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Deliciously Geeky…

Deliciously Geeky…
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The Big Picture For 19 years, the US government had given Patricia Carbajal permission to stay in this country, to work, to put down roots. For 19 years, administration after administration extended Temporary Protected Status for Honduras after the destruction wrought by Hurricane Mitch in 1998 was compounded by crippling poverty, destabilizing corruption, and violence so pervasive that the murder rate in Honduras is now among the highest in the world. After 19 years, Patricia’s status had long ago stopped feeling temporary. But, now, in a moment, everything could change. Now, the Trump administration has canceled the program that had allowed her to create a life as a mother, a construction worker, a budding activist.

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Le Journal du Net Gadget Reviews by Julie I guess I consider myself an avid photographer, and I have been told I take some pretty amazing shots. What I wasn’t good at was selecting my first camera. They were all so darn expensive, and while I knew what I wanted the thing to do, I couldn’t for the life of me figure out which one to get. I’m a little more camera savvy these days, but I wish back then they had Continue reading » Damn Interesting • A collection of legitimately fascinating information culled from the past, present, and anticipated future.

Le Beanock – An Awkwardly Named Bean Bag Chair + Hammock Mashup By Andrew Liszewski I like the idea behind hammocks, and swaying back and forth can certainly add an extra element of rest and relaxation when kicking back. But I can’t say I find them the most comfortable place to sit or lay down. Maybe I’ve just never found the ‘right’ hammock for me. And I now doubt I ever will because my mind is fixated on Le Beancock Beanock instead. Made of durable fabric (with a fireproof option) with reinforced metal eyelets in the corners, Le Beancock Beanock comes in two sizes supporting weights of 220 lbs. up to 440 lbs. *Oops. [ Le Beancock Beanock ] VIA [ The Red Ferret Journal ] Alternatively, get a regular hammock instead.

Great Scott! DeLorean-Inspired Time Circuit Clock with Adafruit gear! July 2, 2012 AT 1:29 pm Getting the big question right out of the way: no, we won’t be selling these. Legally, we can’t, for trademark reasons. But it’s generally okay for anyone to create replica props for their own personal use, so we hope this writeup will inspire some cool projects among our readers… From the moment these LED displays made an appearance on our weekly Ask an Engineer show, comparisons were being made to the DeLorean time circuit from the Back to the Future films. It was a moral imperative then to make a demo! Taking Some Liberties When accepting this assignment, I might’ve failed to mention a small detail: I don’t own a car, let alone a DeLorean, for displaying the finished prop. While the general idea could have been accomplished quickly and easily with an iPad running the Flux Capacitor™ app, I wanted to preserve somewhat the staggered design of the original, and it had to have real 7-segment LED displays…there’s no substitute for seeing the genuine thing. Resources

Gadget Reviews Pointless Sites - Useless Sites - Random websites - More pallet repurposing … In this installation, [GC 2012] Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1, la tablette idéale ? - Salons - actualité 32962 Fort du succès du Galaxy Note, Samsung tente le pari du mélange, en associant les fonctionnalités de son téléphone hybride à la tablette Galaxy 10.1. Ainsi, l'écran de 10" en 1280 x 800px de la Galaxy Note 10.1 dispose de la technologie Digitizer, rendant l'utilisation d'un stylet plus simple. Stylet fourni avec la bête, et qui se loge dans le corps directement. On retrouvera donc une suite logicielle complète, afin de tirer pleinement parti de cet accessoire. Du côté des composants, on reste sur du homemade, avec un Exynos 4 Quad 4412 à 1.4GHz, épaulé par 2Go de mémoire vive. La tablette, qui mesure 262 x 180 x 8.9mm, pèse 597g ou 600g avec 3G, et devrait offrir une autonomie intéressante grâce à sa batterie de 7000mAh. La disponibilité en France sera effectivement rapidement. Mise à jour de la news du 07 août 2012. Quelques photos, la tablette étant exposées sur le stand Samsung.