sigalon What's Next - Blogs read Z Wikisłownika – wolnego, wielojęzycznego słownika wymowa: wymowa brytyjska ?/i rzeczownik i czas teraźniejszy czasownika bryt. brytyjski angielski enPR: rēd, IPA: /ɹiːd/, SAMPA: /r\i:d/ amer. amerykański angielski enPR: rēd, IPA: /ɹid/, SAMPA: /r\id/ wymowa amerykańska ? homofon: reed czas przeszły czasownika i imiesłów czasu przeszłego enPR: rĕd, IPA: /ɹɛd/, SAMPA: /r\Ed/ wymowa amerykańska ? homofony: red • redd znaczenia: czasownik (1.1) czytać (1.2) być czytanym (1.3) słyszeć (przez radio) (1.4) studiować (1.5) interpretować, odczytać (np. czyjeś intencje) rzeczownik (2.1) lektura odmiana: (1) read, read, read, reads, reading przykłady: (1.1) Have you read this book? (1.2) Arabic reads backwards. → Arabski czyta się od tyłu. (1.3) Do you read me? (1.4) She reads linguistics. → Ona studiuje językoznawstwo. składnia: kolokacje: synonimy: (1.3) hear (1.4) study (1) daw. dawniej, dawny rede antonimy: (1.1) write hiperonimy: hiponimy: holonimy: meronimy: wyrazy pokrewne: związki frazeologiczne: etymologia: uwagi: źródła:

Lungs Can Taste! Weird Discovery Points to New Asthma Treatments | 80beats Your lungs know a bitter sensation when they taste one. Yes, taste. In a Nature Medicine study, Stephen B. Liggett and company found receptors on the smooth muscle in the lungs that respond to bitterness, similar to the bitter taste buds on the tongue. And, Liggett found, the receptors’ reaction to bitterness is to relax the muscles, and therefore to expand airways. That was totally unexpected, he says, and opens intriguing possibilities for pulmonary treatment—for example, asthmatic symptoms could be treated by exposing these receptors to bitter compounds. Like tastebuds on the tongue, the receptors react to bitterness, but unlike tastebuds they do not send any signals to the brain. The researchers first thought that bitter compounds might trigger a constriction of the airways, to prevent toxins from further infiltrating the lungs. The team’s discovery doesn’t point to a cure for asthma. Image: iStockphoto

The Moscow News Dementia: Hope Through Research Various disorders and factors contribute to the development of dementia. Neurodegenerative disorders such as AD, frontotemporal disorders, and Lewy body dementia result in a progressive and irreversible loss of neurons and brain functions. Currently, there are no cures for these progressive neurodegenerative disorders. However, other types of dementia can be halted or even reversed with treatment. Normal pressure hydrocephalus, for example, often resolves when excess cerebrospinal fluid in the brain is drained via a shunt and rerouted elsewhere in the body. Some types of dementia disorders are described below. Tauopathies In some dementias, a protein called tau clumps together inside nerve cells in the brain, causing the cells to stop functioning properly and die. In AD, the tau protein becomes twisted and aggregates to form bundles, called neurofibrillary tangles, inside the neurons. Other types of tauopathies include the following disorders: There is no cure for CBD. Synucleinopathies

Touch User Interface - Touch Screen and Multi Touch How to Solve Any Problem I like to solve problems, which is convenient, because that's also my job. My first love was coding, and it taught me to think about problems in a logical way. In the 30 years since then, I've been amazed at how often that approach has applied to the rest of my professional life (and frequently my personal life). Here are four things I've learned about solving just about any problem: 1. That's fancy programmer talk for "make it happen again," or, as they might say where I grew up in Illinois farm country: "If it ain't broke, break it." Tony Hsieh created Zappos' reputation for customer service by requiring all of his employees (even the top brass) to go through a month-long boot camp, starting with call-center duty. 2. Whether you've got a bug in your code, your website sales are dropping, or you're trying to stop a flu pandemic, you've got to track down the source of the problem. 3. Sure, it's hard to hear, but suck it up - these people hold your answers. 4. Kurt Dr. MikeTek @SEOJesus

untitled William A Beresford MA, D Phil © Professor of Anatomy Anatomy Department, West Virginia University, Morgantown, USA With a home modem, this online book may take up to five minutes to be fully on-screen, but it arrives without registration or fee. It weighs in at only 605 Kilobytes, so that you can copy it onto a floppy disc, or HD, in about half a minute. Introduction and Preface Chapter The first listing of chapters keeps you within the one large file. Individual Chapters The following list of chapters links you to individual chapters, so that if you wish to print, you print just that one chapter, not the whole book. How this book comes to be on the Web, and the thinking behind it are in the 'Preface', at the end. . How does one illustrate the descriptions and ideas of histology? Some of the Powerpoints are 'busy'. Histology is important for the medical student: it introduces her or him to the broad range of cell types and molecules that let man live, and at which therapy is aimed. .