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UI/UX Design

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Photoshop Tutorials, Photoshop Training and Photoshop Courses Adobe CC CS6 CS5 CS4 > Pluralsight. Hello, Designer! Web Field Manual. What resources do you use to learn UX? - Tools / Design - Free Code Camp's Forum. Learn User Experience (UX) Design - Free Curriculum. Introduction This Learning Path is a curriculum of UX Design courses, videos and resources from across the internet, organized into a logical sequence that a beginner can follow.

Learn User Experience (UX) Design - Free Curriculum

Take a moment to think about you favorite website or mobile app or electronic device. What makes you love it? Is it really intuitive to use? Did it feel familiar the first time you used it? 6 Essential Phases for a Flawless Web Design Project - Usabilla Blog. A web project includes several stages: gathering initial information, designing, developing and usability testing.

6 Essential Phases for a Flawless Web Design Project - Usabilla Blog

There have been many researches that suggest that the first impression of a website is defined by the quality of the website’s design. To put it simply, the visuals of a website determine whether users are impressed by it or not. User Experience (UX) Basic Training. Focusing on user experience (UX) can differentiate a company from its competitors.

User Experience (UX) Basic Training

In one day, we give you a thorough overview of the user experience field and its many components. You will learn the importance of a user-centered design process and the benefit of incorporating UX activities at every stage of a project. This course is ideal for people who are beginning to work in user experience or have some knowledge of the field. It clarifies what UX professionals do, and need to do, to create good, usable designs. "As a newbie in the UX field, the UX basic training course had both breadth and depth of the specialty making it a great place for me to start. " Melanie Langmead CapTech Consulting Free Material With Course Attendance Report: Return on Investment (ROI) for Usability This 212-page report features best practices for increasing key performance indicators and estimating usability budgets through 72 richly illustrated case studies.

Format. Top 5 Web Design Skills You Can Learn Online. Be honest, you’ve considered becoming a web designer.

Top 5 Web Design Skills You Can Learn Online

You’ve always fancied yourself a creative at heart, with an eye for good design. You know that a nice looking website has to maintain a certain balance and flow—a wall of tiny white text on a black background won’t be gaining anyone raving fans anytime soon. If you combine your creativity with your signature style, you could bring your grand ideas to life on the web. Balsamiq. Rapid, effective and fun wireframing software. - Balsamiq. UI, UX: Who Does What? A Designer's Guide To The Tech Industry. Design is a rather broad and vague term.

UI, UX: Who Does What? A Designer's Guide To The Tech Industry

When someone says "I'm a designer," it is not immediately clear what they actually do day to day. There are a number of different responsibilities encompassed by the umbrella term designer. Design-related roles exist in a range of areas from industrial design (cars, furniture) to print (magazines, other publications) to tech (websites, mobile apps). With the relatively recent influx of tech companies focused on creating interfaces for screens, many new design roles have emerged. Job titles like UX or UI designer are confusing to the uninitiated and unfamiliar even to designers who come from other industries. Let's attempt to distill what each of these titles really mean within the context of the tech industry. User Experience Careers.

Top 10 User Experience Design Blogs. User experience is an industry that is constantly evolving.

Top 10 User Experience Design Blogs

Whether you’re a new practitioner or a seasoned veteran it’s important stay up-to-date on the latest conversations and ideas happening in the industry. So how do you stay updated and relevant? Here’s a clue: you’re doing it right now. Reading blogs is a quick and easy way to remain current. Below you’ll find some of my all-time favorite user experience design blogs; including established industry leaders as well as niche blogs discussing innovative topics. With no further ado and in no particular order, find our top 10 user experience design blogs: 1. NNG is the trusted long-running authority in all things UX. 2. UX Booth is an extremely high-quality and thorough blog. 3. This user experience centered blog focuses on user interfaces in particular and how UI affects user behaviors. 4.

Published every other week, this blog focuses on quality over quantity. 5. 6. Dribbble. I recently sat down with one of my favorite InVision users, Dribbble, to talk about their design and development process.


If you’re unfamiliar with Dribbble, they’re an invite-only social platform for designers to “show and tell,” get feedback and support on their work, and just hang out in a community of other designers. And I’m thrilled to announce that as of today, you can share directly to Dribbble from inside InVision. I spoke with co-founders Dan Cederholm and Rich Thornett about the challenges of working with a small team on a product with a huge, opinionated community, as well as how to maintain trust with that community while meeting business goals. How’s the design team set up at Dribbble? Dan: We’re a 6-person company, and Rich and I handle design. We don’t have a ton of structure—it’s more of an agile setup.