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Jeremy Geddes

Jeremy Geddes
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art, sporadically | all things visually interesting Richard Estes Artist Bio Richard Estes (born May 14, 1932 in Kewanee, Illinois) is an American painter who is best known for his photorealistic paintings. The paintings generally consist of reflective, clean, and inanimate city and geometric landscapes. He is regarded as one of the founders of the international photo-realist movement of the late 1960s, with painters such as Ralph Goings, Chuck Close, and Duane Hanson. (wikipedia) Richard Estes at Marlborough Gallery Richard Estes on Artnet Bill Otomo Install Theme Banksy - Guerilla art wrapped in mystery and controversy [35 pics Banksy Truck Photo credit: Banksy Banksy, an anonymous England based graffiti artist, political activist, film director and painter, is probably the most popular, yet most mysterious, urban street artist in the world. He has become an internationally known as a subversive graffiti artist – yet manages to maintain a secret identity. However, many newspapers assert that his real name is Robert or Robin Banks. He is a counter-cultural prankster, but has art in major cosmopolitan galleries around the globe. He has dozens of celebrity collectors including Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie and Christina Aguilera. Hint: Use “J” and “K” keys (after the page finish loading) to navigate from picture to picture. Banksy art: Picnic At the guerilla artist Banksy’s L.A. show in 2006, Angelina Jolie spent nearly $400,000 on three pieces of his work. Banksy art: Laugh now but one day we’ll be in charge Banksy art: The bad artist imitate, the good artist steal Photo credit: Banksy Banksy street art: escaping

*afu插畫日誌* Painting | Beautiful/Decay Cult of the Creative Arts A recent exhibition in Minneapolis investigates the inherent desire to organize and structure our world, and the ensuing clutter and confusion when we become increasingly influenced by the sprawling technologies we’ve invented to helps us. Eddie Perrote, Leanna Perry and Bill Rebholz conceived Scategories as a display to highlight ordered chaos. ”We’ve enabled our minds to perceive more information, decrease our mental clutter and externalize our memories,” reads the press release, which explains why the exhibition feels a bit overrun, offering too much to process, even when the looking is enjoyable. Each of the artists has one foot firmly planted in the design world, which is perhaps the ideal middle ground to view the changing landscapes of art and design, and how technology is rapidly altering them. The group explains, “Through organizing the brain we present windows into the cerebral wold of structure, chaos, habitual patterns, and seemingly infinite layers of content.

The Art of Heinrich Kley Heinrich Kley was born April 15, 1863, in Karlsruhe, Germany, and studied art with Ferdinand Keller at the Karlsruhe Akademy and with C. Frithjob Smith in Munich. He started out as an illustrator and a painter of murals, focussing on portraits, still lifes, animals, and landscapes. By the turn of the century Kley’s interest changed to modern industrial life, including factories, blast furnaces, ship docks, industrial buildings, and machinery. One of his best-known oil paintings from this time period is "Tiegelstahlguss bei Krupp" (Crucible steel casting with Krupp). He also did architectural paintings of building exteriors in Old Munich, Nuremberg, Bruchsal, Dresden, the harbor of Kiel, Paris, Ostende, and the island of Helgoland in the North Sea. With his move to Munich he mostly gave up painting to concentrate on drawing with pen and ink. Conflicting sources have the date of Heinrich Kley's death as either 1945 or 1952.

Progress and Process in Liang Yuanwei Da Shan Zi, 798 Art District, 4 Jiuxianqiao Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China Liang Yuanwei is, by all accounts, one of the most gifted Chinese painters to have emerged in the past decade, a former member of the group N12 alongside peers like Qiu Xiaofei and Wang Guangle. For her, however, painting has always been more of a process, less about an ultimate image or even a visual effect and more about the production of affect that occurs within the rituals and struggles of daily studio practice. Her last solo exhibition, BLDG115RM1904 staged in a spacious gallery with natural lighting in 2008, was faithful to this notion of procedure but also managed to produce a set of stunningly gorgeous canvases, entitled “A Piece of Life” that depicted the floral and geometric patterns of pieces of cloth. One of Liang’s two concurrent solo exhibitions, Golden Notes, continues this exploration, but the artist seems to have retreated from a preoccupation with form. -- Robin Peckham

Diglee | Mon blog d'illustratrice Nicolas Delort - Illustration 森本晃司 - Koji Morimoto (HTML) 国内・海外のアニメーションカルチャーをトップクラスで牽引し進化し続ける “アニメーション監督/映像作家/ヴィジュアルクリエイター/アートディレクター" メインクリエーターとして創設に携わり長年活動していたSTUDIO4℃から基点を離れ、2011年、Φphyという少数精鋭のクリエィティブチームを主宰し、現在制作活動を展開している。 ビジュアルクリエイターとして世界各国のアートプロジェクトに参加、企業へのアートディレクションやCMやプロダクトデザイン、空間デザインなども行う。 アイデアの源は常に「時間を撮りたい。 オリジナルの浮遊感は森本ならではのSF的手法と表現であり 広がる地平線、壮大なランドスケープ、緻密な路地裏など 現実世界と異世界を丁寧に織り交ぜた宇宙観の演出などは特化しており、 その夢のような世界を実現させる能力は唯一無二である。 1959年12月26日和歌山県生まれ。 同年、アニメーションを中心とする映像制作集団『STUDIO4℃』創設メンバーとして活動を開始。 STUDIO4℃で最後に製作された、 フランス政府の禁煙広告キャンペーンによるインタラクティブWEB広告『Attraction/魅力』は、 今年2011年カンヌ国際広告祭でサイバー部門の最高賞である銀賞を受賞した。 Born on December 26, 1959 in Wakayama Prefecture As an anime director, filmmaker, visual creator, and art director, Koji Morimoto has continued to advance the evolution of anime culture both domestically in Japan and internationally. In 1989, Morimoto handled the roles of Environments Designer and Second Chief Animator on Katsuhiro Otomo’s Akira. "To overcome dimensional barriers, one must observe this world from different perspectives."

Harry Beckhoff | Le blog de Li-An Illustrateur US (1901-1979) dont la ligne claire doit beaucoup aux illustrateurs français André Edouard Marty (1882-1974) (Wikipedia), Charles Martin (1884-1934) (Wikipedia) et Pierre Brissaud (1885-1964) (Wikipedia) (vous remarquerez au passage que je ne donne que des liens vers Wikipedia US. Les Anglo-Saxons nous mettent la honte). clic tout ça images tirées du controversé site «Cartoonretro» Architecture Illustrations Posters Focus sur le travail d’André Chiote, un architecte et illustrateur vivant au Portugal. Ce dernier s’est inspiré de grandes références de l’architecture dans le monde telles que « Zaha Hadid » ou « Oscar Niemeyer », pour concevoir une série de posters très réussie. L’ensemble est à découvrir dans la suite de l’article.

Malika Favre: The Kama Sutra from A to Z Words from Malika Favre: "I am a French illustrator based in London. My approach to illustration is about paring things down as much as possible. I try and get to the essence of my subject by using as few lines and colours as it needs to convey the core of the idea." In this series of alphabet shaped Kama Sutra poses Malika has given us exactly what we need, nothing more and nothing less. Enjoy.