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Paper alligator Why did we do these funny and durable alligators? – because the whole KROKOTAK family is on a long summer trip (we are even on another continent) … with all the things that we had to take with us in the suitcases, the room for the toys was so scarce …. This time, instead of a crocodile, we made an alligator, as it is more typical for America You will need: an A4 sheet of paperglue, scissors, felt-tip pena strip of white paper (for the teeth). Fold the paper making 8 equal bands.

Platonic Solids - Fold Up Patterns <A HREF=" Widgets</A> - an ever-growing list of books, videos, tools, software, art and other items, or just select from the entire Amazon site Astro-logix - a unique system of glow-in-the-dark hubs and day-glow cylinders to make a phenomenal variety of 2D and 3D geometric models Bluehost - our webhost and domain registrar offers superb customer service, technical expertise and value; tops in every respect! Sacred geometry jewelry by artist David Weitzman Ka-Gold Related Content: Flower of Life, Seed of Life, Golden Spiral, Fruit of Life, Vesica Piscis, Star tetrahedron "Merkaba", Fibonacci Whirling Squares Spiral "Phi", Metatron's Cube, Chambered Nautilus, Labyrinth, Torus Tube, Tetractys, Sri Yantra mandala, Tree of Life, Hexagram (Star of David).

Wizard School Wizard School, previously known as WonderBox, inspires curiosity and creative thinking. Explore fascinating topics – science, design, languages, animals, geography, sports and more! Create something awesome to share with family and friends in a safe environment. EXPLORE: fascinating topics, such as science, design, languages, geography, and sports. More than 3,000 videos, maps, and content curated by educators.CREATE: something awesome with fun stickers, videos, photos, and drawing tools! Origami Dress Card After seeing the sweet Origami Dresses over at Craft & Creativity, I was inspired to make an Origami Dress Card for a special friend’s birthday. There is a helpful uTube video that guides you through the steps on folding the dress. I used a 6 x 6 inch square of origami paper that I had in my paper stash (purchased from Daiso); added some twine; little pegs; and washi tape. I love how the dress gives the card a 3D element. It would be fun to make up a batch of dresses and them frame them to decorate a little girls bedroom.

Gift Wrapping Tips Just In Time For Christmas FaithTap Staff With a mountain of presents and a ticking clock, the thought of wrapping everything before dawn breaks may seem like a challenge. But we have ways to accomplish everything with these helpful tips! Baby-Friendly Gift Wrap For a way to wrap presents for your littlest of loved ones, follow the helpful photo tutorial below. The Enchanted Petal: How to Make a Paper Flower Medallion A few months ago I came across a picture of some paper wall art that looked like pretty dahlias and thought… I can totally make that, so I did! I made large ones and small ones and before I knew it I made a lot of them. I brought them into the flower shop and my coworkers loved them!

Curiosity Machine How Do Children Succeed? With curiosity, creativity, and persistence. Like any other skill, it takes practice! Ocean rubbish turned into marine animals Everyday I go to my local beach and while I'm there I pick up bottle lids, bits of rope, rubber thongs and a variety of different plastics. Most of the time all this rubbish I’m collecting would ultimately end up in landfill. What I’m trying to do is reduce landfill plus create awareness about all this rubbish that’s ending up in our oceans because it’s effecting our marine creatures that live there. The rubbish I mainly find is bottle lids, cigarette lighters, toothbrushes and lots of plastic. Weather this debris is coming from our shores or from somewhere else I’m not sure but I know one thing, it’s ending up on our beaches and people like me are the ones picking it up.

The PEPAKURA question thread - PLEASE READ RULES IN FIRST POST! This thread is where to look first for any information regarding PEPAKURA.If you are looking for information on the technique, then go through this thread first. Pep is not that hard to understand, so a quick glance will go a long way.For the original software go to Tamasoft´s website Pepakura DesignerThere is a free pep file viewer available from Tamasoft, the full version of the software which lets you edit and manipulate files and make your own unfolds, for only 38 US-$. Requests for "free" versions of Pepakura are unnecessary at that price tag.Freeware and shareware 3D-software is available e.g. - Browse Files at SourceForge.netMore can be found here:Free 3D SoftwareResources for modelsIf you are looking for specific resources like files and can´t find them in here, then please use the search function first before posting any requests.

Maker Ed's Resource Library » Become a Sponsor Disclaimer: Maker Ed’s online Resource Library contains links to third-party organizations, companies, and commercial products. By including these resources, Maker Ed intends to highlight their potential value to the maker education community, rather than to provide an endorsement. The library is independently managed by Maker Ed staff, who adhere to a set of guidelines to ensure that all third-party resources are primarily informational, rather than promotional, in nature. This resource curation process is free from the influence or control of any party outside of Maker Ed.

How To Do Blanket Stitch How To Do Blanket Stitch We Will Show You: How To Do Blanket Stitch for... 405th File Archive Advanced Search 405th File Archive Welcome Welcome to the 405th file archive. Certwood Ltd - Plastic Moulding, Technical Injection Moulding, School Storage Trays The Certwood range of 'Storsystem' Storage Tray products is the only storage tray in its class that far exceeds the rigorous standards of BS: 5873 (1998) PART 4 for an impact drop test. The Certwood range of storage trays, moulded from 'HIPS' High Impact Polystyrene, are able to withstand a bull nosed steel weight equaling 1.25kg (2.75lbs) dropped from a height of 1.5 mtrs (5 ft), remaining intact and unbroken after ten consecutive drop tests. An alternative tray moulded in 'TFPP' Talc Filled Polypropylene is destroyed after only one drop test breaking easily and shattering into sharp shards of plastic. Introducing the NEW patented & innovative "Glide & Tilt Tray Runner Module" for safety. A pioneering design, the 'Glide & Tilt tray runner module' with integrated "Arrestor & Tilt" feature holds the tray in an angled open position making for easy access and clear display of the tray contents.