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The Book by 37signals

The Book by 37signals

A History of the World Build Online Store | Maximize Selling Products Online The World's 1 st Social eCommerce Network Shopster enables you to run a powerful online business. Within minutes you can be connected with the world’s largest dropship suppliers, list products on auction sites like eBay, customize your free online store, and start to make sales. Whether you’re a retailer or a dropshipper, Shopster can be the key to improving your online business. Connect with 85,000+ online retailers and dropship suppliers The Shopster Network is the largest of its kind, connecting retailers with product, suppliers and allowing for the most effective way to do business online. Find Dropship Products to Sell The Shopster Network supports over 1.5 million unique products which are ready to be sold and delivered. List your Products on the Shopster eCommerce Network If you have products for sale, list them on the Shopster Network and have other retailers sell them for you. Connect with a few or connect with them all - you choose who you build business relationships with.

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Can Flash be saved? UPDATE: for a good counterpoint to this blog, see my new post titled “Google +will+ save Flash.” Let’s go back a few years to when Firefox was just coming on the scene. Remember that? I remember that it didn’t work with a ton of websites. Things like banks, ecommerce sites, and others. Some people thought Firefox was going to fail because of these broken links. But just a few years later and have you seen a site that doesn’t work on Firefox? What happened? The same thing is happening now, based on my talks with developers: they are not including Flash in their future web plans any longer. This has Adobe freaked out. So, can Adobe save Flash? But Google can. The thing is, does Google want to? Google is widely seen as the only company right now that is challenging Apple at all (and even then, Google’s Android is clearly #2 in the race and doesn’t look like it will be able to challenge iPhone/iPad this year). Could Nokia help Adobe out? Could Microsoft help Adobe out? How about you?

New Hot Link Professional Short URL Cloaking Service The Future of Advertising Twenty creative directors, planners, media strategists, and account executives from agencies across the country are down on all fours on the floor of a 100-year-old tenement on Manhattan's Lower East Side. They are each staring down at a blank poster-size sheet of paper, contemplating their most abject fears about their careers, their livelihoods, and their future. They have reason to worry. They are, after all, in the business of advertising. This slight three-story brick building on the edge of Chinatown has been taken over by Hyper Island, a school based in Sweden renowned for producing the most coveted digital talent in the ad industry. Last summer, the Swedes at Hyper Island recognized that where there's panic, there's opportunity, and opened this New York branch. Most of the men and women here -- average age: 38 -- have worked at agencies for more than a decade. Step one of their therapy, of course, is admitting there is a problem. That was then. Nothing has come easy. St.

The Best of 2009 in Flash Web Design - Flash Web Design and Desi Posted by Paulo P. on 12/29/2009 in Web Design | ∞ The year of 2009 has seen some of the most amazing changes in science society and technology ever seen. Although we have fortunately escaped epic disaster, I can’t remember a year with so many shifts in the way the world works. Flash design may have started a long time ago in the digital timespan, but it has breached yet another plateau. To cap off the year I have rounded up some of the most interesting. amazing and inspired flash creations. Flash Sites Design and Launched in 2009 We Choose the Moon Celebrating the 40th Anniversary of the Apollo 11 Lunar Landing. Portfolio – Mauricio Guimaraes Rendez une visite à ce monde plein d’illustrations avec des beaux détails et personnages. Frito Lay Dips and Chips: Made For Each Other Welcome to the home of Frito Lay dips and chips, a magical place where everyone has a perfect match. Red Bull Soapbox Racer HBO Imagine

35 Tutorials and Guides for Working With Wacom Tablets Wacom tablets are preferred tools for many graphic designers because they can be much easier than working with a mouse for some types of design. Learning to work effectively with a tablet can be a little tricky, but fortunately there are a number of tutorials that can help. In this post we’ll feature a selection of tutorials that will help with learning how to design specific things, and some that will help you understand the Wacom tablet and to get the most out of it. Looking for hosting? WPEngine offers secure managed WordPress hosting. You’ll get expert WordPress support, automatic backups, and caching for fast page loads.

How I Went From Writing 2,000 Words a Day to 10,000 Words a Day When I started writing The Spirit War (Eli novel #4), I had a bit of a problem. I had a brand new baby and my life (like every new mother's life) was constantly on the verge of shambles. I paid for a sitter four times a week so I could get some writing time, and I guarded these hours like a mama bear guards her cubs - with ferocity and hiker-mauling violence. To keep my schedule and make my deadlines, I needed to write 4000 words during each of these carefully arranged sessions. I thought this would be simple. After all, before I quit my job to write full time I'd been writing 2k a day in the three hours before work. But (of course), things didn't work out like that. Needless to say, I felt like a failure. When I told people at ConCarolinas that I'd gone from writing 2k to 10k per day, I got a huge response. So, once and for all, here's the story of how I went from writing 500 words an hour to over 1500, and (hopefully) how you can too: Update! As soon as I realized this, I stopped.

Glowing Button Effect | Flash and ActionScript tutorials - flash In this quick tutorial I am going to show you how to create a nice glowing button effect using Flash and few lines of AS3 code in order to control the button. Let’s get started 1. Open a new Flash document and save it under “GlowingButton.fla”. Set the color to #000000 and the frame rate to 24 fps. 2. Choose #FFCC00 for color and draw a rectangle with size 120px wide by 30px high. Change the color of the selected half to #FDD535. 3. 4. For filter color choose #FFCC00. Select frame 21 and by right clicking select Paste Frames. 5. Click somewhere between frame 1 and frame 20 and create Motion Tween. 6. Our glowing button is ready! 7. That's all! Here is the final result:

Freeware / Shareware downloads, Online Applications and Registry Hacks - Veign Cfont Pro: Cfont Pro lets you view installed system fonts and a special mode where you select a directory, CD, or network drive and preview the fonts. Advanced property window lets you control all aspects of the displayed font. Slideshow feature will autmatically cycle through your fonts. Advanced character map, font magnifier, Preview exporter, plus so much more. [version:] Link200: Link200 will determine the validity of bookmarks or favorites in Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Netscape. Note-It: Enhanced desktop notes that; persist windows sessions, give you control of the look and feel, allow you to save and open notes, provides special notes that provide updated information, drag text to and from any application, and even email the notes or just a selection of the note. Outlook Attachment Enabler: Control what attachments Outlook has deemed to be unsafe and be free to open any attachment you like. Pixeur: Never be curious about any color you see on your screen. Seeker: XSite:

5 Psychological Studies on Pricing That You Absolutely MUST Read As marketers and business owners, you will most likely come to deal with the process of pricing your products or services. The thing is, many folks struggle with this process because although they understand their customer’s needs, they aren’t experienced with what to charge people for their work. Below I’ve analyzed a few recent research studies that dive into pricing of products and services in the hope that you might better understand how to price your own goods. 1. Comparative Pricing: Not Always Optimal One of the first techniques that many marketers attempt in forming a new pricing strategy is to directly compare their price with that of a competitor. “Hey, my software is 30% less than this popular option, why not buy mine?” The problem is, comparative pricing isn’t always as reliable as marketers think it is, and can effect costumer’s perceptions of the product in a few different ways. Consider this scenario: Buying Aspirin… What do you do? The first involved selling CDs on eBay. 2. 3.