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The-art-of-letting-go-that-everyone-should-master?ref=mail&mtype=daily_newsletter&mid=20160510_customized&uid=555912&email=gamal.eldin@hotmail. When negotiating life’s twists and turns, it’s easy to get bogged down by our past experiences and things that have gone wrong in our lives.


Fear and worry can be the main drivers of our existence and, without us realizing it, they can slowly destroy our happiness and our health. Learning the art of letting go is the answer to living a fulfilling and productive life. This doesn’t mean not acknowledging the trials and tribulations of our own reality. Quite the contrary. It means reflecting on them in a way that helps us to digest what has happened, extract the life lessons, and then put them behind us. Risk is your friend When you’ve been burned before, whether in a relationship, a friendship, or a job, it’s easy to shun similar situations to avoid getting hurt again. Learning from failure Failing means you have tried.

Living in the moment Obsessing about the past or anticipating the future too much distracts us from what is right in front of us. Trust is key Set a goal for yourself. How-to-let-go-of-who-you-thought-you-were?ref=mail&mtype=daily_newsletter&mid=20160510_customized&uid=555912&email=gamal.eldin@hotmail. Consciousness of being is a great and powerful gift.


At first, our understanding and our learnings are somewhat superficial. As infants and children, they are related to our most basic needs. Yet, as we grow into adulthood, our minds expand with knowledge. Everybody’s story is different and everybody’s experiences shape who they are. Their choices shape who they will become. What relationship? We must ask “Am I happy? Always be open to change When we stay in a certain lifestyle or situation for a long time, we have a tendency to just continue on without thinking too much about it. Know that your thoughts can be malleable We may be cemented in ideas that we absolutely believe to be true. Understand that everyone and everything is teaching you (even when you don’t particularly like it) We may not like everyone and everything that comes into our path, but sometimes the things we dislike are the things that will teach us the most about ourselves.

Change it up Never stop learning Add To My Goal. 10 Life Changing Books for Any Entrepreneur. Books have the power to help people realize their dreams and maximize their potential.

10 Life Changing Books for Any Entrepreneur

A good reading experience can be life-changing. Here are 10 books recommended by global entrepreneurs. 1. The One Thing by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan “It is those who concentrate on but one thing at a time who advance in this world.” – Og Mandino This book topped number one on Wall Street, New York Times and USA Today, so it is bound to be a good read. The book is described as an “excellent read for not only your business but any goal you are trying to achieve in life”.

With the amount of distractions in this day and age from emails, text messages, and phone calls, it is hard to not get side tracked from what does matter. As the book quotes “Extraordinary results require focused attention and time. Figure out what the one thing is in your life that you want and achieve it. 5 Reasons Why You Should Never Go Back To Someone Who’s Hurt You - Curious Mob.

Sometimes we get attracted to people who are simply bad for us.

5 Reasons Why You Should Never Go Back To Someone Who’s Hurt You - Curious Mob

No matter how badly they treat us, we continue to fall for them. What makes these people so irresistible? Their charm continually sweeps us off our feet and their apologies and promises never stop sounding sincere. Even after you leave them, the temptation to go back to them is overwhelming. Here are the 5 biggest reasons why it is never worth returning to a toxic relationship. 15 Steve Jobs' Quotes to Inspire Your Life. Steve Jobs is remembered as a tremendous innovator.

15 Steve Jobs' Quotes to Inspire Your Life

He was a brilliant entrepreneur and amazing visionary. The former CEO of Apple was a leader and a legend. And he had much to say. He had thoughts about making mistakes, following your intuition, and making the most of life’s limited time. When he died, he not only left behind an extremely successful company, but also many words of wisdom. Here are 15 Steve Jobs’ quotes to inspire you: 1. When you are in the middle of a difficult situation, or you’re confused about your path, it’s important to trust that eventually everything will connect. 2. Be you! 3. If your goal is to please everyone, you will always fall short; you will never make everyone happy. 4. Have you ever said, “I’d love to do (fill in the blank) with my time, but…?”