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Iriodin® for pearl luster color effects Coatings With its outstanding visual and technical properties, Iriodin® is used in a wide range of coating applications, especially in the automotive, architectural, and other industrial sectors. Iriodin® pigments are also offered with an additional coating layer especially for exterior applications. These weather-resistant pigments thus fulfill the highest requirements of reproducibility and lasting color consistency. Assurez-colle conductrice et colle un circuit This is an instructable on the best conductive glue I have been able to make that uses easy to obtain materials, glues well to most materials, is quite flexible and has a low resistance. Unfortunately for me, it uses a rubber or plastic mixture that I do not know the chemical composition of, so I cannot patent it. There are many kinds of conductive epoxies, glues, and rubbers available.

KARDW - Solarbotics Ardweeny « Products « Solarbotics We love Arduino. Those Italians know how to design an microcontroller platform and share it with the world. And Mr. Kimio Kosaka's " One-Chip-Arduino " project inspired us to develop the ; the smallest Arduino you can solder yourself with through-hole components! And folks this is a kit so some assembly is required and batteries are not included :). We've designed a backpack printed-circuit board the fits on top of an Atmel ATmega328P straddling it.

Graphic LCD 84x48 - Nokia 5110 Description: The Nokia 5110 is a basic graphic LCD screen for lots of applications. It was originally intended for as a cell phone screen. This one is mounted on an easy to solder PCB. China Bag manufacturer, Tool Bag, Cooler Bag supplier - Zhangjiagang Double-Whale MFG & Exp Co., Ltd. Zhangjiagang Double-Whale MFG &Exp Co., Ltd. Which was founded in Aug, 1985, has devoted itself to the design and manufacture on bags for more than 24 years. Double whale becomes one of the leading bag manufacturers in China with a long history. Locating in Zhangjiagang city, which is 120km far from Shanghai, the international economic and financial center of China, Double-whale is sharing ... Zhangjiagang Double-Whale MFG & Exp Co., Ltd. Place the IC carefully making sure the pins are lined up as well as they can be, on some of the larger pin count packages this can be a bit difficult. In some ways this can be the hardest step. Once properly lined up tack a few pins or use a high temp adhesive like Kapton tape to hold the IC in place. Were now ready to solder it! Start by tinning our tip, clean it and fill the bevel with a bit of solder. The Ruggeduino The Ruggeduino is powered from one of three sources: USB port: 5V is provided directly from the USB port. A 500mA PTC (resettable fuse) protects the computer from overcurrent.DC power jack: a 2.1mm center-positive DC power adapter can supply 7V - 24V. This power input is also protected by a 500mA PTC (only on the Ruggeduino!)Vin: this connector pin can either source power to the Ruggeduino (7V-24V) or draw power from the DC power jack. When more than one power source is present, the automatic power switching circuit selects external power (DC power jack or Vin, whichever is higher) when available, otherwise USB power is used.

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