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Ads from around the world

The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Web 2.0: Top 25 Apps to Grow your Bu Are you doing a good job meeting the needs of your small business? Keeping a good handle on finances? Networking? If you are running a small business, you know that to be successful you need to be a jack-of-all-trades. In this guide we cover the 25 best web2.0 applications for entrepreneurs who are looking for simple, cheap, and effective solutions to solving some of the tasks facing their small business or startup. Finances, Money Management, Payments You’re in business to make money. Prosper. Whether you’re rolling in the dough or just squeaking by, every entrepreneur has to crunch the numbers. Timesheets, Invoicing, Billing For a small business to succeed, managers need to maximize the amount of time they spend on developing the business, and try to minimize the time they spend on mundane tasks like creating timesheets and invoices. FreshBooks. SidejobTrack is billed as a software tool for the part-time independent contractor. Communication and Collaboration Campfire. Organization

Colossal | An art, design, and visual culture blog. Design Ideas and Tech Concepts - Publications - Wal-Mart's Biggest Marketing Tool? Its Web S Sweet Station 20 Free Handwritten Fonts And Resources Since human existence, communication always is playing very important role in our life using drawings, word of mouth, eye signals etc. To make communication easier and to save information, human invented symbols to describe things they see, speak or just use. Now in our days, for example, we don’t write actual letters, we just send an email, which is really impersonal if we compare those two things. Now people tend to use handwritten fonts, sketched graphics to give their design more personal touch, in the sake of old days. 1. PC / MAC2. Download Leonardo Hand font3. Download Ink Burrow font4. Download Aircut font5. Download Alphamack font6. Download Crushed out girl font7. Download Jellyka font8. Download CK Becky font9. Download Quilline font10. Download Cursive font11.Steve Handwriting Download Steve font12. Download Journal font13. Download Harrison font14. Download Angelina font15. Download Simpsons font5 More Free Handwritten Font Resources 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. About the author

Top 10 Reasons Why Proposals Fail : Instigator Blog Your business is great. You’ve invented something better than sliced bread. You offer such an amazing service at such a great price that people should be knocking your door down. And they might be. Proposals are a fact of life. But most proposals are bad. They’re too long. Your business rocks. Don’t let proposals get in the way.

Top 75 Best Design Resources of 2008 Top 75 Best Design Resources of 2008 December 19th, 2008 | Design | Collection of the best and most useful design resources of 2008. Typography Resources - 60 Brilliant Typefaces For Corporate Design [Smashing Magazine] - 20 Free Handwritten Fonts And Resources [Fuel Your Creativity] - 50 Incredible Fonts for Professional Web & Print Design [Noupe] - 15 Beautiful High-Quality Free Fonts [Smashing Magazine] - 21 Inspirational Typography Artworks from DeviantArt [Designflavr] - Top 7 Fonts Used By Professionals In Design [Just Creative Design] - 45 Beautiful Free Fonts for Modern Design Trends [Six Revisions] CSS Resources - 50 Extremely Useful And Powerful CSS Tools [Smashing Magazine] - 30+ CSS Cheat Sheets and Guides [All Web Design Resources] - CSS Editors Reviewed [Smashing Magazine] - 10 Principles of the CSS Masters [NETTUTS] - Best of CSS Design 2008 [Web Designer Wall] - 40+ CSS Generators, Creators, and Makers [All Web Design Resources] - Resetting Your Styles with CSS Reset [Six Revisions] Icons

Make Your Marketing Bloom by Thanking Moms | OneCommand According to research firm NPD Group for Child’s Play Communications, 23.6% of moms say they received nothing at all for Mother’s Day last year. Most moms don’t expect much - 14.6% of moms prefer handmade gifts, followed very closely by 13.6% who just want a day off. Moms are important to the youth in your community and with so many receiving so little from their families, it may be the perfect opportunity for you to show thanks to the moms in your area. Simply Send Thanks One of the easiest and most impressionable ways to let someone know they are appreciated is by sending a personal thank you message. Give Safety and Dependability Today’s mom is pulled in every direction; with soccer games, PTO meetings, or workout sessions, they rarely have time for themselves. Pamper, Pamper, Pamper Many would say that moms have the hardest and most demanding job in the world, with no vacation days or paid time off. Looking to make your marketing bloom this May?

cbaccus : This. #NSA #marketing... Top 100 Branding Trends in 2014 By: Vasiliki Marapas - Published: Dec 10, 2014 • References: The top 2014 branding trends saw a rise in makeshift luxury, eco-consciousness, minimalism and, lastly, pop culture references. In terms of packaging, brands wanted to reduce waste but enhance customer engagement with the product. For example, Aloof Design created a candle packaging concept for Heal's which featured a pleated cardboard design that "blossomed" when opened, creating the impression of a luxury gift item. However, because the box was made out of a thin cardboard material that was cleverly folded, it was affordable and less wasteful. Another branding tactic was incorporating pop culture or humor into packaging or logo design. To gain more insight to the branding techniques of 2014, check out Trend Hunter's Branding Report.