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USA language map… wow! | Language Trainers USA Blog Source: I stumbled upon this fascinating site recently – – the webmaster of which draws linguistic maps displaying different languages and dialects across continents. I always knew that there were plenty of different American English dialects across our country, but I didn’t expect quite so much detail on a map of the USA. Click on the image below to see the full sized version – be warned, however, the full sized .png is huge (3567×1878, 301Kb), so you might want to open it and then right click -> save it to your computer and view it that way. So here, it is, a map of indigenous languages, dialects and accents in the USA: It’s amazing to see just how many Native American languages and dialects remain around the nation.

Modelling Thesauri for the Semantic Web: Draft proposal for a standard RDF Schema Semantic Web Advanced Development for Europe (SWAD-Europe) Brian Matthews , CCLRC, UK Alistair Miles , CCLRC, UK Michael Wilson , CCLRC, UK This document is contributing to Workpackage 8 Deliverable 8.1/8.2 (Public discussion document relating an RDF thesaurus schema to at least two more complex RDF ontologies). An initial draft "concept-based" standard is proposed which is compatible with ISO standards in the area. Comments on this document are welcome and should be sent to Alistair Miles or to the list. Project name: Project Number: Workpackage name: Workpackage description: Deliverable title: URI: Authors: Contributors Abstract: Status: Here we present the Thesaurus Interchange Format (TIF) for the semantic web. Here we describe two approaches to modelling thesauri. In short, there are no term-term relationships, only concept-concept and concept-term relationships. Defines a unique [???]

IndoEuropean Origins - GeoCurrents Mismodeling Indo-European Origin and Expansion: Bouckaert, Atkinson, Wade and the Assault on Historical Linguistics Dear Readers, As GeoCurrents passed through its August slowdown, plans were made for a series on the Summer Olympics. Thanks to the efforts of Chris Kremer, we have gathered statistics—and made maps—relating Olympic medal count by country to population and GDP, both overall and in regard to specific categories of competition. The series, however, has been put on hold by the … Quentin Atkinson’s Nonsensical Maps of Indo-European Expansion The website that accompanies “Mapping the Origins and Expansion of the Indo-European Language Family” (August 24 Science), maintained by co-author Quentin D. Why the Indo-European Debate Matters—And Matters Deeply As expected, we have received a few complaints from friends, acquaintances, and Facebook-followers in regard to the current Indo-European series. The Hazards of Formal Geographical Modeling in Bouckaert et al.

White Paper | Extracting Value from Automated Classification Tools Extracting Value from Automated Classification Tools The Role of Manual Involvement and Controlled Vocabularies By Kat Hagedorn, Argus Associates March 2001 Automated classification tools can't solve today's large-scale web and intranet indexing challenges alone. Neither can humans. But solutions that integrate human expertise with software products such as Interwoven's Metatagger and Autonomy's Categorizer can provide real value and savings. Please direct your comments and suggestions to Kat Hagedorn ( View or Download White Paper (75K PDF)

ISLRF : Institut Supérieur des Langues de la République Française Centre de RESSOURCE, lieu de RECHERCHE et organisateur de COLLOQUES pour l’immersion linguistique. La création de l'ISLRF L'Institut Supérieur des Langues de la République Française (ISLRF) est un établissement d'enseignement supérieur associatif qui a été créé en 1997 par cinq réseaux d'écoles en langue dites régionales : SKOLIOU DIWAN/ ÉCOLES DIWAN qui, en 2013-2014,scolarisent 3733 élèves de la maternelle à la terminale dans 51 établissements gérés par l'association Diwan Breizh (dont 4 écoles maternelles et élémentaires, 6 collèges et 1 lycée). ESCOLES LA BRESSOLA/ ÉCOLES LA BRESSOLA qui, en 2012-2013, scolarisent 762 élèves de la maternelle au collège dans 7 établissements gérés par l'association La Bressola (dont 6 écoles maternelles et élémentaires et 1 collège). SEASKA/ ÉCOLES IKASTOLA qui, en 2012-2013, scolarisent 3072 élèves de la maternelle à la terminale dans 31 établissements gérés par l'association SEASKA (dont 27 écoles maternelles et élémentaires, 3 collèges et 1 lycée).

Taxonomy Warehouse - information organization, metadata, knowledge management, classification tools MultiTree Semantic Problems of Thesaurus Mapping | Doerr 1 Introduction Terminological resources are increasingly important for information retrieval in wide area networks, for retrieving documents by querying databases and metadata employing controlled vocabularies. In particular, thesauri which organize terms and associated concepts in the form of simple semantic networks become important tools for searching through the rapidly growing electronic information flood. There is growing interest in developing automated intermediaries to negotiate the differences between controlled vocabulary schemes so that a user can use a familiar set of terms to search collections using other vocabulary schemes. The paper discusses the effect of thesaurus mapping on the vagueness in retrieval from a theoretical and logical point of view, separate from the effects of the relation of the thesaurus to the collection it addresses. Therefore, it makes ideal assumptions for the latter without going into any detail. 1.1 Related Work 1.3 Thesaurus Mapping in One Domain

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