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Iconfactory I design software that speak human and love to write about it Speak Up › Design Dialog HELLO (AND, WELL, GOODBYE)After nearly seven years of blogging, Speak Up has ceased publication. While this may not be a remarkable amount of time in the world of print and online publishing, the intensity with which we — founders, authors and readers alike — undertook it made it seem as it had been decades. For a thorough description on the reasons to close Speak Up, you may read this post, so as not to take much more space here. To the right you will see all of our categories with a brief description of what you may find. Below are some highlights from our time spent blogging. We hope all this helps maintain the legacy of Speak Up frozen in digital time and that it may be of some use to passersby. Bryony and Armin Principals, UnderConsideration LLC THE RISE AND FALL (AND RISE) OF LOGO DISCUSSIONOn March 25, 2003 UPS announced that, after 42 years of service, it would do away with its bow-tied logo designed by Paul Rand in 1961. SELF PUBLISHING, IT’S HARD! WHY SO SERIOUS? BEST. - Patterns in Interaction Design Best of Yanko Design 2008 Best of Yanko Design 2008 With just a week left in the year we’ve wrapped up our best of the year designs in one big post for your reading pleasure. 2008 has been an eventful and inspiring year, and it’s hard to put all the top news in one place; still, if there’s one Yanko Design article you want to bookmark this year, this should be it. Happy Holidays and Happy New Year! 50) “DesCom” by Sung-kyu Nam. Permalink Hits: 26524. Comments: 52 49) iStick by Alexei Mikhailov. 48) Collapsible Surfboard by Nicholas Notara. 47) “Ceramix For Mix” by Florian Dussopt. 46) Metamophing Computer Interface by Jonathan Lucas. 45) E-Paper Slap Bracelets by Chocolate Agency. 44) The Shooter Fire Extinguisher by Junyi Heo. 43 ) Forest Fire “Clear Cut” Robot by Daniel Shankland II. 42) Pocket Light by Hyun Jin Yoon. 41) SMS & Email Pen by Reuben Png. 40) Making Your Own Clock by Bomi Kim. 39) The Edge Phone by Chris Owens. 38) BMW Gina. 37) Febot Recharges Batteries by Ji-yun Kim. 25) PSP 2 Tai Chiem.

UX Booth: User Experience & Usability Blog Before & After magazine Jakob Nielsen on Usability and Web Design Advertisement We Web designers are a fickle lot. We love to experiment with things. We love to observe how people interact with our work. And we love to try out unusual design approaches that might possibly go mainstream and become a classic approach. As a result, new design approaches come up, and as more and more designers notice them and make use of them, new trends emerge. Over the last months, we’ve analyzed numerous Web designs, observing emerging trends and weighing the merits of numerous design decisions and coding solutions. This article covers only 10 of the over 25 trends we’ve identified over the last months. Update: the second part of our review1 is now published as well. Web Design Trends For 2009 Let’s first take a closer look at the main trends we identified, discovered and observed over the last months. Embossing Letterpress Rich user interfaces PNG transparency Big typography Font replacement (sIFR, etc.) 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

45+ Free Design Template And PSD Files | 1stwebdesigner - Love In Design With the explosion of flat-designed websites, web designers now follow the trend in a snap, adapting a cleaner and much simpler design which can be found in flat UI kits. We seldom see skeuomorphic designs nowadays. In fact, all of the depth has been slowly becoming flat. These free flat UI kits come in an easy-to-access and easy-to-use formats. Looking for more UI kits and PSD templates? Flat UI Kit By Riki Tanone Flat UI Kit By Devin Schulz Eerste UI Kit Flat UI Kit By Zachary VanDeHey Free Flat UI kit By Visualcreative Flat/UI Kit By Sebastian Scheer Splash of Color Premium Kit Flat UI Kit By DesignModo Flat UI Kit By Ben Moss Free Flat UI kit By Emanuel Serbanoiu Vertical Infinity Free Program Icons By Applove Free Flat Social Icons EPS By Jorge Calvo Garcia Big Flat Icons for Sketch By Luc Chaffard UI Kit By Creative Mints Simplistic UI Kit By Tanveer Junayed Square UI By Vladimir Kudinov Free PSD UI Kit By Simeon K Flat Stroke UI Kit By Ryan Clark Flat UI Login Form By David East Flat UI By Andy Law

Design Observer Devlounge 30 Must-Have Logo Books Inspiration January 16, 2009 Every once in a while, talent and technique aren’t enough to help you finish your logo project. You need inspiration, motivation, opinion, or probably someone to compare notes with. For such occasions, you may find a logo book an interesting reference. This post outlines some of the bestselling and upcoming logo books in the market — created and/or inspired by people who know more than a thing or two about logo design. Some of the logo books are quite a sight themselves. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 1,000 Retail Graphics: From Signage to Logos and Everything for In-Store 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30. graphicPUSH