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Facebook Twitter - The world’s largest startup platform. Contáctanos. Free Franchise Quiz Information. Food Franchises Best suited for those with previous experience in the food industry, many Food Franchises have high entry costs because of build outs, but provide support in the form of advertising, and established brand, and a tested business model.

Free Franchise Quiz Information

There are many types of Food Franchises, including: Fast Food Franchises Fast Casual Franchises Ice Cream and Dessert Franchises Vending Machine Franchises Restaurant Franchises Coffee Shop and Cafe Franchises Pizza Franchises Frozen Yogurt Franchises Healthy Food Franchises and many more. Funded Today - The Crowdfunding Experts. Crowdfunding Shipping Fulfillment Software - BackerKit. Apply to Accelerators.

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By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Find out more Search for Accelerators, Events, Contests or Investment Funds 4182 results. Franchise Match Tool. How To Pick The Perfect Name For Your Business or Startup. Browsing around /r/Entrepreneur and other entrepreneur communities I see that one roadblock many new entrepreneurs run into is picking a great name for their business.

How To Pick The Perfect Name For Your Business or Startup

Name selection is often an overwhelming, frustrating, and exhausting experience. Featured – Download The Ultimate Guide To Picking Your Perfect Business Name I can remember how stressful the naming process was for me when launching my first couple of projects. Compro Pago - Pagos en línea. Why the Lean Start-Up Changes Everything. Launching a new enterprise—whether it’s a tech start-up, a small business, or an initiative within a large corporation—has always been a hit-or-miss proposition.

Why the Lean Start-Up Changes Everything

According to the decades-old formula, you write a business plan, pitch it to investors, assemble a team, introduce a product, and start selling as hard as you can. And somewhere in this sequence of events, you’ll probably suffer a fatal setback. en App Store. Park It! Untitled. Atomic Lab. Home - Knozen. Accounting Tips, Resources, & Services for Entrepreneurs. The Startup Playbook: Secrets of the Fastest-Growing Startups from Their Founding Entrepreneurs.

- Kira M.

The Startup Playbook: Secrets of the Fastest-Growing Startups from Their Founding Entrepreneurs

Newman for the National Edition. 5 Reasons You’ll Fall In Love With Scrivener This Year. Still wondering if Scrivener is “write” for you?

5 Reasons You’ll Fall In Love With Scrivener This Year

Wonder no more. Here are 5 of my favorite features that make Scrivener my #1 writing tool of choice. Do you create the same document over and over? Create a template to use the next time. 8 Books Every Entrepreneur Should Read in 2015. My dad always used to tell me that the difference between the “you” now and the “you” 20 years from now will be the places you visit and the people you meet.

8 Books Every Entrepreneur Should Read in 2015

I would also add baldness and gray hair to that, but they don’t sound as cool. He was right. Whether you meet someone in person or read a book he or she authors, people are pivot points that enable learning and foster personal growth for others. 20 tips for start-up business. Hi everyone, Here is some of the best startup advice I’ve heard or given (mostly heard) for start-up companies.

20 tips for start-up business

Hope that these recommendations will be helpful to you in some extent. 1. Personal & Small Business Financial Software. (7) Scott Cook - Founder and Chairman of the Executive Committee, Intuit. Content on Entrepreneurship, Mobile Apps, Web Platforms and more. 20 Shocking Differnces In Daily Habits Of The Rich vs Poor. What is the biggest difference between the rich and the unsuccessful?

20 Shocking Differnces In Daily Habits Of The Rich vs Poor

For starters, the unsuccessful blame circumstances like the economy while the wealthy do not. The wealthy make money, not excuses. Financial planner and author of Rich Habits Tom Corely spent more than 5 years observing the daily differences between 350 rich and poor people. Did the Forbes 400 Billionaires Really 'Build That'? But a new report claims that the story of self-made wealth on the Forbes list is just that – a story.

Did the Forbes 400 Billionaires Really 'Build That'?

The report, from the left-leaning United for a Fair Economy, says that 40 percent of the Forbes 400 richest Americans inherited a “sizeable asset from a spouse or family member.” Forbes says that 30 percent of the Forbes 400 members inherited their wealth and the remaining 70 percent are entirely “self-made.” (Read more: Tax Hikes Will Chill Giving, Say Billionaires) “The truth is that Americans have never had an equal opportunity to become wealthy. Ramit's Best of 2014. I always love hearing how people spend their holidays — mostly because some people have truly insane families.

I looked at what my friends are doing, and it’s either… Filled in a loving environment eating decadent holiday food, relaxing, and watching children play with their new giftsHating life, listening to a racist uncle at dinner, hiding in a bedroom, reading reddit from the bathroom, counting the minutes until they can go home That’s why my new holiday pastime is listening to crazy stories of crazy families. I LOVE IT. Indian people usually don’t have these stories, so if you have a crazy story from this Christmas, send it to me. 10 Best Startups That Made An Impact In 2014.

Startups pop up quicker than mushrooms but we’ve whittled this year’s huge crop down to our 10 favourite companies that launched in 2014. Our picks range from hardware bringing internet connectivity to anywhere and changing the way we charge our devices to the site that’s itself revealed some of the most interesting startup stories of the year and the one messaging app that could rule them all… The startup that surfaces brilliant startups Product Hunt It’s become such a go-to source for finding the best new apps, hardware and websites that it hardly seems believable that Product Hunt only launched in late 2013 and hit its stride early this year.

