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FAROO - Peer-to-peer Web Search

FAROO - Peer-to-peer Web Search
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Qrobe PicFog - Twitter Quick Image Search The Peer to Peer Search Engine Librarian's Ultimate Guide to Search Engines - Librarians were the ultimate search engines before the web took over. Librarians are trusted, credible sources finding and delivering information as they witness, search, organize, and catalog information. Online research and the power of the web have made information only fingertips away from all of us, but the taxonomies and standards used for search will impact how people learn online for years to come. Below are some of the things librarians understand about search - and things that anyone doing online research can benefit from. History of Search Engines While there are many search engines, about 80 to 90 percent of the search market belongs to just a few including Google, Bing, and MSN. Web 2.0 Search Engines These are the new breed - they're the tip of the iceberg of advanced search applications for what is known as the semantic web. Most of these new engines are works in progress that need a few generations of revisions. Glossary: Search Engine + Related Refining Search Queries

Social Media Search Tool | WhosTalkin? Evernote Brings Widget, Share Extension to iOS 8 I save everything into Evernote. While I’m almost religious about plain text and Markdown for my articles, anything else goes into Evernote: PDFs, screenshots, photos with GPS information, my shared shopping list, and any other note that has a visual component (such as formatting or hyperlinks). I started using Evernote in 2009, and it’s become an external brain where I archive everything that I need to remember but not store in my own brain. Evernote suffered in its transition to iOS devices as it couldn’t be as flexible as the Mac app: Evernote is only as good as the ways it gives you to create notes, and the iOS app couldn’t use the best one – the clipper. This is changing today with Evernote 7.5, which adds extensions for iOS 8 to let you save anything from anywhere with just two taps. For Evernote, quick note creation has always been an issue on the iOS platform. The widget is simple, but useful. The share extension is amazing. Evernote 7.5 is available on the App Store.

Twine How to Search Images Online – Most Advanced Methods Image search is evolving rapidly. Today the machine understands much more about images than just a year ago: it can read the text on the image, see its colors and classify it based on its form, shape and textures. So which advanced image search methods can we use today? Image search based on image content (face / landscape / photo / product image search) Face search has been a hot topic recently. Exalead has become known for integrating facial recognition technology but it still lacks some accuracy. Image search based on color Picitup allows to set color preferences (choose among 18 colors to set the search dominating palette);PicSearch and recognize between colorful and black-and-white images.Etsy searches only inside its own product database but its color-based search engine is both fun and pleasure to play with. Image search based on similarity Recently launched (registration required) searches for similar images online.