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10 Successful Facebook Marketing Examples. Is your Facebook engagement dropping?

10 Successful Facebook Marketing Examples

Need some inspiration to pump up your Facebook marketing? As the Facebook news feed continues to change, it’s important to figure out how to make the platform work for you. In this article I’ll share Facebook pages from both large and small brands, and tips to incorporate their tactics into your Facebook marketing plan. Discover ten brands successfully using Facebook. #1: Qatar Airways Qatar posts a number of pictures about football (soccer in America), which is what their fans care about.

The Best SlideShare Presentations of 2014 [SlideShare] I don't know about you, but I love SlideShare -- both as a marketer, and just as a regular person who likes to look at cool presentations.

The Best SlideShare Presentations of 2014 [SlideShare]

As a marketer, I love that the platform lets you create and publish interactive, beautiful pieces of content without a ton of design experience. As a person who likes to look at cool presentations, I love that there are tons of great ones to choose from that cover all manner of topics. That being said, I do have one gripe with SlideShare: With so much content to choose from, it can be difficult to figure out which presentations are actually worth your time. Well, discovering the best presentations just became a lot easier: The folks over at SlideShare sorted through and handpicked the very best SlideShare presentations of 2014 and put them together into the SlideShare below. (So meta, I know.) Narasimha Kulkarni's answer to What is the most interesting fact that you know and I don't but I should?

Top ten ways to have a productive day. Nl. 25 pieces of advice you need to build an awesome Facebook Page. During the last couple of months we’ve all read a steady stream of complaints about Facebook’s most recent changes and how they affect business Pages.

25 pieces of advice you need to build an awesome Facebook Page

Yet anyone who pays close attention to what’s happening at Facebook shouldn’t be terribly surprised. After all, as Scott Ayres over at Post Planner noted in a recent post, “Facebook was created for people — not businesses. Mark Zuckerberg’s intentions were never for businesses to rule Facebook. The social network was created to provide friends & family members better ways to stay in touch.

Top Fun Reasons Why Uber is worth every penny of $18.4B valuation! Uber, the on-demand call taxi service has raised a massive $1.2 billion funding from new and old investors.

Top Fun Reasons Why Uber is worth every penny of $18.4B valuation!

6 Subtle Things Highly Productive People Do Every Day. Ever feel like you’re just not getting enough done?

6 Subtle Things Highly Productive People Do Every Day

Know how many days per week you’re actually productive? About 3: People work an average of 45 hours a week; they consider about 17 of those hours to be unproductive (U.S.: 45 hours a week; 16 hours are considered unproductive). Google is testing new web-based Gmail features. Google’s products are constantly tested behind the scenes for potential new features, and since Gmail is just about as high as you can get on that list it makes sense that there’s no shortage of potential updates being explored at any given time.

Google is testing new web-based Gmail features

Recently we explored a series of new feature for the mobile Gmail client, and now we have images of what those same features look like on a desktop browser. No matter who you are, email clients are difficult to adjust. Office Mobile pour Office 365. Microsoft Office Mobile. Add-ons for Google Docs & Sheets. The 80/20 Rule of Time Management: Stop Wasting Your Time. Small-business owners waste their time on what I call $10 an hour work, like running to get office supplies.

The 80/20 Rule of Time Management: Stop Wasting Your Time

Meanwhile, they forgo the activities that earn $1,000 an hour, such as sending the right email to the right person, or negotiating a lucrative contract, or convincing a client to do more business with you. Entrepreneurs don't realize the same 80/20 principle -- the adage that 20 percent of customers equal 80 percent of sales -- applies to every dimension of business. And that includes time management. Turn Passion Into Profits? Oprah, Seinfeld and Branson Certainly Did. Jerry Seinfeld The old ways of doing business are changing.

Turn Passion Into Profits? Oprah, Seinfeld and Branson Certainly Did.

People are evolving and the way they want to do business is evolving, too. While you may not love every aspect of doing business, you absolutely need to love what you do overall. “Turn your passion into profit,” is a marketing slogan that’s becoming a way of life for many entrepreneurs. James Altucher says it well in his book, Choose Yourself, “You can’t buy happiness with the currency of unhappiness.” 5 Powerful Tips For New Bloggers. Of all the activities that will make the most difference in the performance of your website, nothing tops the consistent creation of high-quality blog content.

5 Powerful Tips For New Bloggers

Yet, no activity terrifies new bloggers more than publishing something one, two, three or ten times a week. After all, famous writers throughout history have described writing in fantastically unappealing ways. The late, great sportswriter Red Smith, for instance, often described it this way: "You simply sit down at the typewriter, open your veins, and bleed.

" INBOUND 2013 Keynote - Brian Halligan & Dharmesh Shah. How to Sell on Facebook: A Detailed, 9-Step Guide. Welcome to Forbes. 10 Smart Tips for Creating, Marketing and Sharing Content on Twitter. Twitter, the online texting service on steroids at only 140 characters is often a challenge for those with a traditional marketing mindset.

10 Smart Tips for Creating, Marketing and Sharing Content on Twitter

It’s more about brutal brevity, smart succinctness and simple shortness than monstering the masses with multi-media sensory overload. It’s all about doing more with less. Creating and then marketing content with Twitter is more about tempting the click than revealing all your secrets at once. Twitter should be seen as the teaser social network. It offers the promise of much more beyond the link. Owner Magazine — The Business Curriculum For Your Future. Here's More Proof that Elon Musk Is a Real-Life "Iron Man" Tesla Motors and SpaceX founder Elon Musk is wealthy, extremely tech-savvy and crazy about innovation, which has often drawn comparisons to Marvel's fictional character Iron Man. Now, Musk has announced, via Twitter, that his team has built a system that allows one to design rocket parts with "hand movements through the air" and immediately print them in titanium. "Like in Iron Man? " How to Install Apps for Office in Excel 2013.

Apps for Office are small programs that run inside various Microsoft Office 2013 programs, including Excel 2013, to extend their functionality. There are apps to help you learn about Excel’s features, look up words in the Merriam-Webster dictionary, and even enter dates into your spreadsheet by selecting them on a calendar. Many of the Apps for Office are available free of charge, whereas others are offered for purchase from the Office Store for a small price. To use any of these apps in Excel 2013, you first need to install them: Click the Apps for Office button on the Insert tab of the Ribbon.The Apps for Office drop-down menu appears with a Recently Used Apps section at the top and a See All link at the bottom. The first time you open this menu, the Recently Use Apps section will be blank. 60 Stunningly Beautiful Minimal Business Cards. An effective business card is a great way to impress your clients.

While there are many courses in designing business cards, minimalism is a hot trend in brand designing as well as in overall design community because of its effectiveness and simplistic approach. So today, I have come up with really beautiful and creative minimal business cards which will make you say “Wow!”. 1.