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Bakermat - Vandaag (Original Mix)

Bakermat - Vandaag (Original Mix)

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Strangers This EFL lesson is designed around a beautiful short film called Strangers directed by Erez Tadmor and Guy Nattiv, and the theme of racism. Students predict a story, watch a short film, speak about racism and write a narrative. I would ask all teachers who use Film English to consider buying my book Film in Action as the royalties which I receive from sales help to keep the website completely free. A Lesson About Cesar Chavez and Civil Rights As we wish to acquaint our students with leaders in democracy, social justice, civil rights, or nonviolence, Cesar Chavez is a person worth focusing on. The following is a lesson sequence that can be used in middle or high school, modeled after a similar lesson I posted on Maya Angelou. It may take a few classes to complete. The Legacy of Cesar Chavez We are going to learn about a man of great courage who believed that the most powerful weapon in the world was non-violence and peace. His name was Cesar Chavez.

Where I'm From, a poem by George Ella Lyon, writer and teacher “Where I'm From” grew out of my response to a poem from Stories I Ain't Told Nobody Yet (Orchard Books, 1989; Theater Communications Group, 1991) by my friend, Tennessee writer Jo Carson. All of the People Pieces, as Jo calls them, are based on things folks actually said, and number 22 begins, “I want to know when you get to be from a place. ” Jo's speaker, one of those people “that doesn't have roots like trees, ” tells us “I am from Interstate 40” and “I am from the work my father did. ” In the summer of 1993, I decided to see what would happen if I made my own where-I'm-from lists, which I did, in a black and white speckled composition book.

Breaking News English ESL Lesson Plan on Racism An 80-year-old man has been found guilty in the killing of three men 41 years ago. A jury in Mississippi decided Edgar Ray Killen organized the murder of three civil rights workers in June 1964. He escaped murder charges but may spend up to twenty years in prison for manslaughter. Killen was first arrested 41 years ago but was released because of too little evidence. Police found new information recently and the trial reopened.

Siegfried Sassoon's war diaries published online 31 July 2014Last updated at 21:02 ET Sketch illustrating Sassoon’s account of his solo attack on a German trench The diaries of war poet Siegfried Sassoon are being published online for the first time. The archive of 23 journals and two notebooks of poetry has been digitised by the Cambridge University Library, which bought the collection in 2009. Until now only Sassoon's official biographer - Max Egremont - has had access to the complete 4,100-page archive due to its fragile state. Librarian Anne Jarvis said the war diaries were of "towering importance".

What can we learn from Nelson Mandela to make a difference? - Official WizIQ Teach Blog 539 Flares Twitter 1 Facebook 532 Google+ 3 LinkedIn 3 inShare3 539 Flares × We teach language to help people communicate. Why do people want to communicate? ​ ​To express the human story through myth, inspiration and powerful transformation. ​ ​ International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination Water sports by Mike Rayner We'll all be planning that route We're gonna take real soon We're waxing down our surfboards We can't wait for June We'll all be gone for the summer We're on surfari to stay Tell the teacher we're surfin' Surfin' U. S. A. Data Visualization: Modern Approaches Data presentation can be beautiful, elegant and descriptive. There is a variety of conventional ways to visualize data – tables, histograms, pie charts and bar graphs are being used every day, in every project and on every possible occasion. However, to convey a message to your readers effectively, sometimes you need more than just a simple pie chart of your results. In fact, there are much better, profound, creative and absolutely fascinating ways to visualize data. Many of them might become ubiquitous in the next few years. So what can we expect?

CIVIL WAR - Giving Voice to the Invisible Partipants: Introduction by Margarert Garcia, Hosler Middle School Modified by Cherie Lange, CV Middle School Students will research the "other" groups involved in the Civil War. These people were rarely mentioned or recognized in text books due to their lack of political, social or economic power in this turbulent time in U.S. history Introduction War Stories On the morning of September 11, 2001, I was on a commuter ferry to New York City when the first plane struck the North Tower of the World Trade Center. The sky was cloudless, giving us a clear view of Lower Manhattan even though we were still 40 minutes away. We watched from the ferry as a second plane struck the South Tower. Soon it dawned on me that my brother Michael was in one of the two skyscrapers now engulfed in flames. He had started a job at an equities firm with his best friend a week earlier.

How to Become President of the U.S. Poster Download or order a poster. (Please get your parent's permission) Lesson PlanVideos: The Requirements, Primaries and Caucuses, Conventions to Election, How Votes Are Counted, How to Become President U.S. Constitution's Requirements for a Presidential Candidate At least 35 years oldA natural born citizen of the United StatesA resident of the United States for 14 years Discrimination and Racism: Process This webquest will serve as your final for this semester. This unit will take the remaining two weeks to research your civil rights leaders, create a story board, write a script for the round table discussion, perform the round table discussion, record your performance, and evaluate your production. Be aware that your productions will be shared with other American Literature classes on campus during Finals Week. DO NOT PROCRASTINATE! Make sure to use the planning guide given in class. You will be assigned into groups.

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