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The Ascent of Money: A Financial History of The World by Niall Ferguson Epsd. 1-5 (Full Documentary)

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JPMorgan to Block Shareholder Vote on Bank Break-Up A federation of U.S. labor unions is looking to force JPMorgan Chase's board to consider breaking up the company after the disastrous "London Whale" affair, but the bank is trying to ensure that its shareholders do not get to vote on the union's proposal. The largest U.S. bank is seeking permission from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission to omit the proposal from the measures that shareholders vote on this spring,according to a letter sent to the agency on January 14. The proposal, from the AFL-CIO's Reserve Fund, a union fund that owns JPMorgan shares, calls on bank directors to form a committee that would explore "extraordinary transactions that could enhance stockholder value," including breaking off one or more of the company's businesses. The panel should hire third-party advisers and make a report to shareholders 120 days after this spring's annual shareholder meeting, according to the proposal. Spokespersons for JPMorgan and the SEC declined to comment on the proposal.

The Global Economy Is A Giant Ponzi Scheme Essential for any healthy economy is the people to power it. And Europe, North America, Oceania — they’re all losing fuel. What will this mean for superpowers, national borders, and for xenophobia? Across once-tolerant Europe, political parties of the right are rising on a tide of bigotry. Geert Wilders of the Netherlands is the best-known example, but from Greece to Norway, from Austria to the UK, voters are flocking to far-right parties of prejudice. In America the political/racial divide has widened over the past decade or so. It’s happening in other places, too. Even in Australia, often cited as the most successful multicultural society in the world, issues of race, ethnicity and religion are increasingly prominent in political discourse. The question is, why? In a word, the answer is demographics. As we wrote in part one of this feature, half the world, including almost all the developed world, now is reproducing at below replacement level. But what happens if that all stops?

A shot at history Right aim … Captain Cook's pistol and a replica of his ship, HM Bark Endeavour. Photo: Wolter Peeters The pistol used by Ned Kelly's younger brother Dan, who died during the Glenrowan siege, was sold for $122,000 in November last year. While the jury is still out on Ned's status as hero or villain, anything connected with him and the bushranger period is valued highly by collectors. The same is likely to happen with Captain Cook's pistol, to be sold by Leski on Thursday. Judging by the interest already shown, Leski expects that 2012 record to be broken on Thursday evening. Advertisement The gun is described as an early 18th-century Continental Flintlock holster pistol, 50 centimetres long, with the lock signed Corbeau-A-Maastricht, but it is the Captain Cook connection that gives it its value. When and where the weapon was used is not recorded, but it is known that it was passed on to Cook's elder sister Margaret, thence to her direct descendants, starting with her son James Fleck.

Watch Free Documentaries Online | Documentary Heaven Breaking Up Banks Is Easy When They Aren’t Failing If we decide to break up the big banks, can we actually do it? The first and most obvious proof that we can lies in the 2010 bank-regulation law, the Dodd-Frank Act, which requires America’s too-big-to-fail banks to submit plans -- so-called living wills -- outlining how they can be dismantled if they get into trouble. So these banks have already provided breakup blueprints. All that is required is to remove the conditionality and change the timing: Break them up now, not when and if. And what could be easier than doing so according to their own instructions, and so, once and for all, eliminate the systemic risk posed by the biggest and riskiest banks? Second, it has been done before. Nevertheless, there is a vague notion hanging over the public debate that suggests the U.S.’s big banks are too complex to pull apart. Stand Alone First, a general rule of thumb: These big banks house many businesses that can stand alone. Now, what constitutes the rest of these megabanks’ assets? Well, how?

An interview with Jorgen Randers: ’2052′ – “It’s the story of humanity not rising to the occasion” But I decided that for my own sake it would be interesting at least to know what will happen in sufficient detail for me to believe in it so that I could then decide whether I need to continue worrying for the future, and that was the very clear ambition 18 months ago, and now the book exists and it gives me in many ways great peace of mind because I believe in the forecast I have given there and in many ways it makes life much simpler I think, for a person who has been worrying about unsustainability for such a long time. For people who haven’t read the book yet, can you tell us about 2052? What’s it going to be like? It’s a book that describes, as detailed as I can, what will happen from now until 2052, so it’s a story about world developments over the next 40 years. At a very aggregate level what the forecast says is that humanity will try very hard to achieve economic growth, income growth over the next 40 years. I think you already see the simplest examples of those evolving.

Captain Cook's Pistol Locked and Loaded Captain Cook's pistol, which has been sold. A rare piece of Australian history has gone under the hammer, netting a small but tidy profit for its seller. A pistol belonging to Captain James Cook, handed down through the family for many generations, was sold at auction in Melbourne on Thursday, for almost $220,000. Formula 1 chairman Ron Walker put the 50 centimetre weapon, made in the early 18th century, up for sale after buying it in 2003 at a Cook family auction in Scotland. A spokeswoman for auctioneers Leski Auctions said that the pistol sold for well above its reserve price of $75,000, to a private Victorian buyer. Advertisement Including buyer's commission, the pistol sold for $219,600. How the weapon was used is not known, but Captain Cook bequeathed it to his elder sister Margaret. Mr Walker told Fairfax Media this week that he hoped the buyer would be a museum or a collector.

Iceland Was Right, We Were Wrong: The IMF VANCOUVER (Silver Gold Bull) -- For approximately three years, our governments, the banking cabal, and the Corporate Media have assured us that they knew the appropriate approach for fixing the economies that they had previously crippled with their own mismanagement. We were told that the key was to stomp on the Little People with "austerity" in order to continue making full interest payments to the Bond Parasites -- at any/all costs. Following three years of this continuous, uninterrupted failure, Greece has already defaulted on 75% of its debts, and its economy is totally destroyed. The UK, Spain and Italy are all plummeting downward in suicide-spirals, where the more austerity these sadistic governments inflict upon their own people the worse their debt/deficit problems get. Ireland and Portugal are nearly in the same position. What was Iceland's approach?

THE COUNT-UP TO 2052: AN OVERARCHING FRAMEWORK FOR ACTION. After the publication of the Korean, Chinese and Japanese language editions of “2052 – A Global Forecast for the Next Forty Years”, the author, Club of Rome Member Jorgen Randers, gave talks in China, Korea and Japan in June 2013. There was an overwhelming media response in Asia. Inter alia, Jorgen Randers appeared on the Japanese Television program “Prime News 21″ (Fuji Television) on June 12th, 2013. To view the videos of the launch of the Report to the Club of Rome “2052-A Global Forecast for the Next Forty Years” in Rotterdam of May 7th 2012, please click here. The Italian edition of the “2052″ Report to the Club of Rome, written by Jorgen Randers, “2052. You can find more information on the Italian edition, which was published with Edizioni Ambiente, and a possibility to order here. Click here for a summary of the extensive media coverage of the launch event in Rome (in Italian). You can find more information on the Japanese version and a possibility to order here. Bankrupting Nature

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