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A Beginner’s Guide to Facebook Insights. A Guide to Advanced Facebook Insights: Analytics and Actions. Sara Summers on April 7, 2014 - 1:09 pm in Social Media This is the third of a four article series on Facebook Insights.

A Guide to Advanced Facebook Insights: Analytics and Actions

The first article, “An Introductory Guide to Facebook Insights for Small Business” covered the ins and outs of what Facebook Insights is, what questions can be answered by each report, and the beginning stages of how to manipulate the data. The second article on Facebook Insights, “Using Facebook Insights: Even Sherlock Holmes Would Be Impressed” discussed how to convert the data and graphs on the People and Posts Tabs into actionable steps to improve your Facebook Business Page. In this article we’ll cover more advanced analytic extrapolation of how to turn the data from the Likes, Reach, and Visits Tabs (arguably the most important Tabs) into valuable actions for your small business. Your Like Tab helps you understand growth trends and where that growth is coming from.

On the Like Tab you can unlock answers to the below questions: Facebook Insights: A Detailed Guide to Facebook Analytics. Do you want to be able to analyze your Facebook Page and understand what is working / not working?

Facebook Insights: A Detailed Guide to Facebook Analytics

Facebook Reach Metrics: The Ultimate Guide. I wrote a piece about how Marketers should “>calculate their real organic Fan Reach last December but it has become outdated because of multiple changes Facebook has made to Facebook Insights.

Facebook Reach Metrics: The Ultimate Guide

Worse, the definitions of those key metrics lying in their Excel spreadsheet have not caught up with the updates, leaving many, including myself, confused. This spurred a collaboration between Emeric and I to clarify some of these terms not only for ourselves, but for all the marketers and Page managers who might not have the time or ability to dig in and understand these metrics.

In this article, we will cover all the Reach metrics found in your Post-level Insights’ exported data: Facebook analytics tools: 7 Alternatives to Facebook Insights. Are you monitoring your Facebook page activity regularly to assess and improve performance?

Facebook analytics tools: 7 Alternatives to Facebook Insights

Facebook Insights provides some good analytics, but there are also some very useful 3rd party Facebook analytics tools that go beyond Facebook Insights. The amount of people you reach through your Facebook page is continuously decreasing so you need to consider every option to make sure that you reach more people than your competitors. There are also some tools that provide analytics as part of a management platform which overall has better functionality than using Facebook directly.

This article summarizes some great tools worth checking out. Exclusive Free Bonus: Download details of 5 free tools you can use for Facebook Analytics plus an extra bonus of 2 great tips for improving results of your Facebook page. 1. Infographic - Facebook Insights Terminology. Video - How To Craft the Ideal Content Strategy For Your Page. Video - Facebook Metrics: Measuring Your Content's Performance.

More than Reach: How to Check These Important Metrics. Okay, you’ve heard it by now.

More than Reach: How to Check These Important Metrics

Organic Reach is dropping for three of four brands on Facebook. Dozens of bloggers are latching on to the frenzy and confusion with link bait articles about why you should jump ship ASAP. Maybe Facebook is no longer right for you. But if you abandon your efforts there, do so because of substantive evidence associated with your own results — not because a blogger’s panicked headline moved the needle. The purpose of today’s post is to help you evaluate whether your metrics that matter have taken a hit. Ready? First, a Note on Timing This dust-up came at a very inopportune time since many brands (barring a few exceptions due to niche) are about to see a drop in Facebook and website numbers. The past two years, my website traffic always drops in the second half of December.

So first, let’s not pay much attention to anything from December 20 and on. Second, keep in mind that you should never pay too much attention to your stats in real time. Facebook for Business - Page Insights. Learn More About the People That Matter to Your Organization. Facebook Marketing Success Kit 2015: Trends And Insights. Facebook has always been on the top in gaining the user’s interest.

Facebook Marketing Success Kit 2015: Trends And Insights

It is one of the favorite platforms for brands to promote themselves. Facebook is not only the marketing channel for businesses, but also an effective communication medium between the company and its customers and fans. Advocate Marketing Platform, Crowdly has produced an infographic on “Marketing On Facebook – Style 2015” in which it has covered the timelines of month-on-month changes in 2014, details on the social network’s decision to eliminate like-gating feature, the advantages of incorporating Facebook Login and an overview of custom audiences, lookalike audiences and retargeting.Here is the guide to understand the Facebook changes for brands in 2014 and how to build a roadmap for success in 2015.

Non-Profits on Facebook - Resources. Non-Profits on Facebook - Journal. Tool - Visualize Facebook Insights. PDF - How Nonprofits Can Use Facebook to Grow. PDF - Facebook Page Insights Guide. PDF - 12 Crazy Engagement Tips. Extras - Experiment: What Percentage of Facebook Fans REALLY Saw Your Post? First of all, let me be clear about something: I really don’t care much about Facebook Reach.

Extras - Experiment: What Percentage of Facebook Fans REALLY Saw Your Post?

Our obsession with it is all wrong. I care about actions. And a high Reach doesn’t necessarily mean high engagement, link clicks, registrations or sales. Just as getting those actions doesn’t necessarily mean high Reach. Additionally, when it comes to Reach I care more about how many people are being reached in a given day, week or month — the single post isn’t that important.

But since people care so much about the Reach metric, I want to be sure you are at least measuring it properly. The Problem With How You’re Measuring Reach Percentage First of all, the typical marketer incorrectly assumes that Organic Reach or even Total Reach is the equivalent of Fan Reach. Total Reach is the total number of people you reached — fans and non-fans, paid and unpaid. Organic Reach is the total number of people you reached without advertising — fans and non-fans. The Solution 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. My Results Conclusions. Extras- Priority List: 13 Audiences to Target Using Facebook Ads. Extras- People Insights. Brands can help Asian Americans connect to their heritage by providing relevant content on Facebook that can’t be found elsewhere.

Extras- People Insights

Learn how brands can reach these active multiscreeners by creating an integrated brand experience that extends across devices. Learn how brands can get thumbs to stop and people to watch on the screen that is with them everywhere, all the time. Gamers are people first. Understanding the lifestyles and interests of gamers can help marketers make creative relevant to their worlds. Globally, 70% of teens and young adults say they want to be connected everywhere. Mobile is a destination to reach US Hispanics. Around the world, online is now a favorite place to hang out, second only to friends' homes. Being newly married is a time when most couples are focused on saving for their futures. In a fast-paced and hyperconnected world, the mobile phone has become a lifeline and the place for brands to reach young people.