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Poésie en rives du monde

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Éditions Poesis. Krakow Poetry Projections – Melbourne’s name in lights — Australian Poetry. This exciting new initiative is the vision of our sister UNESCO City of Literature, Krakow, where short poems are flashed up on the walls of selected buildings in their famous arts precinct.

Krakow Poetry Projections – Melbourne’s name in lights — Australian Poetry

For the first time, in 2014, other Cities of Literature have been invited to send poems thematically inspired by their own city, and these will be included in the projects for the remainder of the year. Our first Melbourne Poet is Charles D’Anastasi, whose poem is now up in lights. You can look for other poems on the Krakow City of Literature website from the other six cities involved.

Each month there will be a new poem – so keep an eye out! Here’s what the organiser, Justyna Jochim has to say about the project. The poetry projection project was started in this spot by the Poemat Foundation in 2002. The concept of this project is an ideal fit with the strategy of the UNESCO Cities of Literature, whose key goal is to build and strengthen international cooperation.

Realpoetik. JOURNAL D’UN AFFRANCHI (CXX): L’heure brésilienne (Nauro Machado) 12 février 2015 par Rougier.

JOURNAL D’UN AFFRANCHI (CXX): L’heure brésilienne (Nauro Machado)

Francophone Poetry. Летиш в тишині (Olena Herasymyuk) Kamau Brathwaite. Romans , nouvelles, contes, poésie, théâtre de l'île Maurice: décembre 2014. Breathturn into Timestead. Paul Celan and Pierre Joris work, in this splendid and complex rendering, wonderfully together.

Breathturn into Timestead

Without simplifying, aiming at anything elegantly 'poetic,' or condensing Celan's anxiously layered otherness, Joris has gotten right to its grayness, what Celan calls 'the darkness of the poem today . . . a language fragment . . . freighted with world.' - Mary Ann Caws No twentieth-century poet pierces the heart of language with such an exquisite blade as Paul Celan. Emmanuèle Jawad, la biographie de ce poète contemporain sur Poèmes et Apparadoxes de Malcolm de Chazal : ScorpionwinD. S'il était encore parmi nous, Malcolm de Chazal pourrait vérifier la force des intuitions qu'il a semées tout au long de son oeuvre.

Poèmes et Apparadoxes de Malcolm de Chazal : ScorpionwinD

Prophétique, quasi inspirée, sa vision poétique d'un monde dont tous les objets sont «animés» semble d'une grande actualité. Une autre poésie italienne. Liban - meet. Joan Naviyuk Kane on Strikingly.


Amiri Baraka. Poet, writer, teacher, and political activist Amiri Baraka was born Everett LeRoi Jones in 1934 in Newark, New Jersey.

Amiri Baraka

He attended Rutgers University and Howard University, spent three years in the U.S. Air Force, and returned to New York City to attend Columbia University and the New School for Social Research. Baraka was well known for his strident social criticism, often writing in an incendiary style that made it difficult for some audiences and critics to respond with objectivity to his works. Throughout most of his career his method in poetry, drama, fiction, and essays was confrontational, calculated to shock and awaken audiences to the political concerns of black Americans. For decades, Baraka was one of the most prominent voices in the world of American literature. Baraka incited controversy throughout his career. Baraka did not always identify with radical politics, nor did his writing always court controversy. E. E. Cummings: Biography from Answers. Edward Estlin Cummings (October 14, 1894 – September 3, 1962), popularly known as E.

E. E. Cummings: Biography from Answers

E. Cummings, with the abbreviated form of his name often written by others in lowercase letters as e.e. cummings (in the style of some of his poems—see name and capitalization, below), was an American poet, painter, essayist, author, and playwright. Nuptial Matters by Ruth Graham. Bill Hartmann One of the problems with planning a wedding in the Pinterest era is that originality is so highly prized it is paradoxically almost impossible to produce. Welcome to Sudeep sen's Official Website. L'océan Indien dans les littératures francophones: pays réels, pays rêvés ... Vol 48-49 : Papusza poétesse tsigane et polonaise. Vol 48-49 : Papusza poétesse tsigane et polonaise. The ‘link poet’ is no more. The Handwriting on the Wall: Authors’ Notes as Art.

Microscripts by Robert Walser at the Drawing Center (all photos by the author for Hyperallergic unless otherwise noted) In grade school, cursive and print were treated like indicators of who we are.

The Handwriting on the Wall: Authors’ Notes as Art

As I remember, girls’ writing was meant to be neat; boys’ was generally unruly. Sometimes more was read into our penmanship as well — whether we’d be artists or doctors (doctors having awful handwriting). The idea seemed to be that how we write reveals something about the way we think and relate to the world. Born in different eras and on different continents, Walser and Dickinson both led intensely private lives and shared an inimitable approach to notes. Criss-Crossing Cultures: A Triptych. Admin note: sorry it took us so long to put up this post by Clarissa, which is a wide-ranging dispatch from a trio of events back in late October, 2010.

Criss-Crossing Cultures: A Triptych

But art is timeless, right? -- Christina Chia Clarissa Lee also blogs at HASTAC (, and.

Poésie canadienne

#119. Première impression. Past forward films. Unhealing Wound - Story. Bois Brésil & Cie.