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Designers interactifs

Designers interactifs

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The most captivating photo stories of the month Seattle photographer Ashley Armitage’s Photoshop free images and wise words are always welcome on Dazed. A two finger salute to the people who just can’t seem to get their heads past the fact that women grow hair, come in a range of shapes and sizes and freely bleed on the reg. This past month she shared stretch marks, scars, spots and more with us, explaining, “I create images of the female body because historically these images have been controlled by men. Measuring Usability Blogs & Articles: MeasuringU What are the Odds? Jeff Sauro • January 19, 2016 Percentages are popular because even when people know little about the underlying measure, they can more easily interpret a percentage: they work for any sized sample and are generally bound from 0 to 100%. The relative risk (ratio of two percentages) is an effective way to compare the magnitude of the differences in percentages. While the term odds is in general use, it's not the same thing as relative interest. The odds ratio tells you the relative difference in the odds and can sometimes generates a similar ratio as the relative interest ratio.

40 Useful Online Generators For Web Designers - Noupe Design Blog Oct 11 2010 Generators can be a great way to save time in your web design projects. High-quality generators can create graphics or code or even layouts in a matter of seconds or minutes, things that might take an hour or more if done by hand. Below are some useful generators to help you speed up your web design process. New Firefox Add-On Detects Firesheep, Protects You on Open Networks If you're concerned about using open Wi-Fi networks because of Firesheep, the highly popular new hacking tool, you should check out BlackSheep, a Firefox add-on that makes surfing on open networks safe once again. Firesheep came onto the scene not too long ago. It's a bit of code that allows just about anyone to access your web accounts via session hijacking. Basically, anyone browsing on a non-password-protected Internet connection, such as a Starbucks network or even an airplane, has been at risk for having their accounts accessed by a total stranger.

Siruca Pictograms™, the first Open Source project of Fabrizio Schiavi I’d love to design a lot of new picts for my Siruca Pictograms™ but I can’t find the time, so I asked collaboration to some others icon designers. You can participate to the grow of this project if you like. I’ll publish it just below the text in this page with your name and a link to your site. Don’t worry if you don’t know any font editor, you can send me a Freehand, Illustrator or any vectorial file with your design and I’ll fix it. Siruca Pictograms™ is designed to works with Siruca™ font.

Koen Lybaert Koen Lybaert Geel, Antwerp, Belgium About Koen Lybaert Koen Lybaert is a contemporary art painter, born 1965 in Wilrijk, Belgium. He creates mostly abstract and landscape oil paintings. Should You Pay for a UX Design Course? You’re strapped for time…how do you choose between taking a free UX class or shelling our money for a paid course? This article is going to specifically focus on the merits of free versus paid UX courses, which includes individual courses, certificates and immersive programs. Various other forms of UX education such as events, seminars and degree programs will be discussed in future articles. Many prospective UX designers & students wonder whether they should spend money on UX classes. I’ve taken both free and paid courses.

Web Design Comment to Win a Template Posted by admin in Freebies Today we’re pleased to announce a giveaway from TemplateMonster, a US based template selling company. The TemplateMonster team is known for their website templates, WordPress themes, Joomla templates, Magento themes, PrestaShop themes other designs you may need to make a website.

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