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App Prototyping Tools For Designers

App Prototyping Tools For Designers

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How To Improve Your Content Marketing With Canva Images are an integral part of content marketing, they are required not just for blog posts, slides or infographics but for posts to social media itself. One of the challenges for content marketers is producing professional images quickly and efficiently. Your new best friend is Canva, an image tool designed for content marketers. Images Matter in Content Marketing At BuzzSumo we love data and the data on the importance of images is unequivocal. 93% of the most engaging posts on Facebook are images. Top 33 Free Bookmarking Apps - 1 to 33 based on popularity 1 to 33 based on popularity Bookmarking applications let users save web resources that they wish to access later into organized lists that can be shared online. AppAppeal ranks all bookmarking apps based on worldwide popularity. Pocket lets users quickly save web content they come across on any mobile device or computer. The items are added to ...

The End Of Apps As We Know Them The experience of our primary mobile screen being a bank of app icons that lead to independent destinations is dying. And that changes what we need to design and build. How we experience content via connected devices – laptops, phones, tablets, wearables – is undergoing a dramatic change. 7 Rules for Creating Gorgeous UI (Part 1) Introduction OK, first things first. This guide is not for everyone. Who is this guide for? Developers who want to be able to design their own good-looking UI in a pinch.UX designers who want their portfolio to look better than a Pentagon PowerPoint.

A/B Testing: The Complete Guide - Visual Website Optimizer Start here for What is A/B Testing? A/B testing (sometimes called split testing) is comparing two versions of a web page to see which one performs better. 7 Powerful Tactics To Get More Views and Followers on Snapchat - Foundr Want the heads up when new stories drop? Subscribe Here Since its humble beginnings as a photo and video sharing app in 2011, Snapchat has exploded into one of the most popular social media platforms in the world. It seems like everyone and their grandma is using Snapchat these days. Consequently, businesses and marketers all around the world have been falling over themselves trying to find their place in the latest social media revolution. Just like on Instagram, the Snapchat economy runs on the number of followers you have and the number of views your snaps get.

100+ Top Apps for Private Chat (iPhone/iPad) Because you searched for download android free private chat apps, meet new people apps, android talk to people apps, chatting with people apps, chatting with friends apps, keeping in touch apps, android market free social network games, android market free make friends apps, android send private apps, iphone voice chat apps, connecting with friends apps, make new friends apps, staying connected games, ipad free social networking apps, free talk to my friends apps, wasting time apps, iphone free free chat apps, android people nearby apps, android market free public chat apps, iphone social media apps, android market keeping in touch with friends apps, #1. Instagram - ranked #1 for sharing pics, #1 for photo lovers, #1 for photo album, #1 for social apps, "can you add like a private chat " - "InstagramOver 150 million users love Instagram! It's a simple way to capture and share the world's moments on your iPhone.Customize your photos and vid...

When designing for Android, forget iOS By the numbers Android and iOS are the two leading mobile platforms, together accounting for nearly 98% of mobile traffic on UW web services. With the successful launch of SpaceScout for iOS we felt it was time to start looking into designing for the Android platform. The epicurious app violates numerous Android design recommendations Vine blog – Design at Vine: Everyone needs an editor We launched Vine about two weeks ago, and we’re already amazed at how a community of creators is using the new art form. People are sharing moments in unique ways, and that makes us smile. As we share in the excitement about what you are creating, we’d like to take a step back to offer some insight into our design approach for Vine. Design is more than aesthetics and pretty pixels; it’s product decisions and experiences that make a service enjoyable visually, functionally, emotionally. As we built Vine, we kept these key principles in mind: Strive for simplicity.

annyang! Easily add speech recognition to your site Go ahead, try it… Say "Hello!" Annyang! Why Sketch is More Powerful with a Prototyping Buddy - Speckyboy Design Magazine Prototyping, more than ever, is playing an increasingly vital role in the design and development process, and has become an essential part of the workflow for a modern-day designer, and developer. There is still the debate running through the design, and development community of “Have we hit a saturation point? When is enough?”.

Touch Target Sizes People interact with touch-based user interfaces with their fingers. So user interface controls have to be big enough to capture fingertip actions without frustrating users with erroneous actions and tiny targets. Ok, so how big? Starter's Guide to iOS Design As someone who does work on both the development and design side of iOS apps I find that many designers struggle with the transition to UI work, or with the different processes involved in iPhone and iPad app design. In this guide I'll describe the deliverables you'll be expected to produce, outline the constraints of the medium and introduce fundamental iOS and UI design concepts. The Medium Knowing your medium and its quirks is an important part of being a good designer. I'm sure you've been witness to large print-outs with horrible pixelation artefacts - the result of misunderstanding print media. Similarly misunderstanding the role of pixels on screen can result in blurry, squished, or pixellated designs.

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