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Knowledge Management

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Interaktive Events für Unternehmen. How to Champion a Knowledge Sharing Culture – Epiphany Education. Source: The failure to share knowledge has a tremendous cost, if we had to put a number to it – approximately $35.1 billion.

How to Champion a Knowledge Sharing Culture – Epiphany Education

That’s how much Fortune 500 companies were estimated to lose every year when knowledge sharing is weak in their organisations.¹ So who’s to blame? Who’s in charge of knowledge sharing? In some organisations there are official titles for those in charge of managing knowledge, Chief Knowledge Officer or Chief Information Officer could be one of them.

However, knowledge sharing requires not only strategy but also a cultural shift. So everyone is responsible then? In search of knowledge champions Knowledge champions can come from anywhere in your company, though you can start at looking within the key business units of your company. You should be able to spot a potential knowledge champion rather easily. It’ll be helpful to have a list of criteria to narrow down these individuals. The key behaviours to encourage Leading by example. 5S in der Fraumünster-Zunft bei der SwissQ anwenden - SwissQ Consulting AG. SwissQ wächst.

5S in der Fraumünster-Zunft bei der SwissQ anwenden - SwissQ Consulting AG

How to Read a Book a Week. Executive Summary Reading gives us access to great ideas, allows us peek into the minds of the smartest people, and gives us fuel to be valuable contributors in conversations.

How to Read a Book a Week

But who really has time to read every book that would help us as business leaders? Everyone, according to the author, because the key to reading is not taking in every word, but understanding the concepts that the author presents. Following his advice, you have the potential to read at least one nonfiction book a week. The formula comes down to being engaged with the material, keeping your mind alert, and actively trying to figure out what the book really means. It was the late 1980s and I was sitting in a university lecture hall listening to Abbie Hoffman, an author and an activist, ranting about my generation’s indifference.

KMWorld 2016 Call For Speakers. Hacking KM: People, Processes, & Technology Hacking and hackathons are perhaps better known in the geek community, but KMWorld 2016, is taking a page from their book and looking to hack, or change in our case, our ideas, strategies, and practices in using processes and technology to engage our communities.

KMWorld 2016 Call For Speakers

Organizations are changing – flattening their structures, encouraging creative and innovative practices, engaging audiences in different ways, utilizing technology to streamline and connect people in new and exciting ways. Dynamics-Bus-Communication. Swiss Knowledge Management Forum: Welcome. Die zentrale Plattform in der Schweiz zum Thema Wissensmanagement für Praktikerfür Entscheiderfür Interessierte Wir bieten und suchen den praxisnahen Austausch - nicht nur für und mit unseren Mitgliedern.

Swiss Knowledge Management Forum: Welcome

Die Plattform dient als qualitätsgesicherter Zugang zum Netzwerk (Personen und Themen) sowie den bewährten Methoden und Werkzeugen, incl. Tipps zur Anwendung. Sie dokumentiert erprobte Prozesse und initiiert/unterstützt die Meinungsbildung bei Themen, die in der (nahen) Zukunft für dieses interdisziplinäre Arbeitsgebiet von zentraler Bedeutung sein könnten.

Wir möchten unseren Beitrag dazu leisten, dass die Resource Wissen und ihre Träger, die Wissensarbeiter, nachhaltig an der Gestaltung des Erfolges ihrer Organisationen mitwirken können. Die Option zu schaffen, bislang ungenutztes bzw. unternutztes Potenzial zu realisieren, in professioneller wie auch aus persönlicher Sicht, das ist unser Ziel - dafür haben wir diese Plattform geschaffen. SKMF News. Tages Anzeiger, Andreas Pfister am Montag 6.


Juli 2015 In der Rubrik Bildung des Politblogs geht es um aktuelle Themen der Bildungspolitik. Autoren sind Andreas Pfister (Leitung), Philipp Sarasin, Patrik Schellenbauer und verschiedene Gäste. Neuroscience: Helping employees through change. Hilary Scarlett explains how the practice of neuroscience analysis can help leaders get underneath the physiological barriers to organizational change.

Neuroscience: Helping employees through change

Changing employee behavior is difficult. In fact, changing our own behavior is hard enough: it’s not easy to establish new habits such as taking more exercise, getting more sleep and eating less. Swiss Knowledge Management Forum: Welcome.

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Wissensmanagement / Knowledge Management: Community of Knowledge. Wolfram Research: Mathematica, Technische- und Wissenschaftliche Software. Knowledge Management Software Provider. Movento Search for SAP Notes. Movento Search for SAP SDN. When You’re Innovating, Resist Looking for Solutions « HBR Blog Network – Harvard Business Review. By Bart Barthelemy and Candace Dalmagne-Rouge | 12:29 PM September 13, 2013 If someone comes to you with a problem, you start thinking of a solution.

When You’re Innovating, Resist Looking for Solutions « HBR Blog Network – Harvard Business Review

That’s natural — everyone does it. But as soon as you start thinking of a solution, you unconsciously begin shutting off possibilities for getting a deeper understanding of the problem and therefore of finding a truly breakthrough solution. That’s why it can often be more productive to avoid “solutions” thinking when a problem arises. It’s better to stay in what we call the “problem space” for as long as possible. A military organization came to us for help because people who were being observed by pilotless drones were using techniques such as smoke screens to deceive the analyzers of the drones’ video and other data. We encouraged the client to stay in the problem space, sometimes known as the “front end,” in order to get a deeper understanding of the problem.

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