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35 Innovative User Interface Examples - Xerox. Interfaces are where humans touch technology.

35 Innovative User Interface Examples - Xerox

They provide smarter ways to use simple things and simpler ways to use smart things. Interfaces release the potential of complex systems and technologies to the users who need them. Useful resources and inspiration for creative minds. Design thinking, where it came from and the types of people who made it all happen. As a final note I would like to acknowledge some of the women of design thinking I have found on my obscure hunts through white papers and internet searches.

Design thinking, where it came from and the types of people who made it all happen

I am convinced that there are more. Help me find them. IBM Design Language. IBM Design: design in motion. 39 studies about human perception in 30 minutes – kennedy elliott – Medium. Bars and pies for proportions Much is said about the relative merits of bars and circles for showing proportions.

39 studies about human perception in 30 minutes – kennedy elliott – Medium

A Visual Dictionary of Philosophy: Major Schools of Thought in Minimalist Geometric Graphics. By Maria Popova Rodin believed that his art was about removing the stone not part of the sculpture to reveal the essence of his artistic vision.

A Visual Dictionary of Philosophy: Major Schools of Thought in Minimalist Geometric Graphics

Perhaps this is what Catalan-born, London-based graphic designer Genis Carreras implicitly intended in chiseling away the proverbial philosopher’s stone to sculpt its minimalist essence. Many moons ago, I discovered with great delight Carreras’s series of geometric graphics explaining major movements in philosophy and now, with the help of Kickstarter, the project has come to new life in book form. Common Speaking Mistakes To Avoid. Whenever I go to academic conferences, I have to sit through some terrible talks. It continues to amaze me that so many people make mistakes that are so easy to avoid. Here are a few I noticed just in the last two days. Spend first two minutes apologizing. The Best Presentations of 2016. Every December, we look back at the last 12 months and handpick some of our favorite SlideShares published during the previous year.

The Best Presentations of 2016

From humorous presentations that make dry subjects more digestible, to ones that weave compelling narratives, these slide decks provide valuable nuggets of advice for all those looking to start the new year with a bang. To make sure there’s something for everyone, we organized our Best Presentations of 2016 into a variety of categories, awards-ceremony style. And the Oscar goes to… Best Presentations on Future Trends. Tubik Studio. Medium’s Best Design Writing of 2016 – The Startup – Medium. Creative, insightful, helpful, and actionable; we’ve curated and categorized 75 of Medium’s best design posts from the past year.

Medium’s Best Design Writing of 2016 – The Startup – Medium

Enjoy! See Medium’s Best Design Writing of 2015. Approaches to the Creative Process The pathway to creative success is neither static nor singular, as the following articles reveal. Log In. In the Architecture School at Milan Polytechnic in the late 1980s, to lecture halls packed to the gills like a Milan A.C. championship final, the great Achille Castiglioni would extol redesign as an indispensable duty of any professional designer.

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In his view, anything — designed by anybody, in any part of the world, at any time, no matter how brilliant its initial conception — was fair game in a process of progressive update and refinement carried out for the benefit of the entire society. Castiglioni’s own work teemed with examples: the makeover of the traditional three-legged iron French cafe table, into a foldable enameled-steel number that could be hung on a wall to save space; the upgrade of his own Mezzadro stool, to accommodate the release of new tractor seats; the complete reinvention of the light switch for the Italian market.

Get Inspired With These Data Visualisations. Figma: the collaborative interface design tool. MinnPost Styles. Welcome to MinnPost Styles, a super-fly, style guide focused on interactive and news applications made by the MinnData team.

MinnPost Styles

Dataviz-style-guide/Sunlight-StyleGuide-DataViz.pdf at master · amycesal/dataviz-style-guide. Urban Institute Data Visualization style guide. Urban's main colors are cyan, gray, and black.

Urban Institute Data Visualization style guide

Yellow and magenta are used as secondary colors throughout the new Urban brand. Teriary colors for graphics include space gray, green, and red, and should be used infrequently. When selecting colors for charts and graphs, we must first consider the type of data we are presenting. Style Guides. This idea was developed at the Responsible Data Forum in New York City on January 11, 2016.

Style Guides

It is a list of data visualization style guides (provided in no particular order). These should not be documents that describe “best practices” or “dos and don’ts” but guides that layout style, formatting, and perhaps some of these other basic recommendations. I hope this will serve as a repository for guides around the world that others can use to develop their own guides and best practices. This list is starting small, so please send me your suggestions and links using the comment box below, via email, or Twitter. The Sunlight Foundation’s Data Visualization Style Guidelines The Dallas Morning News Graphics Stylebook Urban Institute Data Visualization Style Guide.

Qualitative Chart Chooser. Hi. Hey there. Colorgorical. To generate a palette with n colors, just enter the number of colors you want and click Generate. Bigger palettes will take longer than smaller palettes to make. Results will automatically appear when ready. For greater detail, please consult our paper or the source code. Score Importance Perceptual Distance Increasing Perceptual Distance favors palette colors that are more easily discriminable to the human eye.

Name Difference Increasing Name Difference favors palette colors that share few common names. Pair Preference. The Graphic Continuum - ScribbleLive. Jon Schwabish and Severino Ribecca recently released a poster taxonomy of different types of charts, and how they all relate to each other. We think this is a great resource for designers everywhere, so we were especially interested in their take on the project.

The Graphic Continuum began as I thought about the different ways we can plot data into different types of charts. My understanding of the different relationships between charts evolved over time by reading a variety of data visualization books, sketching different ideas and layouts, and presenting my ideas to different audiences. The Graphic Continuum. Revolutionary User Interfaces. Why Sketch is more powerful with a Prototyping buddy — Design + Sketch App. Visme Introduces 50 Beautiful Color Combination Presets.

50 Beautiful Color Combinations (And How to Apply Them to Your Designs) Science Fiction Interfaces. Paletton - The Color Scheme Designer. Vaadin – User Interface Components for business apps. Entypo - 250+ carefully crafted pictograms. RHSD - Innovation with Color. This post imbues the importance of innovation with color in data visualization, offers a variety of resources and reference materials, and encourages personal innovation with color as absolutely vital to moving your visual communication of data forward in Tableau.

The effective use of color is fundamental to the visual communication of data. Leveraging Color to Improve Your Data Visualization. Tableau Public. Choosing Colors for Accessibility. The Psychology of Color. Color Theory Do’s and Don’ts for Data Visualization. Introduction - Material design - Google design guidelines. ACM Interactions. How Colors in Business Dashboards Affect Users' Decision Making. Contributed articles. Stereotropes - tropes. Design and Redesign. ColorBrewer: Color Advice for Maps. How We Created Color Scales — Interactive Things — Medium. Introduction This article is about creating refined color scales for charts and visualizations. Art Museum Virtual Collections.


TeachingToSee. The Encyclopedia of Human-Computer Interaction, 2nd Ed. Design and Redesign.