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Best MindMapping Tools

Best MindMapping Tools
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15 common mind map elements Jul 3rd, 2012 | By Chuck Frey | Category: Resources If you’re new to the world of mind mapping software, you may not realize all of the types of content you can include in a software-produced visual map. So I created a mind map to summarize what’s possible. Please click on the image above to load a much larger version of this map, with branches expanded to explain what each type of mind map content is, and how you can use it. I hope you find this to be useful to you! (Mind map created using NovaMind 5 for Windows) Tags: boundary, excel, hypertext link, icon, image, link, mind map, mindmap, task management, topic note

Les critères influençant le « Social Rank » et le positionnement sur Facebook, Google et Bing Après avoir abordé l’intérêt et les principes globaux du référencement sur Facebook dans un précédent billet, je te propose aujourd’hui d’aborder plus en détails les facteurs qui influenceraient sur le positionnement dans Facebook (via les suggestions personnalisées et le moteur de recherche interne) et qui pourraient bien être pris en compte (si ce n’est déjà fait…) par les technologies de recherche tierces de Google et Bing. Au centre de cette problématique se situe la notion de « Social Rank« qui serait un savant calcul permettant d’influer le positionnement. On pourrait définir le « Social Rank » comme la note attribuée à un objet sur le web (une page, un site, un utilisateur…). Cette notion est comparable à la notion de « Page Rank » pour le calcul de la popularité des sites web dans les moteurs de recherche Sur la nature des liens sociaux issus de Facebook: Les différents types critères concernant les liens sociaux: Les stratégies et actions concernant les liens sociaux sur Facebook

Online Mind Mapping and Brainstorming - MindMeister 99 Mind Mapping Resources, Tools, and Tips So, there you are staring at that black sheet of paper again. Or perhaps it's a black Word document on your computer screen. Whichever it may be, it's obvious you're about to take notes for that big essay assignment or group project, and you're not too excited about getting started! That's where a different kind of note taking comes in to play, one that is actually fun to do and will also help you to understand your notes better. It's a technique called mind mapping, and is based around a strong visual method of taking notes. Whether your using colorful markers and paper or using state-of-the-art computer software, you'll find using mind maps are a much more interesting way to take notes than you ever have in the past! Free Software Free Mind - the premier java-based mind mapping software known for its quick, one-click "fold/unfold" and "follow link" operations. Wisemapping - "Visual Thinking Evolution", offering free web based mind maps you can share anywhere on the web. Resources Books

Mind Mapping Software – Productivity, Planning, Learning, Communication Free mind mapping (and related types) software I see regular inquiries on Twitter and in forums from people looking for free software to support visual thinking. To provide answers, InformationTamers have put together 14 pages to help you find the one for your needs. These show the platform, a screen thumbnail and a link for more information in each case. We built this article using the most complete source for details of information mapping software on the Web: has a good capability for selecting software by map type and operating system (click on the 'Refine software list' tab at the top right of its web page). "Free" here is as in beer, not in freedom, though some of the software listed is open source, so is free in both senses. Of course a pencil and paper is always almost free. This used to be one long page, but as I updated and added to it, it became unmanageable, so now it's broken down by category. Click through for more details:

Trier vos motsclés avec les expressions régulières sous Google Analytics Je m’amuse bien souvent à filtrer les mots-clés organiques dans mon Google Analytics. De plus, mes collègues me demandent souvent de filtrer les mots-clés organiques selon différents critères. Vu que j’ai partagé avec eux les principales commandes de bases pour créer des expressions régulières, autant le partager avec vous aussi. 5 signes sont à retenir dans le filtrage des expressions organiques : Le pipe | Le pipe est le symbole que j’utilise le plus souvent dans mon étude de mots-clés organiques. Seules les expressions qui contiennent "referencement" ou "seo" s'affichent... L’accent circonflexe ^ L’accent circonflexe devant un mot indique à Analytics de rechercher et afficher toutes les expressions organiques qui commencent par ce « mot » ou « groupe de lettres ». Seuls les expressions commençant par google s'affichent dans mon rapport. Le dollar $ Je peux voir uniquement les expressions se terminant par le groupe de caractères "bond". Le plus + Le point d’interrogation ?

Official Mind Mapping software by Tony Buzan 50 Useful Mind-Mapping Tools for College Students July 27th, 2009 By Emily Thomas As a hardworking student, you’ve got a lot to organize, including essays, exams, deadlines, and class schedules, not to mention your social and personal life–plus any part-time jobs you may have taken on. In an effort to keep you more organized, we’ve generated this list of 50 useful mind-mapping tools that are designed to help you see your ideas more clearly, analyze and outline research papers, become more efficient when you study, and get inspired to be more creative in your work. Free or Open Source Online college students depend on open and free programs like these when balancing school work and a tight budget. Collaboration Use these tools to work with classmates, share notes, prepare a presentation, and work on the web. Brainstorming and Project Management When you need to work on your ideas for a big project, use these tools to organize all of your ideas, edits and deadlines. Multitasking Study Tools Miscellaneous

25 Clear And Beautiful Comparison Tables There’s no point in having an awesome website and an awesome product if your product comparison table is crap. It will throw people right off, and believe me I have seen some bad tables. Anyway here is a collection of the best product comparison tables handpicked by WebDesignDev. We think we have picked the top 25 comparison tables based on creative design and how clear it is to read and compare. By all means if you think we have forgotten any tables that look stunning, drop us a nice comment. SoftLayer This is a simple comparison table with a very basic design. BigCartel Big Cartel’s pricing table has a very beautiful design. SquareSpace SquareSpace’s table is unique and has some nice, large icons for each column. FormSpring FormSpring has a simple, modern design. the Professional column is marked as being the most popular choice. Wufoo Wufoo’s bright colored pricing table is fun and friendly! Concept Share ConceptShare has a professional pricing table with a basic design. Mind Meister Eleven2

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