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The Mandela Effect - The Men In Black - Glitch In The Matrix And The Hat Man. I have to make a new list : MandelaEffect. 14 Things You Didn't Know About 'The Scream' You’ve seen it on everything from socks to The Simpsons to cocktail napkins, but how much do you really know about Edvard Munch's The Scream?

14 Things You Didn't Know About 'The Scream'

1. The Scream isn't one piece, but four. Munch created a quartet of executions of the familiar scene. In 1893, the Norwegian artist made a painted version as well as a crayon piece. Two years later, he created another pastel version. 2. Once his Scream caught on in the European art scene, Munch made a lithograph of the concept so that he could sell black-and-white prints at will. 3. Munch's intended name for these variants was The Scream of Nature. 4. Richard Kiel ,tv commercial for Sampo Mini Visa Card. In pictures: Richard Kiel. Actor Richard Kiel has died at the age of 74.

In pictures: Richard Kiel

The man of giantesque stature was best known for his iconic role of Jaws in the Bond movies. Image copyright AP Despite his remarkable height, colleagues dubbed Kiel "a gentle giant". The actor had four children with his second wife, Diane, pictured here at the Cannes Film Festival in 1978 with son Richard and baby daughter Jennifer. Image copyright Rex Features. We’ve been spelling the Verrazano Bridge wrong the whole time. It’s an error that has loomed over New York Harbor for more than 50 years: The name of the majestic Verrazano-Narrows Bridge is spelled wrong.

We’ve been spelling the Verrazano Bridge wrong the whole time

Despite a new petition drive to make it right — the bridge is named for 16th-century Italian explorer Giovanni da Verrazzano (two Z’s) — the state authority that controls the span has stubbornly held to the one Z position it’s taken for years: We know it’s wrong, but we’re not changing it. Metropolitan Transportation Authority officials say it would simply be too expensive to change all the signs, brochures, maps and websites. Is the Universe a Computer? New Evidence Emerges. I haven’t posted in a while, but this is blog-worthy material.

Is the Universe a Computer? New Evidence Emerges.

I’ve recently become familiar with the thinking of University of Maryland physicist, James Gates Jr. Dr. Gates is working on a branch of physics called supersymmetry. In the process of his work he’s discovered the presence of what appear to resemble a form of computer code, called error correcting codes, embedded within, or resulting from, the equations of supersymmetry that describe fundamental particles. You can read a non-technical description of what Dr.

Liquifying now "Liquefying" : MandelaEffect. Singularity. Yesterday there was slavery in the United States. Today there isn't. : MandelaEffect. Screenshot by Lightshot. Informal Survey Regarding The Mandela Effect : MandelaEffect. Deviations from Standard. I apologize for the longer than normal gap between posts, but life has been incredibly busy lately.

Deviations from Standard

My wife and I are looking to purchase our first home (yay!) But the hunt is intimidating and arduous. I’ll do my best to keep posting new content as often as possible during this frenzied time, but please forgive any short lapses! Anyway, this week I am going to cover a couple related topics that fascinate me to no end. Berenstein Bear Land or Snoopy Land - CoasterBuzz. Coastergasm Wednesday, January 3, 2001 9:52 AM I think Cedar point should bring back Berenstein Bear land and take out that crappy Snoopy Land,Everyone Loves Berenstein Bears, They could have marketed a whole new series to the next generation of kids.

Berenstein Bear Land or Snoopy Land - CoasterBuzz

Bring Back Berenstien Bear Land Yo! Is the Universe a Simulation? Scientists Debate. NEW YORK — Is the universe just an enormous, fantastically complex simulation?

Is the Universe a Simulation? Scientists Debate

If so, how could we find out, and what would that knowledge mean for humanity? These were the big questions that a group of scientists, as well as one philosopher, tackled on April 5 during the 17th annual Isaac Asimov Debate here at the American Museum of Natural History. The event honors Asimov, the visionary science-fiction writer, by inviting experts in diverse fields to discuss pressing questions on the scientific frontiers. Humanity might never be able to prove with certainty whether the universe is simulated, Chalmers said. "There's certainly not going to be conclusive experimental proof that we're not in a simulation," he said near the start of the debate. Glitchy hospital...Me? : Glitch_in_the_Matrix. [THEORY] If we live in a simulated reality, maybe sleeping is uploading : Glitch_in_the_Matrix.

ON LANGUAGE - STINE OR STEEN? White House spokesman Larry Speakes had a bad day last month.


He had been ordered to slap down the chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers, Martin Feldstein, who had been differing a little publicly with the Reagan party line on budget deficits. (As the antideficit wags say, Ronald Reagan is destined to be the only President with his picture on a postage- due stamp.) But instead of merely castigating Professor Feldstein for wandering off the reservation, Mr. Speakes appeared to make fun of the pronunciation of his name. Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet. The Mind-Bending Thought Experiment Reveals How We Can Manipulate Time.

Space-time is a very weird thing.

The Mind-Bending Thought Experiment Reveals How We Can Manipulate Time

The idea that time – something so seemingly constant – can be bent and manipulated is a lot to get our mere mortal minds around. That’s especially true when it’s muddled with all sorts of physics jargon. This video from Business Insider simply demonstrates one of the most famous and mind-bending thought experiments that has come out of Einstein’s theory of relativity: The twin experiment. But don’t let a reference to the word “theory” put you off. Numerous experiments have verified that time dilation, the effect described in the video, is a very real thing. Main image credit: Nick Webb/Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

Duplicated knife (with pictures) : Glitch_in_the_Matrix. Sudden realization about the universe's nature before falling asleep : Glitch_in_the_Matrix. [META]Universal ME Classification System? : MandelaEffect. [theory] The Holographic Simulated Universe Theory explains all Mandela Effect characteristics : MandelaEffect. Does anyone else personally remember any last names ending in "stain" before noticing Berenstain? : MandelaEffect. Anheiser Busch Budweiser Tour - Saint-Louis (Missouri) - Brasserie, Repère. [THEORY] All glitches are 4th dimensional glitches. : Glitch_in_the_Matrix. New appeal over 'dinosaur' (From The Bolton News) A DINOSAUR which used to inhabit Bolton Museum and Art Gallery has become 'extinct' for a second time.

New appeal over 'dinosaur' (From The Bolton News)

Visitors to the museum in the town centre in the 1960s report being impressed by a giant, full scale model of a dinosaur. But museum staff are mystified - they can't find any record of a replica dinosaur and now say it never existed. Once In a Lifetime by the Talking Heads is about the Mandela Effect : MandelaEffect. Grasping for Objectivity. False Memories: When Your Brain Makes Stuff Up. Correction appended 11/20/13, 10:18 AM It’s easy enough to explain why we remember things: multiple regions of the brain — particularly the hippocampus — are devoted to the job. It’s easy to understand why we forget stuff too: there’s only so much any busy brain can handle. What’s trickier is what happens in between: when we clearly remember things that simply never happened. The phenomenon of false memories is common to everybody — the party you’re certain you attended in high school, say, when you were actually home with the flu, but so many people have told you about it over the years that it’s made its way into your own memory cache.

False memories can sometimes be a mere curiosity, but other times they have real implications. What’s long been a puzzle to memory scientists is whether some people may be more susceptible to false memories than others — and, by extension, whether some people with exceptionally good memories may be immune to them. (MORE: This is Your Brain on Fairness) I think I died two days ago. : Glitch_in_the_Matrix. Sudden realization about the universe's nature before falling asleep : Glitch_in_the_Matrix. 500 Mandela Effects List (Video Link) : MandelaEffect.