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Tiny Tack House Plans — The Tiny Tack House

Tiny Tack House Plans — The Tiny Tack House
Q - How big is your trailer? A - 7 x 20 5,000 Dual Axel Utility Trailer with load up to 10,000 Capacity. Q - How long did it take to build? A - Seven months from delivery of the trailer. Q - How many man hours did it take to build? A - Just over 800 hours of work, done by two people. Q - Did you have any building experience before building the tiny house? A - No, just some basic shop class skills from HS. Q - How big is your fridge? A - The fridge we picked up from Home Depot was a magic chef 4.0 cubic feet fridge with freezer on top. Q - How much did it cost to build? A - Not completely calculated yet, but roughly between $15,000 -$20,000. Q - What is the capacity of your fresh water tank? A - The tank can hold 40 gallons of fresh water. Q - Has anyone thought you were crazy going through with the build? A - Yes! Q - What size bed can you fit up in the loft? A - We have a Queen sized 5.5 memory foam mattress up in our loft. Q - Where did you pick up your wine barrel for your shower? Related:  Tinny Space Plans 1Plans and Blue Prints

$10k DIY Off Grid Solar Tiny House This 185 sq. ft. off-grid solar tiny house design was submitted as part of LaMar’s off grid tiny house design contest where you can win up to $500 if you submit a design before 6/30/14. Jonathan Marcoux’s squared eco house is 12’3″ x 12’3″. It has a water harvesting system, solar heating, solar panels, aquaponics farming system, and more. Construction will be primarily 2″x4″. Heating will be provided mainly by firewood but a propane system can be integrated as a back up. Learn more over at the original post at Simple Solar Homesteading. Also- see how you can win up to $500 cash for designing & submitting your own off grid tiny house design using SketchUp! Do You Think It Can Really Be Built for only $10k? Just curious.. If you enjoyed this $10k DIY off grid solar tiny house design Re-Share it using the buttons below, join our Free Daily Tiny House Newsletter for more and join the conversation in the comments below!

RPC loft model floor plans RPC—Manufacturer of Finely Crafted Park Model RVs Classic Double Loft Classic Double Loft with 10' porch Classic Double Loft with Bed Projection and storage Classic Central Loft Pacific Loft 399 with porch Elkhorn Classic Double Loft (as featured on home page) Calgary chaney Christensen Davis Dodge Mid-sized Loft with Kitchen Basic Economy Loft Floyd Freeman Gromer Harris Original Stand-Up Loft with Porch Long haul Lost Lake with kitchen Miller Nancy Puget Sound with dormer Classic Tripple Loft Silveria Stand-up 3 Vail Warren Watson 2

Tiny, Ultraportable ESCAPE Cabin Can be Moved Anywhere Just Like an RV ESCAPE is an adorable RV in Canoe Bay that looks just like a tiny cabin! Clad in sustainably harvested timber inside and out, the cute cabin can be placed just about anywhere and moved as necessary. The eco-conscious RV packs a lot of living space in just 400 square feet, making it the perfect vacation cottage. With the idea that bigger is not better, ESCAPE was design with the sensibilities of Frank Lloyd Wright in mind. Inside, the customizable cabin has vaulted ceilings, giving an open and airy feeling that also encourages natural ventilation. The ESCAPE is a symbol of modern living, where energy efficiency and minimalism are met with the comforts of good design. + Canoe Bay ESCAPE Via Treehugger

Sol Duc Cabin Project Details Built for a client who fly-fishes for steelhead on the Olympic Peninsula, this steel-clad 350 sf cabin on stilts can be completely shuttered when the owner is away. The cabin’s rugged patina and raw materiality respond to the surrounding wilderness while its verticality provides a safe haven during occasional floods from the nearby river. The overall design responds to the owner’s desire for a compact, low-maintenance, virtually indestructible building to house himself and his wife during fishing expeditions. Constructed primarily of unfinished, mild steel and structural insulated panels (SIPs), the cabin is supported by four steel columns and sits lightly on the site. The sleeping loft is the result of innovative materials salvaging and construction. Sol Duc Cabin’s cantilevered roof provides solar shading and protection from the strong coastal storms from the west.

