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攝影小教室. Software · XnConvert. PNG 图片极限压缩工具. Screencast-O-Matic. - optimize and compress your images and photos. Developer API. Getting started Once you retrieve your key, you can immediately start shrinking images.

Developer API

Official client libraries are available for Ruby, PHP, Node.js, Python, Java and .NET. You can also use the WordPress plugin to compress your JPEG and PNG images. And in case you own a Magento store you can simply install the extensions for Magento 1 CE, Magento 1 EE or Magento 2 CE to optimize your product images. The community has also created a large number of third-party add-ons using the Developer API. You can also create your own integration with any HTTP(S) client. Curl --user api:YOUR_API_KEY \ --data-binary @unoptimized.png -i Features Same API for JPEG & PNG images The API compresses JPEG and PNG images. Upload directly or provide a URL to the image You can either upload images directly or specify a URL to the image you want to compress. Preserve metadata You can choose to preserve copyright information, the GPS location and the creation date in the compressed JPEG images. Online Image Сompressor.

How to Boost Page Performance: Image Compression Tips. How fast or slow a website loads is determined by a combination of factors that span design, development, network architecture, and the end-user's connection speed.

How to Boost Page Performance: Image Compression Tips

Many of these, especially the last, will be out of your control. But one of the biggest, and most easily preventable, causes of a slow-loading website is uncompressed images. Here's what you can do as a content author to make sure you are properly compressing images and not bogging down the load time on pages. Case Studies In revisiting the Marian University site that had been launched earlier this year, we noticed that the home page file size was over 1.7MB. In the case of Marian, the majority of the page size was a randomly loading transparent PNG file—one in particular weighed in at 1.6MB. In the case of the Indiana Wesleyan University, here's an example of how significantly we were able to cut page size.

Example A: (original): 1.07MB (compressed): 340K Example B: (original): 1.1MB (compressed): 299K Do this. Pay it Forward. Ajax Multiple Image Upload With Resize Using jQuery PHP. In previous tutorial I had explained ajax single image upload using jQuery and PHP.

Ajax Multiple Image Upload With Resize Using jQuery PHP

Ajax Image Upload Using jQuery, PHP and MySQL In this tutorial we are going to see Ajax Multiple Image Upload With Resize Using jQuery PHP and MySQL. To enable a user let select multiple image using single file input element you need to create a HTML file input element with the following properties. Where multiple=”multiple” : this attribute of the input file element, let the user to select multiple images. name=”images[]” : here naming the input file element in array format keeps all selected images property in array format.

Imagesavealpha. How to Reduce Image File Size while Uploading Using PHP code? It is common to upload the images dynamically to the websites.

How to Reduce Image File Size while Uploading Using PHP code?

But when we upload the large file size image on the website, it consumes a lot of time while loading. So the developer should write the code to reduce the image file size while uploading the image dynamically to the website. Using PHP, you can easily reduce the file size of those uploaded images during time of upload. Of course, when reducing the file size we sacrifice the image quality. Code to reduce file size for the image: $d = compress($source_img, $destination_img, 90); Image Compress & Resize - PHP Function by Arivazhagan. Arivazhagan, submitted on 03/14/2011 Compress Upload Image Size and Re-Size Image Tags: compress image resize <?

Image Compress & Resize - PHP Function by Arivazhagan

PHP function imagecrop($img_name,$newname,$type,$modwidth,$modheight){ list($width, $height) = getimagesize($img_name) ; //get width & height in array list $tn = imagecreatetruecolor($modwidth, $modheight); if(! Strcmp("image/png",$type)) { imagealphablending($tn, false); //For transparent BackGround imagesavealpha($tn, true); } if(!