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Minitokyo - Anime Wallpapers, Scans and more

Minitokyo - Anime Wallpapers, Scans and more
Minitokyo is an art community dedicated to Japanese culture, focusing mainly on anime wallpapers, and high quality scans from anime magazines and artbooks. You will need an account to download wallpapers and scans so sign up now! Anime Wallpaper Gallery Browse Popular Wallpapers | Indy-Art Anime Scans Gallery Browse Popular Scans

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Rechercher dans les images de manga We Heart It You searched for manga Add to favorite tags Spring Summer 2013 LOIS is more alive than ever, “more LOIS than ever”. Since last December we have thrown ourselves on the road and probably one day you will see the LOIS BUS in your hometown, as it is already rolling along all the corners of Spain coinciding with the holidays and most important events of each region. Our aim is to be present at any happening, event, concert, etc. that is a meeting point for young people who are interested in being open to any social or cultural manifestation taking place in our country, as LOIS has been there since1962 and still stays there, stronger than ever. Babel, o gato que queria ser rei - livro interativo para crianças Karim Maaloul was born in the southern suburbs of Tunis. He spent his childhood surrounded by sheep blocking the streets, and goat thieving flowers from gardens. Local wildlife quickly became an inexhaustible source of inspiration. Later, he studied illustration and comics in Brussels. After two publications: Elephant's Memory (published by Les éditions du Pépin) and The story of the day and night (published by Lo Pais d'enfance), he turned to the enigmatic world of computers and the Internet.

Openclipart Openclipart Coloring Books are free fun for children of all ages. Our third Openclipart Coloring Book is "Seasons & Holidays," by Brad Phillips with artwork by aungkarns, BenBois, cyberscooty, gammillian, hairymnstr, johnny_automatic, liftarn, nicubunu, simanek, slu, and tzunghaor. Download it. desenhos a lápis que parecem levantar-se para fora da página [12 imagens] Most of these drawings by Ramon Bruin seem relatively simple, but at the same time, because of their shadows and some intriguingly placed real-life props in the photographs, the sketched images appear to be almost magically leaving the bounds of the paper they’re drawn on… (via My Modern Met)

flickr Creative Commons Many Flickr users have chosen to offer their work under a Creative Commons license, and you can browse or search through content under each type of license. Here are some recently added bits and pieces: Attribution License Fantasia Pictures Dragon Warrior Fantasy PictureAs usual, painted in Photoshop from scratch. Background was painted and then I added some textures to give realism and finally blurried it all. Huge size as usual (about 9000x6000px) to be printed at 60x90cm, so reaaaaally time-consuming to have everything fully rendered in a realistic way.2d, fantasy, castle, woman, dragon, rider, redhead, female warrior Iris Fantasy PictureA collaboration between me and Michelle Hoefener ( Lineart by her, colors by me.2d, anime, flower, elf, fantasy Arkona - Masha Fantasy PictureIllustration for <b>Arkona</b> album Decade of Glory.

Diversão com Sass & fonte ícones Icon fonts have been around for ages. They allow us to use tons of fully styleable cross-browser vector icons with one lightweight HTTP request. Icomoon is a very handy web app that makes creating your own icon font a breeze. Pick icons from popular sets or upload your own. Once you have your font installed, you might find yourself reaching for presentational class names such as class="icon icon-facebook".

Search Results: "japan" - Prints & Photographs Online Catalog 757 results containing "japan" Larger image available anywhere (691) | Larger image available only at the Library of Congress (66) | Not Digitized 1. 10 animais que você provavelmente não sabia que existia - Salada Conhecimento We’ve all heard about the flying squirrel, vampire bats, and naked mole rat, but I bet you haven’t heard of Markhor, Lamprey, and Gerenuk! Here are ten animals that you probably haven’t heard of! (Too lazy to write a good introduction!) Kits Delicious RecipesThe Delicious Recipes food UI kit is perfect for a recipe blog, a cafe or restaurant website. It will work great for a an out of the box and outstanding web presence.View Details Snow FlakesThis winter UI kit fits perfectly with the cold season and if you are looking to built a ski resort website you are in good hands. This kit offers a wide variety of modern elements.View Details ShapesIt’s certain that with its modern look, this transparent UI kit is gonna make your website stand out. With over 100 elements you have all you’ll ever need to create a cohesive design.View Details Red CarpetRed Carpet UI kit was created with a TV or cinema review website or blog in mind. Tasty BitesA detailed food icon set for any designer or developer that is working on a new restaurant website or something in the area of tasty foods and drinks.

Nunca antes visto Pacific Rim Obra Concept, seqüências prólogo e Jaeger Conceitos! Posted: Jul-31-2013 1:24 AM As Pacific Rim is finishing up its run in North American cinemas, more behind-the-scenes material keeps surfacing and today, we're very excited to share some rarely seen Pacific Rim concept artwork, prologue sequences and Jaeger concepts which were used in the making of the film. if you didn't already know, the entire prologue sequence for the beginning of Pacific Rim was handled by Guillermo del Toro's own, Mirada Studios. Below are a collection of concept artwork, prologue sequence frames and Jaeger design sketches, from Mirada's work on the film, enjoy: For those unfamiliar, this is the "ROMEO BLUE" Jaeger, which unfortunately was one of the fallen Jaegers, which didn't make it into the full length of the film. More concepts for the ROMEO BLUE Jaeger Axehead Kaiju from the Pacific Rim prologue sequences

Meinert Hansen Meinert Hansen is a native Montrealer with a long list of credits in film, television and games. He has worked as both an illustrator and concept artist for films such as Upside Down, The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor, Leatherheads, The Spiderwick Chronicles and 300. As a visual effects concept artist and matte painter, his credits include Silent Hill, Across the Universe and Stranger Than Fiction. Skeuomorphism’s Death Has Been Greatly Exaggerated — Geek Empire Skeuomorphism,in case you haven’t been on a tech blog in a year or so, is basically design that’s emulating another material or a real world object. The usual examples are the green felt craps table in the current version of Game Center or the leather stitching in the Calendar app. Recently, popular opinion has turned against this type of design. Apple’s head of hair – I mean software – even made a bunch of leather stitching jokes during his presentation. So obviously, this whole concept of emulating real-world objects is on its way out now that Jony Ive’s in charge of iOS design. Right?

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