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The Ascent of Money: A Financial History of The World by Niall Ferguson Epsd. 1-5 (Full Documentary)

A shot at history Right aim … Captain Cook's pistol and a replica of his ship, HM Bark Endeavour. Photo: Wolter Peeters The pistol used by Ned Kelly's younger brother Dan, who died during the Glenrowan siege, was sold for $122,000 in November last year. While the jury is still out on Ned's status as hero or villain, anything connected with him and the bushranger period is valued highly by collectors. The same is likely to happen with Captain Cook's pistol, to be sold by Leski on Thursday. Judging by the interest already shown, Leski expects that 2012 record to be broken on Thursday evening. Advertisement The gun is described as an early 18th-century Continental Flintlock holster pistol, 50 centimetres long, with the lock signed Corbeau-A-Maastricht, but it is the Captain Cook connection that gives it its value. When and where the weapon was used is not recorded, but it is known that it was passed on to Cook's elder sister Margaret, thence to her direct descendants, starting with her son James Fleck.

Watch Free Documentaries Online | Documentary Heaven Supermarkets Inc: Inside a $500 Billion Money Machine The typical modern American supermarket stocks 48,000 items, each battling for precious shelf space. How do they get there? Why are they arranged the way they are? CNBC’s Tyler Mathisen goes behind the scenes for a fascinating look at today’s supermarket industry. Captain Cook's Pistol Locked and Loaded Captain Cook's pistol, which has been sold. A rare piece of Australian history has gone under the hammer, netting a small but tidy profit for its seller. A pistol belonging to Captain James Cook, handed down through the family for many generations, was sold at auction in Melbourne on Thursday, for almost $220,000. Formula 1 chairman Ron Walker put the 50 centimetre weapon, made in the early 18th century, up for sale after buying it in 2003 at a Cook family auction in Scotland. A spokeswoman for auctioneers Leski Auctions said that the pistol sold for well above its reserve price of $75,000, to a private Victorian buyer. Advertisement Including buyer's commission, the pistol sold for $219,600. How the weapon was used is not known, but Captain Cook bequeathed it to his elder sister Margaret. Mr Walker told Fairfax Media this week that he hoped the buyer would be a museum or a collector.

Leo Burnett and Contagious: Wildfire / Full of Tomorrow - Scenario 2 Education Resources and Publications Wars, Conflicts and Peace Operations Schooling, Service and the Great War DVA Education Resource. This educational resource investigates the diverse experiences of Australian school communities during the Great War. Each investigation has ‘tuning in’ and ‘going further’ learning activities.Additional sources on the CD-ROM are also provided below. Introduction and Australian Curriculum links Introductory Investigation: What types of schools existed in Australia during the Great War, and what were the methods of learning and teaching at that time? CD-ROM Contents Australian Light Horse – Palestine 1916-1918 DVA Education Resource. The Australian Light Horse – Palestine 1916-1918 activities booklet features a selection of inquiry-based activities to encourage student exploration of the commemorative publication Australians in World War I: Australian Light Horse – Palestine 1916-1918. North Africa and Syria DVA Education Resource. Devotion DVA Education Resource. Indigenous Service Bomber Command