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L'amarante Pourrie la Vie des OGM de Monsanto - lespacearcenciel sur (13:35)

L'amarante Pourrie la Vie des OGM de Monsanto - lespacearcenciel sur (13:35)

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17 Apart: How To: Make Apple Vinegar From Scratch When you go out and pick two bushels of apples you better have a plan for using them up — especially in a timely manner! Lets recap: first we shared our homemade natural dog treat recipe, then we showed you our process in making fruit leather; both of which made for a lot of leftover apple peels and cores, so we decided to try our hand at making our own apple vinegar. This all came about while gathering inspiration over on A Sonoma Garden for making our own natural fruit roll-ups — we stumbled across this additional how-to on how to make your own apple vinegar using 3 basic ingredients and a dash of patience, ha. We followed this tutorial word for word and are now well into the process of making our very own apple vinegar. The steps were really quite simple and again, this is a recipe that requires little to no measuring — the amount of apples used really isn't important.

Temperate Climate Permaculture: Permaculture Plants: Plantain Plantain is a weed I would welcome. Common Plantain (Plantago major) Common Name: Plantain Scientific Name: Plantago species Family: Plantaginaceae (the Plantain family) Companion Planting Chart, Map and Guide Companion planting means putting plants together in the garden that like each other, or help each other out. Companion planting can have a real impact on the health and yield of your plants. Organic gardeners strive to achieve a balance in their gardens so that they don't require chemicals for pest or disease control.