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Mary Evans Picture Library. Historical images

Mary Evans Picture Library. Historical images

Alinari Archives RootsWeb: Ghost Towns NH Dust in the Wind - A Guide to American Ghost Towns GHOST TOWNS: Yesterday & TodayTM Become a friend of the book on Facebook Return to Ghost Town USA’s State Listings Visit Ghost Town USA’s Ghost Town of the Month Visit Ghost Town USA’s Home Page Visit Ghost Town USA’s Photo Gallery Send E-mail to Ghost Town USA. Western & Eastern Treasures Ghost Town USA Column Index for New Hampshire New Hampshire is one of the smallest states in America and has a rich heritage dating back into the earliest days of European colonial settlement. The logging industry also created many ephemeral logging camps and temporary logging centers that eventually faded from sight as the industry moved to other locations. Agricultural communities also add to the list of ghost towns that can be discovered in this state. Like most other eastern states, the vast majority of ghost towns in New Hampshire are barren sites, marked only by foundation pits and outlines of buildings.

NH Civil War History & Genealogy Your Host Fred Kunchick Friday, June 28, 2002 08:03:56 AM You are the 94402nd Visitor Since July 17, 2000. Thank you for visiting ALHN/AHGP New Hampshire Civil War History and Genealogy site. Site Map What's New Search Indexed by the FreeFind Search Engine When can their glory fade? New Hampshire Men Awarded the Metal of Honor In the Civil War Links Letters Home From The Civil War AHLN Civil War Site Post and Read Queries Post and Read Records ACWBLUE Mailing List New Hampshire Regimental History Books ~ C. This nonprofit research network is affiliated with the American Local History Network, Inc. NOTICE: Printing non-commercial individuals and libraries is encouraged, as long as all notices and submitter information is included. Fred Kunchick

FamilySearch Wiki: NH From FamilySearch Wiki United States New Hampshire Welcome to New Hampshire,the Granite State State Motto: "Live Free or Die" Diana's Baths, North Conway, NH, (the Granite State). Counties Click on the map below to go to a county page. Major Repositories Migration Routes Connecticut River · Merrimack River · Saco River · Kennebunk Road · King's Highway Most unique genealogical features: Massachusetts has many NH records for the years 1641-1679 when the two areas were under the same jurisdiction.[1] In NH the main record keeper is the town clerk. Featured Content The New Hampshire State Papers is a 40 volume set of resources with information for New Hampshire researchers. The Statistics and Gazetteer of New Hampshire, 1875 has been scanned and is available online. Did you know? Of the thirteen original colonies, New Hampshire was the first to declare its independence from Mother England -- a full six months before the Declaration of Independence was signed. Research Tools Obtain additional help i

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