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Effervescent Duo Illustrations - Joshua Pekter Illustrates Colorful Graffiti Influenced Pieces Joshua Pekter is a 32-year-old graffiti writer turned illustrator who began his art career after developing an interest in abstract and figurative painting while studying abroad in Florence, Italy. One look through Joshua Pekter's portfolio makes it clear that despite his interest in figuration and abstract art, his work is still strongly influenced by his graff roots. Some highlights include an elegantly dressed woman with a paintbrush in hand creating an impressive diffusion of colors, or two (almost) identically dressed girls playing in a field of eye-catchingly bright spray paint. Joshua Pekter's artwork has been exhibited around the world, including Los Angeles, San Francisco, and the United Kingdom. Implications - It was just a few years ago that street art and graffiti were one of the most unheralded subcultures in the art world.

Lucinda Schreiber Ralph Steadman: 'Why was I so vicious? Was I unfair?' | Film Set in the grounds of a house you might reasonably describe as a mansion, Ralph Steadman's Maidstone studio is a vast, rambling series of rooms. He rarely sells his original drawings, so they're all here: work for children's books next to brutal cartoons of Richard Nixon, court sketches from the trial of Patty Hearst, and the legendary grotesques from his collaborations with the gonzo journalist Hunter S Thompson. And there's the portrait of Thompson that Steadman arranged for William Burroughs to shoot at. "He was old and his hands were quite unsteady," Steadman remembers with a smile. Director Charlie Paul, who spent a staggering 12 years making a feature-length documentary about Steadman called For No Good Reason and still shows no sign of tiring of his company, flits about, taking photographs and fetching various new drawings to show me. Watch For No Good Reason and you might find yourself raising an eyebrow at the idea that Steadman is doing anything at all.

Москва-сан и Петербург-кун. Если бы российские города были людьми Художница Екатерина MagnieMakoyana стала известна в рунете благодаря серии артов, в которых превратила российские города в персонажей японского аниме. Человеческое обличье получили Москва, Санкт-Петербург, Пермь, Челябинск и родной город художницы — Екатеринбург. Свои работы Макояна публикует в твиттере . Девушка рассказала TJ, что не имеет художественного образования и работает преподавателем английского языка. Искусство для Екатерины — только хобби, частных заказов она не берет и деньги за свои арты не получает. Питер и Москву персонажами аниме рисуют довольно часто уже несколько лет подряд. Макояна говорит, что вдохновляется разными художниками, но не ставила перед собой цель кого-то копировать. Почти всё моё творчество состоит из моментов: «Вот! Среди работ Макояны есть и Земля-тян, которая в прошлом году стала популярным экологическим мемом. Если вы нашли ошибку, пожалуйста, выделите фрагмент текста и нажмите Ctrl+Enter.

Doodlers Anonymous: The permanent home for spontaneous doodle art. Sky Art Illustrations L’illustrateur français Thomas Lamadieu parcourt le monde pour photographier des vues verticales des espaces entre les bâtiments qu’il utilise comme toile pour des illustrations décalées et colorées. Les écarts entre les toits et les gouttières constituent la source d’inspiration pour les différents personnages qui habitent les taches irrégulières du ciel. I Leonardo | Ralph Steadman Art Collection Ralph Steadman's incredible study of Leonardo da Vinci, one of his personal heroes, is full of breath-taking images which turn the artists life into a visual voyage of discovery. Steadman's take on key moments of Leonardo's life are filled with the genius of his uncontrollable imagination. Humour and pathos, grit and passion fill the pictures. They burst off the page and express the joy of a mind inspired by everything but frustrated by being so far ahead of its time. Researched in Italy the images are filled with wonderful details of the cities and landscapes in which Leonardo worked. The images shown in this preview represent a cross section on this collection but there are many others available.

Jakub Rebelka – Concept Art World Jakub Rebelka is a freelance illustrator, comics creator and concept artist working in both digital and traditional mediums. He has created illustrations for animated cutscenes for games such as The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings and Shadow Warrior. Jakub is currently working with writer Yohan Radomski on a fantasy graphic novel titled City of Dogs. Link: All images used with permission by the artist. © Jakub Rebelka or their respective copyright holder. Learn How to Draw - Step by step lessons and videos