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object of type 'closure' is not(?) subsettable R Error messages: A visual overview R Error message: object of type 'closure' is not subsettable A common error in R is object of type 'closure' is not subsettable. This message means that you have a variable which represents a function, and you’re mistakenly using square brackets to try and subset it, thinking that it represents a data.frame or vector or something e.g. mean[1:3] Models and Theories in Human-Computer Interaction Goal[edit] We will develop content for a new wikibook where we critically assess models and theories relevant to the field of Human Computer Interaction. Foreword[edit] Being that the nature of the field of Human Computer Interaction is that it is interdisciplinary, theories and models proceed and are adapted from many other disciplines. There are but a few of which we could call "genuinely native" HCI theories and models. To complicate matters, computerized systems change at a vertiginous pace and changes are often surreptitious.

Smashing UX Design Category: UX Design This category features quality articles on usability, information architecture, interaction design and other user experience (UX) related topics – for digital (Web, mobile, applications, software) and physical products. Through these articles, experts and professionals share with you their valuable ideas, practical tips, useful guidelines, recommended best practices and great case studies.

The Data + Design Project: Pie Charts February Here at Visual News, we’ve been looking for designers/illustrators to participate in an ongoing design series called the Data + Design Project. As an off-shoot of Column Five Media, we are ardent supporters of the union between data and design. Last month we started curating the Data + Design Project gallery as a way to show how flexible and beautiful data visualizations can actually be. With the Visual News website getting over 1.1 million monthly visitors, 13,000 Facebook fans and 2,900 Twitter followers, we hope this can become a valuable resource for inspiration. Each month, a few designers are invited to create a data visualization piece, using data about a subject which interests them. We will be assigning a featured visualization theme at the beginning of the month, then it is up to the designer to decide how complex or simple they want to make their graphic based on that theme.

Pagination Gallery: Examples And Good Practices Advertisement Structure and hierarchy reduce complexity and improve readability. The more organized your articles or web-sites are, the easier it is for users to follow your arguments and get the message you are trying to deliver. Calculating Degree Days This page explains how Degree calculates degree days. If you just want heating or cooling degree-day data, there's probably no need to understand the calculation processes in detail - just use Degree to calculate the degree days for you. But you might find our answers to these calculation-related questions useful if you're curious, or deciding whether to get your degree days from here or another source, or if you're comparing data from our system with data from elsewhere.

Feminist HCI Feminist HCI is a subfield of human-computer interaction (commonly called HCI) that focuses on helping the field of HCI build interactions that pay attention to gender, equity, and social justice in research and in the design process. Overview[edit] Feminist HCI sets a stage for the explicit inclusion of feminism in HCI. 21 Prototyping, Mockup, and Wireframing Tools for iPhone App Development So you have a killer idea for an iPhone app, but when you describe it to people they just don’t get it. Maybe you have a client that is a visual thinker and needs you to draw it out for him. That’s when wireframes, mockups and stencils can be your saving grace. There are many different types of tools available to developers, from low-tech stencil kits to high-tech collaborative software. So I’ve rounded up a few of the more popular ones people are using specifically for iPhone development. It’s far from being the definitive list, but it’s definitely a good place to start.

Google's Long History of Social Media Attempts [INFOGRAPHIC] Sure Facebook privacy issues can be frustrating, but what's the alternative? With more than 400 million users, no other social media platform has been able to touch Facebook's grip on person-to-person networking. But rumors have already started to fly that Facebook may soon face some stiff new competition. Google is supposedly getting into the market with Google Me, a not-yet-launched, oft-rumored social network that will directly compete with Facebook.

The Secret to Designing an Intuitive UX Imagine that you’ve never seen an iPad, but I’ve just handed one to you and told you that you can read books on it. Before you turn on the iPad, before you use it, you have a model in your head of what reading a book on the iPad will be like. You have assumptions about what the book will look like on the screen, what things you will be able to do, and how you will do them—things like turning a page, or using a bookmark. You have a “mental model” of reading a book on the iPad, even if you’ve never done it before. What that mental model in your head looks and acts like depends on a lot of things If you’ve used an iPad before, your mental model of reading a book on an iPad will be different than that of someone who has never used one, or doesn’t even know what iPads are.

PVWatts Calculator Caution: Photovoltaic system performance predictions calculated by PVWatts® include many inherent assumptions and uncertainties and do not reflect variations between PV technologies nor site-specific characteristics except as represented by PVWatts® inputs. For example, PV modules with better performance are not differentiated within PVWatts® from lesser performing modules. Both NREL and private companies provide more sophisticated PV modeling tools (such as the System Advisor Model at that allow for more precise and complex modeling of PV systems. The expected range is based on 30 years of actual weather data at the given location and is intended to provide an indication of the variation you might see. For more information, please refer to this NREL report: The Error Report.

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