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Welcome to Yerkaland - Welcome to Yerkaland

Welcome to Yerkaland - Welcome to Yerkaland

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Sayaka Ouhito Japanese artist Sayaka Ouhito is an illustrator, and perhaps a concept artist. I’m unsure about the latter as I can’t read Japanese and, save for this relatively uninformative interview, there seems to be very little information available about her in English. Other than that, I know little about her, just my own impressions of the delightful drawing and Miyazaki-like charm that make her work so appealing.

New Things at Gallery Nucleus! July 28, 2011 Ok, so the new things that Gallery Nucleus released for San Diego Comic Con are now available online! they are: Zombie Fair T-Shirt! Muddy Colors: 10 Things...Painting Priorities Cover for Milo Talon by Louis L'Amour...using strong diagonals makes compositions strong Greg Manchess These aspects of painting may at first seem complicated. They become joyful the more you recognize, learn, and use them. Of course, painting is a combination of all of these things working at once and not often isolated.

Create a Moleskine PDA: The Student GTD Hack A couple weeks back I stumbled upon what seems like a small culture of people who have backed away from the “pure paperless ideology.” They are using small notebooks (Moleskines) to manage the tasks and projects in their lives. I’ve researched a bunch of various methods and learned a little about the “Getting Things Done (GTD)” method so that I could come up with a hack of my own and one that would work well for the life of a student doing research. I am not uber organized so this is not natural for me.

ART! The other night a few of us painted at an event called “Art After Dark” at the Honolulu Museum of Art. The best part was when this little girl fearlessly walked up on the stage and joined in on the action. Photo by Lucky, he painted the skull. More photos below (in reverse order). The Art Of Blade Runner : Original Matte Paintings and Sketches Discover a collection of original concept art, sketches and matte painting made for legendary movie, Blade Runner, followed by a special documentary about the making of the movie. The Art of Blade Runner

Moleskine Memo Pocket (Accordion File Folder) (3.5 x 5.5) Canadian Duties & Taxes are the customer's responsibility. We're glad to be able to ship your favorite Moleskine products to Canada! We're sure you know the drill, but we want to make sure you are aware that Canadian customs duties and taxes for shipments to Canada are your responsibility. Since we do not collect customs duties & taxes, you are responsible for paying for these upon delivery, if applicable. Welcome on the Zanis Waldheims Dedicated Web SIte Welcome on the dedicated web site of Zanis Waldheims, The Artist, Philosopher and Thinker <font face="'Trebuchet MS', Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" style="font-weight:bold;" class="size11 TrebuchetMS11"><a target="_self" href="/En_Life.html">Zanis Waldheims</a> | <a target="_self" href="/En_Gallery.html">Art Gallery</a> | <a target="_self" href="/Fr_Interpretation.html">Interpretation</a> | <a target="_self" href="/En_Noosphere.html">The Noosphere</a> | <a target="_self" href="/En_Spiral.html">The Spiral</a> | <a target="_self" href="/En_Sculpture.html">Sculpture</a> | <a target="_self" href="/En_Index.html">Back</a></font> The Life and Art of Zanis Waldheims | About Us | Legal | Contact Us | Copyright © 2012 Cogitec / All Rights Reserved

Interview with Benjamin Harff, upcoming Tolkien illustrator and creator of the Edel-Silmarillion It is always good to know some extra languages, especially when you are interested into Tolkien. The works by J.R.R. Tolkien have long been translated in many languages and are being read and loved all over the planet. Notes on Creating a Visual Interpretive Analysis A visual interpretive analysis is a tool that helps students begin to look closely and deeply at the way an illustration from a picture book creates meaning that enhances and extends story. The creation of one of these analyses on the www is a challenge both technically and in the creative response to and treatment of content. This page deals only with content; technical assistence will be provided elsewhere. The word "interpretive" is particularly important to keep in mind as you create your visual interpretive analysis.

Hipster PDA From 43FoldersWiki (Redirected from Hipster Mini) Hipster Stage 1 Street Art Current Issue On sale now at newsstands or on screen May 2014 - Issue #160 All year long, Juxtapoz is celebrating its 20th Anniversary by showcasing the pivotal figures in contemporary art over the past two decades. Alexis Beauclair VOLCAN (LAGON#2) ORDER HERE / COMMANDEZ ICI : Comics anthology Revue de bande-dessinée 17 X 24 cm / 216 pages / June 2015 / 400 copies 17 X 24 cm / 216 pages / Juin 2015 / 400 ex. Risoprinted 16 couloursSilkscreen cover 3 colours Imprimé en risographie 16 couleurs Couverture sérigraphiée 3 passages Here is the summary of Volcan : Volcan réuni 30 auteurs internationaux : JEAN-PHILIPPE BRETIN, CARLOS GONZALEZ, HUGO RUYANT, SAMMY STEIN, TOM LEBARON KHÉRIF, FLETCHER HANKS, STEFANIE LEINHOS, LÉO QUIEVREUX, ALEXIS BEAUCLAIR, AIDAN KOCH, ROXANE LUMERET, LASSE & RUSSE, NOEL FREIBERT, LOUIS GRANET, C.F., NACHO GARCÍA, AMANDINE MEYER, AMANDA BAEZA, LÉON MARET, LEON SADLER, JÉRÉMY PININGRE, OLIVIER SCHRAUWEN, JEREMY PERRODEAU, BAPTISTE VIROT, ANTOINE COSSÉ, ACACIO ORTAS, STATHIS TSEMBERLIDIS, JONNY NEGRON, BETTINA HENNI, YÛICHI YOKOYAMA.

Illustration Jobs: Who Pays Illustrators (And How Much) Putting a price on creative work has always been an act cloaked in secrecy. When it comes to setting prices for freelance illustration jobs, it can be overwhelming. There are very few real-world examples of rates for illustration work that illustrators can turn to when dealing with potential clients. Find out more about freelance rates in “Who Pays Photographers (And How Much) So we asked our community about their work.

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