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York School lets kids spend 20% time on anything they want. York School Kevin Brookhouser is a teacher at York School, located in sunny Monterey, California.

York School lets kids spend 20% time on anything they want

In 2011, he had a crazy idea. What would happen, he wondered, if students were given the same creative freedoms as employees at Google? For years the tech giant cut its employees a deal: Spend 80% of time on your daily tasks, and 20% on a project of your choosing. World-changing services such as Gmail, Google Maps, and Adsense all came from Googlers enjoying 20% time. Brookhouser wanted the same for his students. In the five years since he came up with his idea, York School has become one of the most innovative schools in America, and 20Time is the hero that sparked its success.

The Schoenblog: 1st Time #20Time: My Intro to 20 Time Projects. We are around a month into my English 10 20Time projects and I've been trying to share my students' work and my process and progress for #20Time.

The Schoenblog: 1st Time #20Time: My Intro to 20 Time Projects

This is my first try with 20 Time Projects, and I am loving it. The students who "get it" are doing some of the most meaningful work I've ever seen. Their projects, interests, passions and products have show such a range and great thinking. 20Time Tasks. 20Time Blog Submission Form (Responses) The Schoenblog: 1st Time #20Time: My Intro to 20 Time Projects.

Nat & Lo's 20% Project – Go Behind The Scenes At Google. How Google’s Airbender Team Accidentally Invents The Future - #NatAndLo Ep 10. A Googler's 20% Project To Ban Elephant Ivory Shopping Ads - #NatAndLo Ep 6. This App Makes Your Phone Buzz When You Approach Places Where Women Made History. For Better Presentations, Start with a Villain. Many executives start presentations about products or initiatives with a vague theme statement, often expressed with as much pith as a puff of smoke: “We have a new focus on customer satisfaction,” or “Our current strategic goals are execution and innovation.”

For Better Presentations, Start with a Villain

But this approach is not only lacking but lackluster. Did Shakespeare begin Hamlet by saying “This is a play about indecision”? Of course not. Instead of starting with theme, you can make your story more compelling by focusing on its three main actors: the villain, the victim, and the hero. Villains in business often aren’t animate. This villain-victim-hero framework can be applied across many industries: In software, the villain might be slow or unreliable programs, the victims are frustrated users, and the hero is new or updated technology that works correctly and efficiently. Genius Hour / 20% Time. AMPed. Innovation @ NPHS. Npgametime. Liberating Genius: A Plan for the First 20 Days of School.

Viktor Frankl wrote that a person “who can find a why to live can bear almost any how.”

Liberating Genius: A Plan for the First 20 Days of School

Meaning. We search for it. We long for it. We want to matter. Werner Herzog Narrates the Existential, Emotional Journey of a Plastic Bag.

Essential Questions

Internet Catalogue. Student’s project catches NASA’s attention. NOBLESVILLE, Ind.

Student’s project catches NASA’s attention

(WISH) — Jessie Elliott is not your average high school junior. You can see that in her Twitter feed. Genius Hour (Responses) - Google Sheets. 20% Project. Introduction If you read the mission statement of Shanghai American School, we want students to develop a lifelong passion for learning and have the courage to live their dreams.

20% Project

Over the last year or so, the teachers at SAS have been reading and talking about how we can provide these opportunities for our students and help them become learners in the 21st century. This means being creative, curious, collaborative, connective, and critical thinkers. In my own reading and research, I have become intrigued by the research of Daniel Pink, who wrote Drive – The Surprising Truth about What Motivates Us. The SchoenBLOG. The Complete Guide to 20% Time (and Genius Hour) in the Classroom. It’s been almost a full three years since I told my students they would have 20% of their class time to work on whatever project they were inspired to create.

The Complete Guide to 20% Time (and Genius Hour) in the Classroom

Since then I’ve learned so much from my students and our amazing community of 20% time and Genius Hour teachers. I have tried to share this journey, the ups and downs, through blog posts, video interviews, a 20% time MOOC, and most recently my book, Inquiry and Innovation in the Classroom. A.J. Juliani — Teach Different. How Professors Can Bolster Inquiry in College Using K-12 Tech Tricks. Coverage of technology in higher education often stops at whether Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) can be an effective way to educate hundreds of thousands of students cheaply, or focuses on the newest app to help students track their classes and homework.

How Professors Can Bolster Inquiry in College Using K-12 Tech Tricks

Much of the technology marketed to universities targets administrative tasks, things like registering students or sites like Blackboard and Moodle that make it easy for students to check assignments and download readings. But especially in a seminar setting, some professors are using technology in ways that mirror some of the forward-thinking practices of K-12 teachers who are known for applying inquiry-based methods, accessing low-cost technology that’s easy to use and making the subject relevant to students’ lives. CQ 037: Do teachers need a Genius Hour too? – Classroom Questions. CQ 037: Do teachers need a Genius Hour too? – Classroom Questions.

