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FAROO - Peer-to-peer Web Search

FAROO - Peer-to-peer Web Search
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Qrobe The Peer to Peer Search Engine Evernote Brings Widget, Share Extension to iOS 8 I save everything into Evernote. While I’m almost religious about plain text and Markdown for my articles, anything else goes into Evernote: PDFs, screenshots, photos with GPS information, my shared shopping list, and any other note that has a visual component (such as formatting or hyperlinks). I started using Evernote in 2009, and it’s become an external brain where I archive everything that I need to remember but not store in my own brain. Evernote suffered in its transition to iOS devices as it couldn’t be as flexible as the Mac app: Evernote is only as good as the ways it gives you to create notes, and the iOS app couldn’t use the best one – the clipper. This is changing today with Evernote 7.5, which adds extensions for iOS 8 to let you save anything from anywhere with just two taps. For Evernote, quick note creation has always been an issue on the iOS platform. The widget is simple, but useful. The share extension is amazing. Evernote 7.5 is available on the App Store.

Quick Tip: Add alternate email addresses for calendar scheduling It's safe to say most of us have multiple email addresses, whether for business, work, shopping online or just "throwaway" accounts used for website registration to comment in forums. Having multiple calendars, however, can be a pain. I tend to keep my work events on my Outlook calendar at the office and my personal and consulting events on my Google calendar. I discovered recently that forwarding calendar events from a separate email address to my Google account wasn't as easy as I thought. Google Calendar invitations cannot be forwarded via email. Well, I didn't want to contact the organizer to ask him to update the event since I figured there had to be a technological solution. Sure enough, I found I could add my other account as an alternate email address so I could forward these invitations to Gmail and get them on my calendar. Two items worthy of mention: This process doesn't apply to Gmail addresses; they must be from non-Gmail accounts). Here are the steps involved. 1. 2. 3. 4.

Gmail Priority Inbox Launches: Your E-mail Will Never Be the Same Today, Google will begin rolling out Priority Inbox for Gmail, a new feature for managing massive amounts of e-mail. Your inbox will never be the same again. Priority Inbox is Google's attempt to solve the e-mail woes of Gmail power users. At its core, the feature is an algorithm; Priority Inbox uses information such as keywords, the people you e-mail the most and your e-mail habits to select the most pressing e-mails in your inbox. Those e-mails are brought to the top of your Gmail and marked as important so you deal with them first. Priority Inbox is also an adaptive algorithm. The new feature appears as a new menu item just above the "Inbox" link. The second layer of the new layout is your starred e-mails. During the many months of testing the feature internally, the search giant found that users spent 16% less time reading insignificant e-mail. We can see why. Priority Inbox, while not perfect, is a dramatic step toward solving that problem. What do you think of Priority Inbox?

36 Gmail Tips That Will Help You Conquer Email Click To View Slideshow» If Gmail has become a huge part of your life, then it's time you became a power user. These tips will get you there. Gmail has come a long way in 12 years. Let's start with one thing right up front: Labs. Not every bit of power-user tech in Gmail requires special accessories.

What is Spotlight Search? How to Google Your iPad or iPhone Spotlight Search may be the most underused feature on the iPad. Instead of hunting through page after page of apps, you can use the iPad's search feature to find the app for you. And because the search results update with each letter, you may only have to tap a few letters to bring the app to the top of the screen. Spotlight Search will also search outside of your iPad. How to Open Spotlight Search In order to open Spotlight Search, you will need to be on the Home Screen. Spotlight Search is revealed when you swipe down with your finger on any page of the Home Screen. Spotlight Search will be revealed as you move your finger down. If you start on the top edge of the screen, you will actually reveal your recent notifications. How to Organize Your Spotlight Search Results How to Use Spotlight Search The best feature of Spotlight Search is the ability to quickly launch an app. Are you feeling a binge watch coming on? If you type 'shoes', you will get shoe stores.

Find files in Google Drive - Computer - Google Drive Help You can refine a search in Drive with these advanced searches. Note: Not all examples work on all devices. Quotes Find documents that contain an exact word or phrase. Find files with at least one of the words. Minus sign Find documents that exclude a particular word. owner: to: is:starred Find items marked with a star. is:trashed Find items that are trashed. type: Search by the type of document: folder, document, spreadsheet, presentation, PDF, image, video, drawing, form, script, or table. Before & after Find items that were edited before or after a certain day. title: Search by title Example: title:Conference 2014 App: Search for items that can only be opened by a specific app. Source:domain (Google for work or school) Search for items that have been shared across your organization’s entire domain, instead of items created by you or your group.