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Whitehead & Whitehead Consultants

Custom Logos , Webdesign, Web Hosting , Domain Registration, Instrumentals, Graphic Design , Web Promotion , Social Media Management, and All Promotional Needs .Whitehead & Whitehead Consultants

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Whitehead and Whitehead Consultants is a veteran-owed small business specializing in small business consulting and administrative partnerships.


We honorably vow to:
1) execute and complete assigned projects within the time, scope, and budget negotiated with the client.
2) evaluate existing systems and procedures in order to make recommendations for improvement.
3) design prototypes and proof of concepts that best fit the client's needs; ensure client's satisfaction for the duration of the project.


We specialize in meeting the needs of our clients by customizing packages that meet their needs. Also, we work with clients on assigned projects to identify solutions to their business problems in order to streamline the process. We take pride in providing quality services at affordable prices.

Our Motto: "Your Success Is Our Success.

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