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Casting Calls/Auditions In addition to our bulletin board listings, you can visit the following casting and job lists: Posted November 17, 2015 Carlyn Davis Casting is looking for non-union talent for a TV spot shooting in the Baltimore area on December 7, 8, 9, or 10. Auditions will be held in Falls Church, VA on Thursday, November 19, 2015. We are currently looking for the following types: Caucasian male, 65+ years old Billionaire Boys Club Blog Our apologies for not updating the blog; we’ve been caught up with the latest BBCICECREAM releases. We know this is late, but better late than never! SpongeBob SquarePants threw Pharrell a 41st Birthday celebration at Cipriani’s on Wall Street. The space was transformed into Bikini Bottom and featured special guests such as SpongeBob, Patrick, Squidward, and Celebrity friends. Check out the decor and pictures after the jump!

28 Online Photo Editing Websites To have Fun With Maybe you want to be on a magazine cover, want your own personalized dollar or maybe just want to change your expression? Now you can do it with just few mouse clicks and in just few seconds. We’ve collected all of the best free photo editing services, which will keep you busy for quite a while and you will receive amazing results – maybe funny, maybe silly – but you’ll get the original photos and few more reasons to smile. Ok, now let’s get started on actual photo editing. These are the tools I have found the most entertaining for myself, again you don’t need any special design or editing skills, just little willingness to play with effects – they’re a great time waster as well! Believe me – I know!

Bamboo Wall Murals Relax...And enjoy the serenity of your surroundings with our Zen peel and stick wall murals. Capture the peacefullness of Asia and transform your living space into an oasis of calm. With our Zen wall murals, walk into a world of inner peace and tranquility. Explore our Zen Wall Murals gallery and enjoy the serenity of Asia. If you are seeking to add a peaceful, spiritual, exotic, yet modern look to your living space, our Zen Wall Murals should be your number one choice. Y as a Consonant and a Vowel (Phonics on the Web) Sometimes, the letter y is a consonant, and other times it is a vowel. The rule for telling the two apart is simple: The letter y is a consonant when it is the first letter of a syllable that has more than one letter. If y is anywhere else in the syllable, it is a vowel. Examples of Y as a Consonant

Magazine Directory - Magazines Online Backpacker The magazine of wilderness travel. Backwoods Home Solid, practical, hands-on information on a wide range of self-reliance topics. Barron's A guide to what's happening on Wall Street and all the International Markets: Who won, who will win, what happened and what's to come. The Inside Scoop on the Outside Culture We’ve been through a lot of ups and sideways with this site. Luckily we’ve had no real downs with the exception of one. We’ve been pursued by the torrent police, accused by conspiranoia geeks of all sorts of shenanigans and high weirdness, gone through two format changes, added and subtracted several shows, hit some home runs, triples, doubles and singles.

Download & Streaming : Moving Image Archive : Internet Archive movies eye favorite 2 comment 0 UContentPlayer-TVC-Default-10032021-fixsound Topic: UContentPlayer Programs in  TV News Archive for research and educational purposes. Top 40 best free Windows 7 Games - WINDOWS.BLORGE Looking for free Windows 7 game downloads? What better place to start than with the top 40 best free Windows 7 Games? We’ve gathered up 40 of the best and most fun Windows 7 games to get you started with your time killing. All 40 are free downloads, although there may be things to purchase in game and the such. And that is part of the best aspect of these programs, a lot of them replace ones you traditionally have to pay for. What are you waiting for?

Top 10 freeware games for Windows Vista & Windows 7 If you are looking for some cool addictive games to download free for your Windows computer, here is our pick of some cool freeware classic games for Windows. Do note then usually games and screensavers are accompanied by toolbars and third-party offers, so you may want to exercise caution when you install them and opt out of offers when required. Free download games for Windows

Metacomet-Monadnock Trail This topic is about the footpath located in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. It should not be confused with the similarly named Metacomet Trail of Connecticut. Trail description[edit] The Metacomet-Monadnock Trail extends from the Connecticut/ Massachusetts border through Hampden, Hampshire, Franklin, and northwestern Worcester counties in Massachusetts, and Cheshire County in New Hampshire. Luigi Serafini Luigi Serafini (born in Rome, 4 August 1949) is an Italian artist, architect and designer. He is best known for creating the Codex Seraphinianus, an illustrated encyclopedia of imaginary things in what is believed to be a constructed language. This work was published in 1981 by Franco Maria Ricci, out of Milan, and of interest and inspiration to others. BOLDFACERS My Life My Choice Le Bal Électro When the venue is Toro – a fully rented-out Toro, at that – you know you've been ...

I can be independent and vulnerable There's nothing wrong with being open to a man sincerely doing something for you, Audrey Irvine says. Audrey Irvine says women still need to find ways to let men feel neededSome men say women proudly wave their independence like it's a weaponShe learned from date after they played tug of war with her armIrvine says she learned she can be an independent woman and a lady Atlanta, Georgia (CNN) -- How often have you read something like this on a dating website: "Single, independent woman seeks a man who she considers her equal to spend the rest of her life with." Translation: A man who matches her hours, her pay, her lifestyle and who would look good on the cover of a magazine. Have single women become so independent and set in their ways that they are destined to be alone?

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