Small House Plans The tiny house plans you’ll find here are drawn with do-it-yourselfers in mind. We keep the prices low to help people get a leg-up on their own tiny house dreams. Inside each of the plans you’ll see how tiny houses are framed with step-by-step illustrations. If you like what you see below consider getting our 6-PACK OF PLANS (PDF Download) for $39.95. Little River Lodge (8′x24′) The Little River Lodge is a 24-foot tiny house design with a tiny bedroom on the lower level and a loft above. PDF format 34 pages $9.95Learn More about the Little River Lodge Caspar Cottage (8′x20′) The Caspar Cottage is a 20-foot tiny house design inspired by the historic homes on Northern California’s Mendocino coast . PDF format 36 pages $9.95Learn More about the Caspar Cottage Calpella Cabin (8′x16′) The Calpella Cabin is a 16-foot tiny house design inspired by the homes on Calpella Street in Mendocino, Californa. PDF format 35 pages $9.95Learn More about the Calpella Cabin Coastal Cottage (8′x28′) Free Updates

Prairie Rose | Tiny Green Cabins A “Sweet Life” series tiny house The Prairie Rose tiny house, micro home is built to the specifications of our “Sweet Life” tiny house series. The steel welded floor system is welded to the trailer. The wood frame work is screwed together with an expanded loft with Marvin Integrity windows for a more open feel. You can buy this plan during the 2013 Minnesota State Fair for just $39.00. Prairie Rose Dimensions Cabin Size: 8′ x 18′Road height when mounted on Trailer: 13′-5″Approximate weight: 7000 – 9000 lbsPorch: 3′ x 3′Loft Height: 3′-8″Ceiling Height: 6′-3″Reading NookExpanded Loft

Rich the Cabin Man's Extra Long Tiny House on Wheels Now here’s a tiny house on wheels that more folks might be open to. To me it’s like a breed between a Park Model and a Tiny House. Most park models are wider than 8’6″ so you need a special permit to tow it. But not this one. Rich Daniels built it at just 8′ wide so you can still tow it yourself. Images: Rich Daniels This little cabin is 8′ x 34′ so a total of about 272 square feet of space without including the loft living space. Bathroom Building a House on a Trailer If you’re curious as how this all works (how to build a stick built house on a trailer) I highly recommend this book. Kitchen Safe Staircase to Loft Loft Spacious Loft to Sleep In Floor Plan Images: Rich’s Portable Cabins Find Rich so he can Build your next Cabin! If you’re interested in Rich having a cabin built for you head on over to his website right now to learn more and let him know I sent you. Would you build a cabin on a trailer this long? How do you feel about a longer than normal cabin on wheels?

Tiny House Living, Off the Grid? Here's How to Do it in Style by Cat Johnson How to get electricity, water, and the Internet in your tiny home on the range. posted Apr 09, 2014 This piece originally appeared at Shareable. LaMar Alexander grew up in a homesteading family. “I had a wake up call,” he explains, “that made me realize that what I really wanted was a simple homestead cabin and to eliminate my dependence on the system, so I could live sustainably while I pursued my dreams.” Tiny house living is a good way to reduce your ecological footprint, save money, and simplify life down to the things that truly matter. So Alexander built a house. Being an avid outdoorsman, Alexander didn’t need a lot of indoor space, but as an author, videographer, and off-the-grid builder, he did need modern amenities including a cell phone, Internet access, electric lights, indoor toilet, and shower etc., and he has them. Alexander is part of a growing movement of tiny housers. Benefits, challenges, and legalities Taking a tiny house off-the-grid How much does it cost? How to get water