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Serres : "Ce n'est pas une crise, c'est un changement de monde"

Serres : "Ce n'est pas une crise, c'est un changement de monde"

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Science fiction: How not to build a future society Science fiction films have many warnings for us – not least, how the road to a perfect future society is fraught with peril. Quentin Cooper loads up the DVD player to see what lessons we can learn. Science-fiction films sometimes offer us a future so bright we’ve got to wear shades. Disruptions: Life's Too Short for So Much E-Mail Tony Cenicola/The New York TimesRoyal Pingdom, a Web site that monitors Internet usage, said that in 2010, 107 trillion e-mails were sent. Corporate employees sent and received 105 e-mails a day. Just thinking about my e-mail in-box makes me sad.

10 Most Unbelievable Places in the World There are ten most unbelievable places in the world that you definitely must visit before you die. 1. Tunnel of Love, Ukraine Libraries and the Social Web: Developing the Next Generation of Youth Information Services About The Project This three-year research project is studying how libraries can best respond to teens’ increasingly online information lives, especially when it comes to searching for information. Libraries and the Social Web: Developing the Next Generation of Youth Information Services seeks to create a replicable model and set of best practices that public and school libraries across the country can use to increase the reach and relevance of library services for today’s youth. Previous research conducted by the Project Research Team indicates that teens are increasingly interested in interacting online via social media, and that there are many benefits that libraries can derive by using social media for information service delivery.

Gartner: Do you have a Chief Digital Officer? You’re gonna need one ORLANDO -- Do you have a Chief Digital Officer? The gurus at Gartner think you should, and soon. The idea of a CDO stems from the idea that companies are or will soon be rushing to digitize whole segments of their business. For example, moving marketing spend from analog to digital, or digitizing the research and development budget. Organizations are also digitizing how they service their clients, in order to drive higher client retention. In addition, many companies are turning digitization into new revenue streams, Gartner analysts stated at the firm's Gartner Symposium/ITxpo 2012 here.

3 Types of Invisible Things You Do To Hinder Your Performance AUTHORED by Flip Flippen | Date: Tuesday, January 20, 2015 IN THIS VIDEO:00:02 An Unforgettable Outing With My Boys 01:08 One Balloon That Simply Can’t Get Off The Ground 01:53 I Know What It’s Like To Be That Balloon 02:46 Why You And I Can Feel Tied Down 03:39 The One Question You Need to Answer 04:14 How Talented And Capable People Are Short-Circuiting Their Success 05:38 Having Constraints Is Part Of Being Human, But You Don’t Have To Stay That Way 09:01 What Are Your Critically Impacting Personal Constraints 09:35 You Have More In You, So I’m Making A Personal Investment in You A few years ago I took two of my boys, Matthew and Micah, on our annual guys’ outing: a grueling, six-day, backpacking trip in the mountains of Colorado. The morning after we arrived in Beaver Creek, we went to the ski area where we would begin our hike.

‘Mind uploading’ featured in academic journal special issue for first time (Credit: stock image) The Special Issue on Mind Uploading (Vol. 4, issue 1, June 2012) of the International Journal of Machine Consciousness, just released, “constitutes a significant milestone in the history of mind uploading research: the first-ever collection of scientific and philosophical papers on the theme of mind uploading,” as Ben Goertzel and Matthew Ikle’ note in the Introduction to this issue. “Mind uploading” is an informal term that refers to transferring the mental contents from a human brain into a different substrate, such as a digital, analog, or quantum computer. It’s also known as “whole brain emulation” and “substrate-independent minds.”

7 Qualities of Uber-Productive People Some people get more done than others--a lot more. Sure, they work hard. And they work smart. But they possess other qualities that make a major impact on their performance. De-google-ify Internet - Liste des alternatives - Framasoft Framasoft aims to offer around thirty free alternative services to provide a substitute for those services which, once they get hold of us, proceed to feed upon our data. But there are many other players working to de-google-ify Internet and many other such services. Here is ci-dessous a list summarizing and supplementing the alternatives already presented on the home page.

Chief Digital Officer, What type does your organization need? Everyone is talking about the need for a chief digital officer (CDO). The CDO role has come into fashion as a demonstrable sign that your organization is serious about digital technology. The topic of what is the chief digital officer their role and responsibilities is full of energy and attention. It is rare to create a new ‘C’ level role with the opportunity to redistribute responsibilities among senior executives. Discussions regarding the Chief DIGITAL Officer are remarkably similar to past discussions about the Chief PROCESS Officer. The CDO role may go the way of the CPO, but that is a topic for a different blog post.

A Desirable-Future Haiku — The Message Recently I sent a twitter request out into the wider internets. I got 23 responses, which I am running (with permission) below. I’ll tell you who I selected as the winner in a moment, but first I’d like to tell you what I learned. It’s a hard assignment.

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