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The 19 Best Movies That You Didn't See in 2012 - Indie Gems to Watch

The 19 Best Movies That You Didn't See in 2012 - Indie Gems to Watch
by Alex Billington March 12, 2013 The best of the best - that you didn't see. It's back again and we're a bit late, but all of these are still worth watching anyway. Back by popular demand is our sixth annual list of the 19 Best Movies That You Didn't See in 2012 (you can find our past lists here: 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007). Featured below is a hand-picked selection of the best independent and/or mainstream films that were either quietly dumped, ignored by audiences, or just not marketed well enough. So to give them some extra time in the spotlight, and to support some of the best filmmakers out there, we've put together a 2012 recap. Each year I put together this list of 19 films, it takes longer and longer to put together, and is harder and harder to figure out what should make the cut. I would like to encourage everyone to watch at least one of these that they haven't heard of (or didn't see) beforehand. Bernie Opened on April 27, 2012 Directed by Richard Linklater

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Halloween Special: The 9 Scariest Short Internet Films This Halloween night, we bet that a lot of you will be watching at least one scary movie in order to get into the proper spirit (no pun intended.) If you’re in the mood for a little spine-chilling fear before the main course, though, you should check out some of the horror fare that the internet has to offer; it’s proof positive that a bigger budget does not always equal bigger scares (we’re looking at you, Wes Craven.) 9. Still Life 10 Movies That Completely Changed In One Scene Being surprised by a movie is one of the unique joys that cinema can offer, a feeling that is nearly impossible to replicate elsewhere. Every time we watch a movie we’re investing something, usually a healthy (or unhealthy) portion of time and money, and the hope is that we’ll have a return on this investment in the form of being entertained, feeling feelings, and receiving inspiration. With this comes expectations that we tend to wish will be fulfilled, which is often where genre comes into play: the anticipation that because we’re seeing a science fiction or western or horror movie (or the surprise of an animated movie, like Up, featuring possibly the most elegant tear-jerker sequences ever conceived), a certain set of familiar concepts and sensibilities will come across. There is pleasure in having these desires fulfilled, but also in having them be upended or subverted without warning.

The 30 Most Rewatchable Movies of the Modern Era (Page 2) There are great films — classics and Oscar winners — and then there are the movies you watch the most, and the two don’t necessarily mix. Great award-winning films have complex themes, dense plots, fully-realized characters, and stellar performances. The best rewatchable movies tend to be simple comedies or action films, light on message and heavy on satisfaction. Subversion and originality is generally eschewed in favor of formula and comfort. These movies are our friends during hangovers, after bad days, or break ups.

The top 50 foreign language films of the last decade It is quite clear that mainstream cinema no longer applies just to Hollywood blockbusters, or the odd British comedy. With the advent of mass home cinema in the last decade, and the increasing availability of pretty much anything and everything on DVD, Blu-ray, or streaming services like Netflix, world cinema has finally crossed the divide of being the preserve of the connoisseur, or the type of thing you’d stumble on late at night on TV. In the last ten years, world cinema has made a massive impact on film-of-the-year lists, and many people’s personal favourites. Starting from 2002 and ending here in 2012, it’s safe to say that you’ll have seen many of the films below, and enjoyed them simply as great pieces of filmmaking, regardless of where they came from. If, however, you are in any doubt of the utter brilliance of world cinema, then take your time to read the list below, and pick a few to watch that interest you.

The 50 Best Movies on Netflix Instant We love the convenience of streaming movies on Netflix Instant, but we don’t always love the navigating through the countless films in the service’s ever-expanding catalog to find something to watch. So we’ve compiled our list of recommended titles for you—whether you love classics, comedies, documentaries or just good ol’ fashioned kung-fu. The genres vary greatly here—and range in age from brand new to 87-years-old—but all 50 of these films come with the Paste stamp of approval. The list is up to date as of February 2013, but we’ll update the list from time to time as Netflix Instant changes its offerings.

Top 25 Movies of All Time - Rant Lifestyle - Rant Lifestyle 25. Remember the Titans I still have a friend we call "sunshine." Looking Back: FirstShowing Collectively Picks the Worst Films of 2012 by Ethan Anderton December 21, 2012 Though this year has been chock full of some absolutely great films (everyone at FirstShowing is having a problem locking down their favorite films of 2012), that doesn't mean there weren't some bad apples among the bunch. Rather than individually choosing our least favorite 2012 films, myself, Alex Billington, Ben Pearson, Jeremy Kirk and Tim Buel got together and figured out which films we collectively deemed as the Worst Films of 2012. Some of these appeared in my editorial defending Cloud Atlas as being far from one of the worst films of the year, but others were so bad that I just forgot about them.

[Pics] Top Earning Porn Stars! #Tori Black - Net Worth $1 Million #Sunny Leone - Net Worth $1.5 Million #Audrey Bitoni - Net Worth $1.6 Million #Jayden Jaymes - Net Worth $1.7 Million What To Watch On Netflix, Part 3: Overlooked Gems Now that I've got the Classics and the Pretty Good Bets lists out of the way, welcome to my list of Netflix's Overlooked Gems. This was the Netflix recommendation roster I had the most fun compiling (it's not every day that having watched so much cult TV comes in handy). Adding to the fun: This list comes with a cherry on top, in the form of some exciting news.

The Best Comic-Con Movies You Probably Haven't Seen A great American city lays in waste. The odor of sweat, tears and Cheetoes still lingers, as do the crushed hopes of those who hit snooze one too many times instead of getting their butt on line. It will take one full year to recover. 10 Movies That Will Make You Go "Huh?" When you watch a lot of movies, every once in a while you’ll come across one that baffles you, and the range of reactions to this encounter are pretty fascinating. These types of movies aren’t simply the mindtrip types of movies like Inception or Memento that are labyrinthine in terms of their plot progression but are fairly clear by the end in what they’re about. Truly confusing movies, the type where you’re left wondering what the hell you just watched and what the point of it even being made could have been, can create responses anywhere from anger and resentment towards seemingly pretentious filmmakers to delight in the abstract, personal meaning a viewer can derive from something deliberately vague or opaque. I watched Upstream Color recently.

24 Short Films Of Famous Directors You Can Watch On Youtube Every director needs to start somewhere. You don’t start your career with a mega-hit but work up to it. Despite having some big name films to their credit, these famous directors were still nobody when they made the short films presented here. Five Great Under the Radar "Horror" Movies You Need To Watch On Netflix Right Now - Remy Carreiro Netflix is like something delivered unto us from the Gods. We sit back, in the comfort of our homes or offices, or wherever we may roam, and get to click on a film and watch it instantly for a menial monthly fee. I come from a time when wanting to watch movies meant needing to rent them, meant needing to go out and peruse the video store to find the desired movie, and then driving home, watching it, and finally resenting that you needed to bring the movie back. Now, I scroll, see something that looks good, look it up to make sure it doesn’t suck ass, and watch it. Never has the act of film watching been so streamlined. And Netflix is amazing, because I can tell you about these movies, and you can pretty much pop over, type them in, and sit back and take the ride yourself.