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Citoyens en Transition – Tout plaquer pour vivre sa vie - Génération Solidarité

Citoyens en Transition – Tout plaquer pour vivre sa vie - Génération Solidarité

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A paper microscope that costs only 50 cents can detect malaria from just a drop of blood For a whole lot of people, especially those in developing countries, science — and with it, medicine — isn’t readily available to the majority of citizens. But Manu Prakash wants to change that. Prakash, an assistant professor of bioengineering at Stanford, is the proprietor of “frugal science,” a term he coined to explain the movement toward building cheap versions of high tech tools. His endeavour aims to make medical devices both affordable and available to the masses. The way Prakash sees it, labs don’t need the most expensive equipment out there in order to reach profound breakthroughs. “Today people look at these extraordinary labs and forget that in the 1800s they could still do the exact same science,” he told The New York Times.

Best podcast episodes ever: The 25 best from Serial to the Ricky Gervais Show. Photo illustration by Slate. Logos courtesy WTF, The Read, Welcome to Night Vale, and Radio Diaries. Sarah Koenig photo courtesy This American Life. The 5 Most Toxic Energy Companies and How They Control Our Politics November 20, 2011 | Like this article? Join our email list: James Kibbie - Bach Organ Works - Catalog catalog Total: 270 | Now Viewing: 1-50 Next Page Total: 270 | Now Viewing: 1-50 Next Page Privacy Policy Contact Webmaster: Copyright © 2010 The Regents of the University of Michigan

Disturbing Playgrounds That Will Make Your Childhood Seem Happy By Comparison Funny 22 disturbing playgrounds that will make your childhood seem happy by comparison. At the very least, your kids will have more fun than the kids on the Titanic. While bullies and creepy dudes standing 500 feet away with their hands buried deep in their pockets used to be the most unsettling things about a playground, these days they're the least of a kid's concerns. Today's playground designers have apparently taken it upon themselves to torment kids with a whole host of insensitive, perverted, and downright lethal ways to have "fun." Here are the 22 most deranged playthings we could find.

This incredibly smart domestic violence app could save women’s lives The Aspire News app looks like any other iPhone or Android news aggregator, but it’s actually a potentially lifesaving domestic violence alert system. While the front page functions like a regular news app, when you go to the “Help” section of the page it provides a list of local domestic violence resources and a “Go Button,” that, once pressed, alerts the user’s chosen contacts, local authorities and service providers about the violent or potentially violent situation. From the creators:

Chomsky: Corporations and the Richest Americans Viscerally Oppose the Common Good September 29, 2014 | Like this article? Join our email list: Stay up to date with the latest headlines via email. New Device Could Charge Your Smartphone As You Walk Power cords and batteries are the bane of every gadget: You either carry around the necessary cords and cables, or you hope the battery lasts. But now, researchers want to change that, by building a charger powered by the motion of your body as you walk. The device — built by Georgia Tech researchers, led by Zhong Lin Wang — consists of four discs layered on top of one another. Download & Streaming : Audio Archive : Internet Archive by Community Audio collection eye You are invited to view or upload audios to the Community collection.

2010 - a compilation of new Warp music - some free MP3 downloads added. 2010 is a compilation of new music from our artists - A primer on some of next year's forthcoming Warp releases. Included is new music from already established acts like Flying Lotus, Bibio and Hudson Mohawke as well as the first rumblings from new signings Gonjasufi, The Hundred In The Hands, Nice Nice, De Tropix, Rustie and more. Comprised almost entirely of previously unreleased material, '2010' will be available at many independent record stores and online retailers from the 7th December.