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Journal d'un avocat

Journal d'un avocat

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Global Cybersecurity Agenda (GCA) Introduction The Need for International Cooperation Current Models of International Cooperation Areas for Potential International Coordination in Legal Efforts WorldLII: Declaration on Free Access to Law Members of the Free Access to Law Movement: Legal information institutes of the world, meeting in Montreal, declare that: Public legal information from all countries and international institutions is part of the common heritage of humanity. Maximising access to this information promotes justice and the rule of law;Public legal information is digital common property and should be accessible to all on a non-profit basis and free of charge;Organisations such as legal information institutes have the right to publish public legal information and the government bodies that create or control that information should provide access to it so that it can be published by other parties.

Cintia Lilian (@cinlil Search and filter options allowing you to find people to follow depending on location, influence, number of followers, how active users are on Twitter and many more! Find the most beneficial people to target so that you can grow and increase the quality of your Twitter community. Find out your best time to tweet, discover the interests of a custom sample of users and endless extra features!

Vexusism Vexus at 8:01 PM on April 5th Highway to Hell is Vexus’ sometimes sinister, sometimes diabolical column about Diablo III. They said it was impossible. Assurances were given. Steam fanboys, Blizzard haters, and esteemed doomsayers all promised us as they waged hate campaigns and engaged in boycotts across the internet: no one would ever buy a Diablo III expansion. Why 2009 was the year of Twitter When I first registered my Twitter account – in September 2007 – I must admit I didn’t get Twitter. I didn’t see how Twitter could be used, probably because the only use I did see was people using it to tell others what they were doing without any real purpose behind it. What they said wasn’t really interesting or usable to me, even if it what people I knew. They were writing insignificant things lacking any meaningful context (“eating a sandwich” or “working”).

The 10 Tools of Online Oppressors - Reports SAN FRANCISCO In reporting news from the world’s most troubled nations, journalists have made a seismic shift this year in their reliance on the Internet and other digital tools. Blogging, video sharing, text messaging, and live-streaming from cellphones brought images of popular unrest from the central square of Cairo and the main boulevard of Tunis to the rest of the world. In Other Languages • Español • Português • Français • Русский • العربية •

If This Then That (IFTTT): Connecting the Web One Recipe at a Time If This Then That (IFTTT) is a service software that lets the Internet do your work for you by connecting major sites across the web, such as Gmail, Dropbox, Facebook, Evernote, and more. The way IFTTT works is by taking a trigger (if this) and connecting it to an action (then that) on another site. This is known as a personal recipe. Here are some examples: Welcome to the Home Page of the NetKnow Sysadmin. - Dave Shariff Yadallee Home Page Dave Yadallee and Anthony Ainley Welcome to the New Look Web Site! This is the only picture of myself with Anthony Ainley.

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