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How to Use Pinterest Effectively For Increasing Sales. Pinterest is considered as one of the most booming social networking sites, which can drive more sales than Facebook and other popular social media sites if used effectively.

How to Use Pinterest Effectively For Increasing Sales

It means that if it is used in the right way, then Pinterest has the ability to develop stronger audience base for promoting products to increase sales. Nearly 70% users on Pinterest claim to use the website for getting inspiration for their purchasing decision. Regarded as one of the fastest growing social networking platforms, Pinterest currently has over 70 million users as reported by Semiocast, which means that it becomes a necessity for the digital marketers to incline their interest towards this newly acclaimed and popular platform for enhancing their product sales over the internet. Facebook Power Editor: A Powerful Tool for Online Marketers. If you want to run multiple Facebook ads and also want to have greater control over them, then power editor is an ideal tool for you.

Facebook Power Editor: A Powerful Tool for Online Marketers

This tool can provide you with plethora of advance options that are not available in Ads Manager. With the help of power editor, you can edit, create, manage and optimize campaigns, ads, and page posts in bulk, across a large number of different pages and ad accounts. Here are nine reasons why Facebook power manager is better than traditional Ads Manager: 1.Efficient Targeting of Device Traditional Ads Manager lets you choose whether to advertise in the Right Column or the Newsfeed.

Powerful Tips to Get Traffic from YouTube. With more than one billion unique users each month and over six billion hours of video being watched each month, YouTube has become an important channel for the lead development.

Powerful Tips to Get Traffic from YouTube

If you are not hosting your video on YouTube, you are making a big mistake. Hosting your videos on YouTube means that people are more likely to find them; and if their reaction is positive, they are more likely to visit your website for getting more information. If you are wondering to get people from YouTube to your website and are looking for ideas to move people from watchers to clickers, then you must read this article. In this article, I have explained some easy but powerful ways to get your YouTube audience over to your website. 1.Tell People Exactly What to Do! It is the easiest but often overlooked step. 2.Write the description of video in the description box While uploading new video on YouTube, you should add a description of the content. Facebook Power Editor: A Powerful Tool for Online Marketers. 5 Content Strategy Mistakes and How to Avoid Them.

Content Marketing, Owned Media, Shared Media Content marketing is all about developing trust with potential customers by offering them relevant and helpful (sometimes entertaining) information about your brand.

5 Content Strategy Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

There’s no perfect science to creating and distributing content, and it’s still a relatively new school of thought in the marketing world, so content strategy mistakes are bound to happen. The beauty of that is that failures are often our best opportunities to learn. The following content strategy fouls are commonly committed, but it’s reassuring to know they can be avoided with a little extra thought and practice.

5 Major LinkedIn Upgrades That Can Make Your Professional Profile Rock Online. LinkedIn, world’s biggest social network has made it easier for professionals across the globe to update and edit their professional profiles by incorporating a couple of major changes on its huge platform.

5 Major LinkedIn Upgrades That Can Make Your Professional Profile Rock Online

On Dec 12, 2014, Alexis Baird –Product Manager for Profile Completion at LinkedIn confirmed on official Linkedin blog that the profile editing experience has been simplified to a great extent in order to makeit easier for members to make the most out of their professional profiles.All editing on LinkedIn will now be done instantly via inline editing mechanism, which is introduced for immediate LinkedIn makeover.

Besides this, it’s now simpler to add new sections to your Linkedin profile via “Front and Centre” channelthat makes it convenient to add Projects, Courses, Publications, and Patents without using the complex editing options at the upper left corner. 5 Major LinkedIn Upgrades that can make your professional profile rock online 1. All editing can now be done inline 2. 3. 5 SEO Strategies That Will Still Work In 2015. How to Redesign Your Website Without Affecting SEO. Are you planning to redesign your website and give it a completely different look?

How to Redesign Your Website Without Affecting SEO

Redesigning a website can be sometimes tricky, especially at those points where you run the risk of dropping your site’s traffic. Hence, this could be a seriously challenging task that most of the businesses face when they think of redesigning their site to give it a new touch. Many questions simultaneously pop up in the mind of website owners when it comes to giving a new design to their website like what’s going to happen to my site’s traffic on its re-launching? What will happen with the 404 errors? How the site will perform in search engine results?

Setting the Stage with Two Impressive Ideas. 5 Top Twitter Tips You Shouldn’t Ignore. Have you ever wondered how some businesses achieve tremendous success on Twitter?

5 Top Twitter Tips You Shouldn’t Ignore

Their successes will no doubt have inspired you to use Twitter for your own business promotions. Sometimes, the key to success is actually very simple – a great bio, an attractive image, creating lists. Here are some key facts that will help you on your way to achieving success on Twitter yourself in 2015. The numbers 97% of top brands use Twitter.37% of Twitter users are likely to buy from brands they follow.90% of Twitter users follow brands and businesses to get exciting promos and discount offers.

