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Steve Reich - Different Trains (Europe - During the war)

Steve Reich - Different Trains (Europe - During the war)

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‘I was a teacher for 17 years, but I couldn’t read or write’ Image copyright Alamy John Corcoran grew up in New Mexico in the US during the 1940s and 50s. One of six siblings, he graduated from high school, went on to university, and became a teacher in the 1960s - a job he held for 17 years. But, as he explains here, he hid an extraordinary secret. When I was a child I was told by my parents that I was a winner, and for the first six years of my life I believed what my parents had told me. I was late in talking, but I went off to school with high hopes of learning to read like my sisters, and for the first year things were fine because there weren't many demands on us other than standing in the right line, sitting down, keeping our mouths shut and going to the bathroom on time.

éducation musicale — by nikkojazz: HDA L'Histoire des arts est complètement "intégrée" aux cours d'éducation musicale et arts plastiques ; des professeurs de différentes matières peuvent s'associer autour d'un projet d'étude, une œuvre, une thématique, une période... pour aborder un travail transversal pouvant conduire à des sorties communes, des dossiers réalisés par l'élève. Pour accéder à l'arrêté d'organisation de l'histoire de arts, cliquez ici : texte officiel Epreuve d'histoire des arts au D.N.B (Diplôme National du Brevet) : — L'évaluation de l'histoire des arts prend appui sur un travail à dimension historique, artistique et culturelle défini et organisé par l'équipe enseignante. Ce travail porte sur la période historique inscrite au programme d'histoire de troisième (c'est-à-dire, le XXè et XXIè siècles). — L'entretien oral peut concerner un ou plusieurs élèves.

Séta a fák felett - lombkorona tanösvény a Tátrában - Blog Szlovákiában már a fák fölött is sétálhatunk, hiszen egyedülálló turistaút épült a Bélai-Tátrában! A fából készült tanösvény kb. 24 méter magasan vezet a fák lombkoronái felett, ráadásul egy 32 méter magas kilátótornyot is építettek rajta, 1234 méteren, ahonnan teljes pompájukban beláthatók a környékbeli hegyek. A Tátralomnic és Zár között, a Bachleda-völgyben található Lombkorona tanösvény 600 méter hosszú és 1,8 méter széles, 1000 köbméter fát használtak fel hozzá. Vannak „nehezített” szakaszai is, ilyen például a torony tetejére kifeszített háló, ahonnan lehet látni magunk alatt a mélységet. Egy 67 méter hosszú csúszdán pedig lecsúszhatunk a magasból, valamint bobpálya és egyéb attrakciók is várják a kalandra éhes kirándulókat. Szállások Zár településen ⇒

*Education musicale* CLG Aumetz - Liste des chants pour 2012 Mise à jour le Vendredi, 16 Novembre 2012 11:35 Dimanche, 04 Septembre 2011 09:50 Liste des chants de la chorale 2012 Elle sera mise à jour en fonction de l'avancement du programme Cette liste sert essentiellement à limiter les photocopies pour élèves qui ont l'"habitude" de "perdre" les chants Les chants sont en format PDF ou format sibelius/finale When Twenty-Six Thousand Stinkbugs Invade Your Home One October night a few years back, Pam Stone was downstairs watching television with her partner, Paul Zimmerman, when it struck her that their house was unusually cold. Stone and Zimmerman live just outside Landrum, South Carolina, in an A-frame cabin; upstairs in their bedroom, French doors lead out to a raised deck. That week, autumn had finally descended on the Carolinas, killing off the mosquitoes and sending nighttime temperatures plummeting, and the previous evening the couple had opened those doors a crack to take advantage of the cool air. Now, sitting in front of the TV, Stone suddenly realized that she’d left them open and went up to close them.

How likely are you to survive a plane crash? Image copyright EPA/Handout News that all 103 passengers survived a plane crash in Mexico's Durango state on Tuesday may seem incredible, especially given the dramatic pictures of the smoking wreckage. Almost all those on board were injured in the accident, but most reportedly walked away from the wreckage with only light injuries. How unusual is this? Well, surprisingly, it may not be as rare as you'd think. Culture - Jugaad: An untranslatable word for winging it You know that feeling when you improvise something in a pinch but may seem unusual to an outside observer? Well, turban-wearing Punjabi men who are driving a motorcycle and want to use their mobile came up with a clever solution: they put the phone in their turban, so they can talk hands-free. That idea of patching something together in a very makeshift way to get a result you want is common in India. And there’s one word in Hindi, Urdu and Punjabi that sums it up: jugaad.

Capital - Your hand gestures can help make you more charismatic Next time you watch a TED talk or a political speech, take a moment to look closely at the speaker’s hand movements. Is the motion slow or energetic? Is it subtle or expansive? And how are the hands mostly moving – vertically or horizontally? It is well known that non-verbal cues can have more of an influence on the way that a message is received than the actual words spoken.

Culture - Are these the most iconic fashion items ever? “Fashion is the essence of everything that’s going on at any time,” says Paola Antonelli, a senior curator at New York’s Museum of Modern Art, MoMA. “Because what people wear is the immediate expression of the moods, the feelings and the ideas of a moment.” The exhibition, Items: Is Fashion Modern? explores the fascinating factors and characteristics that make certain pieces of clothing timeless or symbolic, and takes an in-depth look at what our clothes can tell us about our past, our present and our future. “The hoodie is a big deal,” says Antonelli.

The crunch of an apple makes me want to run away Margot Noel has a condition called misophonia, which literally means "hatred of sound". It can be so disturbing that she has to wear headphones or ear plugs to protect herself. Someone takes a bite out of an apple. NewseumED Are your students savvy searchers? Can they spot the difference between a straight news article and an opinion piece? Do they recognize bias in their sources … or in themselves? You are in one of Fact Finder: Your Foolproof Guide to Media Literacy’s 11 flexible, multimedia lesson plans to tackle these challenges.

Capital - The smart guide to procrastination Mozart was out drinking one day when his friends became uneasy. It was 3 November, 1787 in Prague and the next day was the premiere of his latest opera, ‘Don Giovanni’. It was set to become one of the most acclaimed musical works in history, a true masterpiece that’s still doing the rounds in opera houses across the globe centuries later. There was just one problem: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart hadn’t written the introduction yet. Tales from the bar - a tour of London's 'great pubs' Image copyright Charlie Dailey Giant oak wine barrels sit above the bar of the Cittie of Yorke in Holborn - which is more reminiscent of a great hall in a Tudor mansion than than a traditional pub. The jury is out as to whether or not the massive casks were ever used as genuine storage vessels - or simply part of the inn's Tudor makeover in the 1920s. The Cittie of Yorke features in a new book, Great Pubs of London, written by George Dailey and featuring photographs taken by his daughter Charlie.

Capital - The beautiful ways different cultures sign emails As an American living in the UK, I’m used to inadvertently offending Brits with my use of English. But while faux pas like referring to pants rather than trousers were quickly corrected, it took much longer to realise the subtler shadings of certain words. One of these is “Regards”, a word I never use in normal speech that has become a fixture in work-related emails. For years I was happily “regards”-ing at the end of my emails, until it came up in conversation that “Regards” sounds cold in the UK.