12 Organizations Entrepreneurs Need to Join. Entrepreneur and CultureIQ are searching for the top high-performing cultures to be featured on our annual list. Think your company has what it takes? Click here to get started. Ever since becoming an official entreprenuer, I have been attending entrepreneurial events. I have attended and joined 1000's of different organizations. Mastering the Rockefeller Habits Checklist. Startups, Small Business News & Entrepreneurship Culture. More users. More money. Blog. 46 Flares101233--×46 Flares Click here to listen to the audio version of this post, Episode 37 of Kate’s Take. What One Skill Do All Entrepreneurs Need to Succeed? Assess — Opportunity Analysis Canvas. For aspiring entrepreneurs, new approaches and tools are necessary to develop the ideas that can lead to successful companies and organizations of all types.

The emergence of business model courses, tools, and competitions are a step in the right direction. The focus of these new activities is engaging aspiring entrepreneurs in customer discovery and developing and testing a business model canvas. While this is a viable approach and valuable lesson in entrepreneurship education, business models only begin to take shape when a new venture idea is formulated. Customer discovery requires having a product or service concept in the mind of the entrepreneur. (21) Startup Toolkit. 19 Entrepreneur Blogs That Will Change Your Life. Posted by John Paul Aguiar in Entrepreneurs Entrepreneur Blogs To Succeed With. Welcome to StartupCollective! NetMentors.Org Volunteer Opportunities. Protego. Protego Asesores es una empresa líder en asesoría de banca de inversión. Fue fundada en 1996 bajo el liderazgo de Pedro Aspe y desde entonces ha estructurado más de 100 transacciones de banca de inversión como colocaciones de capital privado, financiamiento de proyectos de energía, reestructuraciones financieras, fusiones y adquisiciones y financiamiento a estados y municipios.

Con oficinas en la Ciudad de México y Monterrey, los esfuerzos de Protego se concentran en obtener recursos financieros en mercados nacionales e internacionales para empresas y entidades con alto potencial de crecimiento. Desde su inicio, el equipo de Protego trabaja de la mano de sus clientes para brindar una asesoría integral, estableciendo relaciones de largo plazo y siempre buscando soluciones innovadoras. En el año 2003, en asociación con Discovery Capital Management, Protego Asesores creó el fondo Discovery Americas I para invertir en aquellos sectores que serán clave en el desarrollo de México.

Page. Fiverr: The marketplace for creative & professional services. Blog of David Skok, Matrix Partners. Advice and Insights for Entrepreneurs. Startup Marketing Blog - By Sean Ellis. Venture Hacks - Good advice for startups. StartX. Fogg behavior model. Resultado de imágenes de Google para.

Bio. Spark59 - Tools, Content, and Coaching for Entrepreneurs. FOUNDUPS® Docstoc: Make Your Business Better. End of year book and audio roundup. The ‘Happiness’ StartUp Part Deux. Rules to Live By. Last November, I wrote one of my favorite blog posts, the original “Happiness StartUp: Rules To Live By.” Ambition. Discipline. Purpose. The Journey of Being an Entrepreneur with Gurbaksh Chahal. Mint: Money, Bill Pay, Credit Score & Investing.

VL Innovators Challenge. Wewantyou. The Smartest Product Launch Strategy You Should Be Using. A Summary and Review of Never Get a Real Job by Scott Gerber for Thinking Executives – and Those Who Want to be One. Executive Summary. Browse Talks. 20 Best Self Growth Books That Will Change Your Life - Simona Rich. Read these self growth books to improve your life and gain a better understanding of wealth, success principles and health. 1. Invite-only entrepreneurship organization. Praxis - Break the Mold. Seth Godin on the Difference Between Leadership and Management. TweetBinder - Analytics for Twitter - Enterprise Social Network for Business Collaboration. Coworking en Madrid. Innovación, emprendedores,espacio eventos, formación, oficina compartida, salas reunión.

Bienvenido a Barcamp Monterrey 2014. Startup México - Campus para Innovación y Alto Impacto en México. Thanks for Contacting Us. Solving Humanity's Grand Challenges. Cómo tener ideas de negocio. Vestige Capital. 7 Powerful Public Speaking Tips From One of the Most-Watched TED Talks Speakers. Hello - Igloo is an intranet you'll actually like. - Managed Crowdsourcing Solutions. Test and innovate on your business model using the business model canvas, lean startup, and customer development. T. Harv Eker. Slack: Be less busy. Video/Audio. A Marketer's Complete Guide to Launching Mobile Apps. According to former CEO of AppVee and AndroidApps Alex Ahlund, the average cost to develop a mobile app is $6,453 -- and the cost can skyrocket to as much as $150,000 depending on the complexity of the app.

Wherever you fall on that spectrum, the money and resources you dedicate to conceptualizing and developing a truly great mobile app can all be put to waste if you don't orchestrate a proper mobile app launch. In fact, in December 2011, the 1 millionth mobile app was pushed to market. To give you an idea of just how quickly these mobile apps are being released, at the end of 2010, there were 300,000 mobile apps.

Your Business Model Toolbox. Our Companies - Alta Ventures Mexico. Babele crowdsourcing for social entrepreneurs. Fundwise — Fundraise Smartly. Create together. LM Novo - #startups. Lean Startup Tools. Please sign in to do this Sign in with Twitter Hey there! Please log in before posting a product. 12 Must Watch TED Talks for Entrepreneurs. Noticias de ecologia y medio ambienteConoce el primer auto eléctrico totalmente reciclable - Noticias de ecologia y medio ambiente. Luis Novo sur Twitter : "#StartUp Grind #Matchideas #500StartUp (@ Torre XII (Banregio))

World Startup Events. Best TED Talks Of All Time To Inspire You And Transform Your Life. America's 10 Best Cities to Live and Launch. A great place to live can also be a great place to start a business. The financial blog 24/7 Wall St. recently ranked the 50 best cities to live. 10 TED Talks That Defined the Year 2014. Register.