8 Twitter Tools to Improve Your Sales. Do you use Twitter to sell products?

8 Twitter Tools to Improve Your Sales

Are you looking for useful Twitter tools to help you sell? In this article I’ll share eight Twitter tools that help you analyze data, gain insights and boost sales. Facebook Dumps Microsoft Bing, Favors Its Own Search Tool. As confirmed by the Reuters reports, Facebook has chosen to end its long time bonding with Microsoft Bing by quietly dumping the search results from Bing in its recent search update this week.

Facebook Dumps Microsoft Bing, Favors Its Own Search Tool

With this new update, now you won’t be able see the Microsoft Bing results on the Facebook’s on-site Graph product. As per to the statement given by Facebook to the VentureBeat, the social media giant is currently not displaying the search results of web in the Facebook Search because it is concentrated towards assisting the Facebook’s users in finding the posts and images shared with them on its platform.

However, this statement further also includes that that the social media giant will continue its long time bond with Microsoft in other areas. In 2013 only, Facebook has highlighted Microsoft Bing as part of its Graph search,this step was taken to supplement Facebook’s search results with that information that might not be considered as part of user profiles like music result, weather, etc. 6 Facebook Secrets That Can Surprise Even an Experienced Marketer. How social media marketing helps in boosting your business.

The term "social media " has entered within the boundaries of fame and recognition in the past few years, but it has revolutionised the concept of digital marketing by bringing in loads of benefits for business owners.

How social media marketing helps in boosting your business

The evolution of diverse social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn has forced the businesses to revise their online marketing efforts for boosting their business share to a significant level. It has also proven to be an invaluable tool for gathering the unbiased and raw feedback of the customers. The effective use of the power and fame of social media platforms helps in promoting your business to a wider spectrum of audience. However, determining what social media truly means and how effective social media marketing strategies help in increasing your online brand awareness, needs a proper understanding of the techniques involved in spreading your online existence among your target audience.

7 Ways Social Media Can Help to Generate Leads. By Sandeep Sharma on November 4, 2014 Social media is an important channel for engaging with your target audience and amplifying your message. It is also an important venue for gaining qualified leads. Whether your business is B2B or B2C oriented, social media can play an important role in your lead generation strategy. Shape Your Brand Voice for Effective Social Media Blog Engage. These 7 Social Media Psychology Lessons Will Make Your Marketing Smarter. The power and use of social media platforms for spreading communication is not only restricted to our personal life but to our professional life as well. With the burst of internet usage in past few decades, the need for different platforms offering business branding online is growing in trend.

6 Important Tips to Get More Followers on Instagram. How to Build Your Brand on YouTube and Reach New Customers. Started as a free tool for sharing amateurish and personal clips over online, YouTube has taken control over the Internet phenomenon by emerging as the third most popular website among the younger generation. Other than the social media giants like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc, YouTube is also considered as a vital ingredient of a successful social media marketing campaign for branding your business and products over Internet. Everyone Know Easily Measure, Explore and Track the Performance of Your Tweets. Till now, only a small number of verified users and select advertisers could access Twitter analytics. The rest had to rely on third-party tools to fetch data like number of impressions, clicks and followers.

The situation was even tricky if users had to find out the mentioned data for a specific period of time. The Best Joomla Extensions for Creating Social Media Friendly Websites. How to Plan the Perfect Digital Marketing Strategy. The landscape of digital marketing is continuously emerging and more businesses are acquiring success by concentrating their efforts online. Social Media Matters: 8 ways to optimize your corporate blog - Kansas City Business Journal.

Kiran Ross, Contributing Writer A business blog is one of the tools in your marketing and social media tool belt that many don’t spend enough time on or, worse yet, completely forget. I’m working with a local client on his business blog, and we have several goals: to position his business as an industry leader, improve search engine optimization, highlight employees’ expertise and accomplishments, and increase lead generation. Facebook Ad Scheduling: What Marketers Need to Know. Do you use Facebook advertising? How to Generate Traffic to Your Blog Using Google Plus: 8 Steps. Edit Article0 views Edited by Sandeep Sharma Edited 44 minutes ago. How to Use Facebook Insights to Measure Engagement. Sometimes, I wonder how Facebook has dominated the internet world with its unbeatable presence. How Social Media Can Affect Your Search Engine Rankings. LinkedIn Paid Advertising - Guide to Create Effective LinkedIn Ads. How Social Login Helps You Get Better Customer Insights.

Have you ever wondered how a particular brand knows so much about you that they keep sending relevant discount offers, including at times when you need them the most? It is not magic, nor is it luck. What Does the New Google+ Name Policy Mean for YouTube?