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Symmetry Symptom. Pictuo. When is Now. BLVCK. B L O O D A N D C H A M P A G N E . C O M: Dope and diamonds. Virgothepoet: SansaDid not cryDid not breakdownDid not throw a tantrumDid not show weaknessDid not run awayDid not blame Tyrion for what happenedDid not have to be dragged down the aisleDid not constantly complainDid not place blame onto othersSansaDid hold her head high despite her emotional distressDid keep her composureDid act like a ladyDid stay strongDid stay gracefulDid her bestDid what you probably couldn’t have done ^ reasons why sansa is the best stark ever Anonymous: hey love is everything okey?

dope and diamonds

Yes, its all fine, i might return to this blog. I was busy with some real life stuff but i might change the theme and stuff Anonymous: Hey yo, Sick-Toy, you wouldn't happen to be into Touhou, Madoka Magica, or Cave Story, would you? Gridealize. Graphic Porn. Underwater. 01010110. Indvce. M O O D. On Display. Gal Gadot | STNDRD Magazine, Issue #4 (via nuuro)

On Display

Hallucination Station. Idée Fixe. The Clocksmiths Mood - All we daily live and inspire us. Thisispaper Magazine. Brostochblasa. Claire duport. But does it float. Done this mandala at AKA Berlin some days ago…Thanks!

Done this centipede some days ago on my friend Martin Jahn-MJTattoos at AKA Berlin. Thanks! Done at AKA Berlin.Thanks! Done at AKA Berlin.Thanks Today was my first day at AKA Berlin as guest tattooer. Mouvement ≈ Planant. EDC. -.. .. ... -.-. --- ..- .-. ... . ... --- ..-. - . Install Theme © All Themes Tumblr Spotlight Ask me anything about 74 notki Posted on czwartek, 17 kwiecień 2014.

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Reblog This 38 notek 2014 Ralreigh RX5 Belt Drive SS via 45 notek ❖ Permalink 4 dni temu on 16 Kwiec. 2014 9 notek Posted on środa, 16 kwiecień 2014. 117 notek Posted on wtorek, 15 kwiecień 2014. 47 notek 98 notek 25 notek Posted on poniedziałek, 14 kwiecień 2014. 2 notki. Male Trends. Think North. Explore-everywhere: you're the man. it's too bad our living arrangements aren't in closer proximity. i'd love a good hike with you buddy!

Think North

Amen brother! Thanks for the kind words, Means a lot. Someday we will absolutely get that hike in, that would be stellar. The views rewarded with a decent climb. 213,068 plays Sigur Rós cover The Rains of Castamere for Season 4 of HBO’s Game Of Thrones And so he spoke, and so he spoke,that Lord of Castamere,But now the rains weep o’er his hall,with no one there to hear.Yes now the rains weep o’er his hall,and not a soul to hear.

(Source: birdfingers, via lyshaeskro) The Wood Brothers :: Postcards From Hell Something to put a humble hop in your step this morning. (Source: Laughs around the campfire deep into the night. Balvnced. I am Chimp. 2 months ago Natural Hairstyles You Can Try at Home Going natural is the trend these days people now tend to find a way to get back to basics and welcomes health.

I am Chimp

Organic products, mineral makeup, natural juices now what consumers are looking for. From the inside out, the desire to return to the simple life is prevalent for a fast-paced society. Somehow, we all feel tired of going through all the hassle of routine and procedures just to reach the required standards. Our natural hair, including, not stored from the previous trend. Of course, the natural hair growth varies from one person to another that makes caring for hair that is exciting and dynamic. Let us mention some hair styles for your natural hair styles and see which one fits You best, or you are most comfortable with, or both.

Natural Hair Straight Natural straight hair can be worn long or short. LE CONTAINER. Sans H. 2nd Aug 2013 | 36,657 notes (Source: pinec0nez, via h-o-r-n-g-r-y) 2nd Aug 2013 | 2,716 notes (via h-o-r-n-g-r-y) 2nd Aug 2013 | 800 notes.

Sans H

Drop Anchors. Elegance. Fertilising. Workspaces. Zelig Ribbons. Tussks. j4rr0d. JARROD BURKE 8261 followers excdus: A Thousand Souls“In reality however, every ego, so far from being a unity is in the highest degree a manifold world, a constellated heaven, a chaos of forms, of states and stages, of inheritances and potentialities.


It appears to be a necessity as imperative as eating and breathing for everyone to be forced to regard this chaos as a unity and to speak of his ego as though it were a one-fold and clearly detached and fixed phenomenon. Even the best of us shares the delusion.” Herman Hesse, The SteppenwolfMaciek Jasik (via blvckpharaxh) Planet Terror. JJJJound. DETHJUNKIE* NZAfro. Hi Kenny! SemiDomesticated. Print vs Digital. The Sixteenth Division. Every reform movement has a lunatic fringe. VOO STORE. Fiiink. Life, love, lenses. Convoy.