20-Time In Education Inspire. Create. Innovate. Final Portfolios: Ending the Year with Meaning. All in all, this year was tough but I made it through.

Final Portfolios: Ending the Year with Meaning

I learned a lot about culture, society, and religion. Society shouldn't determine who you are as a person because who [can] judge us? We as individuals can only judge ourselves. (Excerpt from Long Nu's Final Portfolio) The end of the school year is a time of conflicting needs. One way that I attempt to help make meaning of a year, give students the final word about their learning, and achieve a collective sense of completion is by assigning a portfolio project as the final major assignment of the year. Portfolio Overview With or without access to technology, final portfolios are opportunities for students be creative as they reflect on, describe, analyze, and interpret their own work and learning from the year. What is Genius Hour? - Genius Hour.

What is Genius Hour?

What is Genius Hour? - Genius Hour

Genius hour is a movement that allows students to explore their own passions and encourages creativity in the classroom. It provides students a choice in what they learn during a set period of time during school. It’s not easy to determine where the idea was originally created, but there are at least two events that have impacted genius hour. Teachers Using Trello: How To Foster Genius In The Classroom. D’aww… the feeling is mutual, guys. Are you smarter than a fifth grader?

Surely not these Geniuses, because they’re using Trello to answer the tough questions. The concept of Genius Hour has become a popular mechanism for educators to encourage their students to explore their interests. To avoid gaps in learning, much of the US curriculum is standardized. The Genius Hour movement, however, is a great way to inject open ended exploration into different aspects of our world.

Amelia B. McKie sur Twitter : "#20Time @MrMcMicken @rvhs creative minds! Changing lives.... Isaac Newton mosaic timelapse 32x speed + informational voiceover. 20% Time Trailer 2015. Innovation Reflection Pond: Gazing At Past Student Projects. Looking at my past student projects reminds me of a Koi pond. Letting my students look at past student projects is like bringing your nephew to visit a favorite Koi pond: you can just see them thinking and reflecting and you find yourself both visiting the past and gazing into the future.

Keynotes - Kevin Brookhouser. Kevin is available to speak to your group on a broad variety of topics including Project Based Learning, Digital Citizenship, Online Security, Google's 20% Time in the Classroom, Public Speaking Development, and The Design Thinking Process. Keynotes The 20time Project: Fueling Future-Ready Students March 17, 2015 Phoenix, AZ. 2014 #20Time projects in 4 minutes. York School 2015 20time Projects Preview. 8 Things to Look For in Today’s Classroom. As I think that leaders should be able to describe what they are looking for in schools I have thought of eight things that I really want to see in today’s classroom. I really believe that classrooms need to be learner focused. This is not simply that students are creating but that they are also having opportunities to follow their interests and explore passions.

The teacher should embody learning as well. Buy Pure Genius - Innovation in the Classroom - Don Wettrick. Genius Hour at Arlington High School. I'm Taking a Break From University... And I Haven't Even Started  The time I have been dreaming about since kindergarten was finally approaching. University seemed like a distant eternity from the confines of elementary and high school. Suddenly, everything began to happen so quickly -- prom, final exams, graduation. Then, with what seemed like a blink of an eye, I was a few short weeks from starting the next chapter of my life: Ryerson University. Everything was in order. Gallery: Life on Chicago’s South Side. Photographer Jon Lowenstein loves Chicago. The Antidote to Apathy – From Indifference to Making a Difference. One of the perennial questions for change agents is how to get people engaged.

Often, it seems, people just don’t seem to care, or are unable to see either a self or collective interest in becoming active participants in change. In ‘The Antidote to Apathy’, Dave Meslin talks about how what is considered apathy, selfishness or laziness is in fact the result of actively discouraging engagement by creating obstacles and barriers to participation and involvement. He gives the example of how we treat changes to things like zoning applications which may be of great interest to a local community – yet they are announced in obscurely-located notices written in bureau-speak. #BBCtrending: Tunisia’s rubbish selfie trend.

Bentley Ad Shot Using iPhone 5s, Assembled on iPad Air. Bentley's newest ad, Intelligent Details, was filmed entirely with Apple's mobile devices. Photographers used the iPhone 5s to shoot video and then put it together using an iPad Air, according to details provided on the making of the ad at the end of the spot (via The Loop). Designing 20% Time in Education. A.J. Juliani is a co-founder of Education Is My Life. Why the 'no make-up selfies' campaign raised £2m. The selfie has reached a new zenith this week, thanks to the No Make-Up Selfie for Cancer Awareness campaign which has seen £2m raised for Cancer Research UK in the space of just a few days. TMB Panyee FC short film. Crowd-funded Lego car powered by air. Still figuring it out: Tavi Gevinson at TEDxTeen. Kristopher Bronner - "How to Change the World"

Alan Watts - What do you desire? IF ONLY FOR A SECOND // Mimi Foundation // EN. Google Search: Reunion.