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Is The Laptop Dead? Yup Intel has been pushing a reference design on Eastern manufacturers for months now, and the pressure is finally paying off. Maker after maker has revealed its own take on what's dubbed the Ultrabook. Consumers may be pleased by the focus on high design, Intel will be pleased it has a new vehicle for its processors, and manufacturers will be pleased they have a seemingly new toy to promote and sell for profit. The Wall Street Journal has even written a piece on them: "For PCs, Hope in a Slim Profile," and they're predicted to be everywhere at CES 2012. Meet Jivr, the chainless e-bike that wants to revolutionize city cycling Commuters the world over face the perennial problem of how to optimize their journey to work: What time should I leave? Is the connection running on time? Will bad weather mean the train’s too full? Am I better off just taking the car? One solution for many workers is to travel by bike — it’s easier to create a consistent travel time for starters, with traffic, weather, and other unforseen delays having minimal impact for nimble two-wheeled travelers. It’s estimated that at least 200,000 people cycle through New York alone each and every day, a figure similar to London, which is testament to the practicalities of bikes when traversing large conurbations.

Fake it Till You Make it: 10 Ways to Feel Confident (Even When You Aren’t) “Original Fake” Photo Credit: courtesy of MashKulture Is your self-confidence natural, or a daily struggle? Many people’s confidence naturally wavers from day to day, leaving them too timid or confused at just the wrong time. Whether you are naturally confident or could use some better eye contact with your life, setting in place a few simple strategies goes a long way to stoke your inner confidence. If you think you’re not especially smart or capable, or that failure is a given no matter how hard you try, you’re right. And if you believe you’re brilliant and can accomplish anything you set your mind to, you’re right.

NYC's latest tech push: A new site designed to empower Silicon Alley Not to be outdone by the West Coast, today the New York Economic Development Council is unveiling a new website, Digital.NYC, to help connect Silicon Alley. This new website is an extension of the NYCEDC’s “We Are Made in NY” campaign, which aims to connect the broader film and digital media industry around New York through a giant map of companies, job openings, and co-working spaces. This new initiative more broadly targets New York City’s burgeoning tech sector. The site includes a searchable database of companies and investors, jobs, classes, events, and other media aggregated through a series of partnerships.

5 Steps For Starting and Funding a Social Good Enterprise The Commerce With a Conscience Series is supported by FedEx. FedEx does more than shipping. They offer solutions like transporting heart valves to those in need and helping entrepreneurs bring their ideas to life. TI's Chips Will Make 2012's Tablets Real-Time 3-D Supercomputers Texas Instruments has just outed a chip well ahead of its 2012 availability date, but it's such a hot ticket item it's worth knowing about--because it may enable your tablet PCs of next year to surpass your laptops of this year, with whizbang features like real-time 3-D video. The OMAP 5 chip packs two ARM Cortex A15 cores inside (a tech we've covered before) running at up to 2GHz. So right from the start it'll outperform the single-core 1GHz chips inside the current crop of tablet PCs--including the Cortex A8-based iPad--as well being twice as fast as upcoming A9-based tablets, which may include the iPad 2.

Lunar, Martian and Planetary Architecture - Cal-Earth Building Designs MAGMA, CERAMIC, AND FUSED ADOBE STRUCTURES GENERATED IN SITUWritten By: E. Nader Khalili The accumulated human knowledge of "universal elements" can be integrated with space-age technology to serve human needs on Earth; its timeless materials and timeless principles can also help achieve humanity’s quest beyond this planet. Two such areas of knowledge are in earth architecture and in ceramics, which could be the basis for a breakthrough — in scales, forms, and functions — in low gravity fields and anhydrous-vacuum conditions. With the added missing link of the element of fire (heat), traditional earthen forms can be generated on other celestial bodies, such as the Moon and Mars, in the form of magma structure, ceramic structure, and fused adobe structure. Ceramic modules can also be generated in situ in space by utilizing lunar or meteoritic resources.

Thinking like a genius: overview Thinking and recall series Problem solving: creative solutions "Even if you're not a genius, you can use the same strategies as Aristotle and Einstein to harness the power of your creative mind and better manage your future." The following strategies encourage you to think productively, rather than reproductively, in order to arrive at solutions to problems.

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