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The Business Chef: Gordon Ramsay

The Business Chef: Gordon Ramsay
Column by Janine Popick, "Female CEOs" August 20, 2009 I'll admit it, I love watching any TV show with Gordon Ramsay in it, but "Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares" is my current favorite. He’s the antithesis of the stereotypical woman leader; he’s brazen and harsh. He swears like a sailor and belittles people. Not my style of leadership, but it makes for great TV. I like the show because he gets down into the inner workings of a small business and peels away the onion to find any issues that might be hampering the business from growing. So, I've outlined 6 things we can all learn from Gordon Ramsay, followed by a question you can ask yourself to see how you rate by his business strategy. #1 - It all starts with the customer. One of the first questions Chef asks the restaurant he is working with is how many people have reserved for the evening. Question: When was the last time you surveyed your customers to find out what they think about your business, your product or your service? Related:  Interesting knowledge

Escucha al mercado 20/julio/2011 Algo tan sencillo como escuchar puede darnos muchas claves para que nuestro negocio funcione, mejore, crezca… ¡Cuántas empresas cuentan y presumen de tener un servicio de atención al cliente! Y cuántos de esos departamentos, simplemente, no escuchan a sus usuarios. Pensad, que seguro que se os ocurren más de uno. Y ¿por qué es importante, no sólo atender a tus clientes, sino además escuchar lo que nos quieren contar? En nuestro próximo número (el 167, de agosto de 2011), en la sección Emprendedores con Ingenio Internacional –que coordina nuestra compañera Eva Calvo desde Inglaterra–, sacamos una empresa de Estados Unidos que basa su nacimiento, evolución y éxito –factura algo más de 1,7 millones de euros– en algo tan banal y sencillo como escuchar al mercado y, en este caso, a sus clientas. Consideran que son la primera empresa que ha tomado en serio a las mujeres dentro de la industria del bricolaje. Fundamental, por tanto, la escucha activa, ¿o no?

45 Kick-Ass Resources for Online Entrepreneurs | Productive Entrepreneur Few people talk about this great productivity tip… You will reach your goals faster and easier if you’re willing to learn from others. Using brilliant, well-crafted resources created specifically for online entrepreneurs improves your online productivity. Below I have a long list of resources, most of which I’ve used myself. Enjoy the list. I’ve arranged the resources from those helpful to beginners to those suited to more advanced entrepreneurs. The links to these resources are not affiliate links. Helpful from the word go… If you’re new to online business, you’ll find value in the following resources. 1. Before you can blog, collect email addresses or sell anything, you need a little piece of real estate on a reliable web server. 2. I’m hoping that no one laughs at this resource recommendation. 3. Today web design is easy. Productive Entrepreneur is running the Genesis framework and the Prose child theme. 4. 5. is where you learn about content marketing. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

6 Ways to Increase Your Chances of an IRS Tax Audit The deadline for filing your income tax return is rapidly approaching. Filers are often tempted to fudge the facts on their tax returns in an effort to get a bigger refund. But that tactic can backfire on you, resulting in an Internal Revenue Service Audit. Here are six of the more common ways of increasing your chances of an audit. 6. Suffer certain types of losses. 5. 4. 3. 2. 1. Bonus: Make a math error. So what happens if the IRS tells you that you’re being audited? Burton J. “Most normal people dread an audit,” says Virginia-based tax lawyer Burton J. Haynes says that the better your recordkeeping and the more accurate your tax return, the less concerned you should be if you’re notified of an audit. “For many it is merely an inconvenience, though for some a costly inconvenience,” Haynes says.

Top 5 Places to Work Online and Make Money - There are literally hundreds, if not thousands of ways to make money online. All of these ways are derivatives of two basic ways, which are selling your own products & services, and selling other people’s products & services. Each has their advantages and disadvantages, and I personally do a little of both. Today’s post is basically to show you a few of my favorite places to work online. Here are the top five places I do a lot of my online work: 1) Microworkers (Paid To Do Short Tasks) This is a place to make a little bit of money quick. 2) Fiverr (Create Five Dollar Gigs) Fiverr is the marketplace for $5 gigs, basically you get to list things you would do for $5. 3) Social Media (Paid to Tweet, Share on Facebook) You can find people to pay you to tweet to your Twitter followers or share with your Facebook friends, or even easier than that you can just tweet and share affiliate links to different products and collect a commission on each sale. 4) Freelancing (Find Paid Online Work Fast)

Thinking like a genius: overview - StumbleUpon Thinking and recall series Problem solving: creative solutions "Even if you're not a genius, you can use the same strategies as Aristotle and Einstein to harness the power of your creative mind and better manage your future." The following strategies encourage you to think productively, rather than reproductively, in order to arrive at solutions to problems. Nine approaches to creative problem solving: Rethink! Exercise #2 illustrates how famous thinkers used these approaches. Exercise #1: illustrates applications of the nine approaches. Text of exercise:Nine approaches to creative problem solving: Rethink! Thinking and recall series Concentrating | Radical thinking | Thinking aloud/private speech | Thinking critically | Thinking critically | Thinking creatively | Mapping explanation | Make your own map I | Make your own map II | Thinking like a genius: Creative solutions | Famous thinkers | Selected thoughts

Desencadenado | Como crear tu empresa: información para emprendedores, real como la vida misma. Alternative, Complementary & Herbal Medicine Forums, Blogs, News, FAQs, Surveys & Knowledgebase on SOPA Emergency IP list: | CodeBangers So if these bastards in DC decide to ruin the internet, here’s how to access your favorite sites in the event of a DNS takedown # News # Social media # Torrent sites # Social networking

Work from home, Stay at Home Mom Jobs with Home with the Kids I Will Knot! - StumbleUpon Las cosas, muy claras 1/agosto/2011 Es fundamental, cuando se empieza algo –independientemente de su naturaleza–, tener las cosas muy claras que de lo que se hace y de lo que se va a hacer, sobre todo, para no llevarse sorpresas desagradables o poco agradables y cuando se emprende, más. El otro día hablando con un emprendedor –Diego Gisbert, que decidió dar el salto por su cuenta después de sufrir un proceso de reajuste de personal, un ERE y un posterior concurso de acreedores– me decía que cuando pensó en qué iba a emprender buscaba “una fórmula de negocio virtual que me permitiera enviar los pedidos directamente desde el fabricante al consumidor final. Evitando así los intermediarios y, por tanto, reducir costes (aprovisionamiento, gestión de stock, logística, etc). Además, al ser el proveedor quien tramitase directamente el envío, también ganaríamos en rapidez de servicio”. Dicho y hecho, puso en marcha, una tienda de venta on line de piscinas desmontables, jacuzzis y accesorios.

CT Environmental Headlines » Links to all of today's environmental news headlines in Connecticut. How do you buy organs on the black market? Those were brilliant stories. One interesting wrinkle was that as more and more organs were demanded, the death sentence become pervasive even for lesser crimes. Run three red lights: Death sentence carried out in a hospital. Those were some very interesting stories - I loved the one where the guy escaped (I think another prisoner had a bomb implanted in his thigh-bone or something), and managed to get to the roof. And the societal transition from organ-legging to artificial organs was one way that Brennan was found by the goldskin (belter) cop and Brennan's great-nephew; he had switched the recipients of donations from artificial organs to something else as organlegging went away.... The guy in the story where he escaped (which it sounds like you read) was just guilty of some traffic violations, iirc.

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