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Features. Hope Making of - Rizzato. Hidden Furniture. Posted on January 8, 2014 by catcat Creative space-saving bookcase that contains a whole set of dinner table and chairs may fit perfectly in tiny apartments.

Hidden Furniture

Share.Food. This collection by product designer Bilge Nur Saltik and design-duo Rive·Roshan consists of a range of fine printed silks and glass sartorial objects.


Presented last week at Istanbul Design Week as part of the No Borders exhibition, the collection ‘Through the Looking Glass’ comprises of fine silk scarves and handkerchieves and handmade glass scarf rings, exploring the relationship between intricate patterns on the silk and the playful lenticular effect of the rings. When the scarves and rings are worn together the glass rings create surprising and expressive refraction of shape and colour. Shahrazad on Behance. The Floyd Leg. By Emily Bihl Furnishing a new home can be a daunting task for anyone, but for those who tend to regularly relocate, it's an even greater challenge.

The Floyd Leg

Furniture shopping oftentimes inspires a special blend of dread and guilt at the thought of having to transport new purchases, or leave them behind. Faced with this problem, designers Kyle Hoff and Alex O’Dell created the Floyd Leg; a set of four individual table legs equipped with F-clamps ready to be attached to any flat surface for an instant table with no hardware required. Made from cold-rolled steel in local Detroit machine shops, and available in two heights and two colors, the Floyd leg is both durable and versatile. Aside from the obvious benefits of being able to bring the “table” with you, rather than continue the buy-then-dump cycle, the designers also hope that the adaptability of the Floyd Leg encourages users to reclaim disused materials for their tabletops, further cutting down on waste. Stockwerk / Meike Harde. L’étagère “Stockwerk” a la particularité de posséder des parois latérales en bois massif pliables qui évoquent une structure compressible en papier.

Conçu par Meike Harde “Stockwerk” annonce un nouveau type de rangements. Le système relie chaque étagères entre elles, qui ont juste besoin d’être individuellement dépliées pour obtenir la configuration et la hauteur de rangement souhaitée. Revolve on Behance. Balance watch: A philosophy in a watch... by Mohamad Bekhit. Watch Design Enforces A Proper Work-Life Balance Ernest Hemingway.

Balance watch: A philosophy in a watch... by Mohamad Bekhit

Lego calendar by Vitamins. Empreintes végétales. Auteur : CCDPublié le : 09-maiClassé dans : Design, Food for thought Au dernier salon du design de Milan, les designers viennois Mischer’Traxler ont présenté une collection de bols moulés à partir de végétaux.

Empreintes végétales

Ces empreintes végétales, appelées « Reversed Volumes », sont réalisées à partir de poudre de céramique compactée autour de végétaux, laissant une empreinte parfaite et unique dans chaque récipient. Source : Dezeen Partager cet article / Sauvegarder. Breathing tiles. Magnets connect Ilya Tkach's two-part desk lamp. Russian product designer Ilya Tkach has created a simple desk lamp featuring a light source that snaps onto its stem with a magnet.

Magnets connect Ilya Tkach's two-part desk lamp

Ilya Tkach's Magnon light comprises just two pieces. LEDs are contained within a long wooden oak block, along with a magnet that runs down one edge. The magnet allows this element to stick to the flat sides of a white metal stem, which sits at an angle to the circular base. Blog Esprit Design Projet Constructing Memory par Hui Chun Chen. Projet Constructing Memory par Hui Chun Chen Hui Chun Chen, designer en provenance de Chine basé en Hollande nous présente Constructing Memory, projet et réflexion autour de notre mémoire et mobilier nous entourant.

Blog Esprit Design Projet Constructing Memory par Hui Chun Chen

Buoy Brochure. We've all seen the research.

Buoy Brochure

Excessive sitting doesn't do anything to boost your wellbeing. Movable Console Tables - Never Forget Your Keys Again with this Movable Table. Finger Trap handbags by James Piatt. Product news: these handbags by American designer James Piatt are carried by clamping fingers in woven tubes similar to Chinese finger trap puzzles.

Finger Trap handbags by James Piatt

The weight of the leather bags creates the pull needed to tighten the weave and secure fingers in the tubes. Finger traps are often used as practical jokes, involving the wearer struggling to remove their digits from either end of the tube, which is usually woven from bamboo. Nike Free Trainer 5.0 inspired by a Chinese finger trap. The criss-crossing bands of these running shoes by Nike are inspired by a Chinese finger trap.

Nike Free Trainer 5.0 inspired by a Chinese finger trap

The Nike Free Trainer 5.0 has an upper made of soft intertwined bands over breathable mesh fabric. When the foot is moving forwards or backwards or at rest, the bands stay flexible, but when pressure is applied from side to side, the bands tighten like a finger trap to provide extra support. Nendo's innovative stationery range includes cubic rubber bands. Japanese design studio Nendo has launched a range of stationery with innovative twists on traditional ideas for its "by | n" brand.

Stationery collection. 15 Amazing Best of Best red dot award: design concept winner 2012. 15 Amazing Best of Best red dot award: design concept winner 2012. Furniture, Architecture, Gadget, Industrial Design - Syahdiar Daily Picks Design. Watch Diary by Wonjune Song. Timed Organizer In A Book In the day and age where electronic gadgets double up as reminders of tasks and appointments, I applaud Wonjune Song’s bold move to go back to the basics of pen and paper and of course the trusty old watch. Watch Diary is basically a book with a clock set in the middle of the page.

The “red hand” indicates the current task, the “before hand” indicates past chores and the “forward hand” indicates the upcoming ones. A simple glance at the page and you’ll know if you’ve kept up your schedule or are lagging. If you can key in the text to your gadget, you may as well pen it down in this diary. On second thoughts, maybe its perfect just this ways…back to the gadget-free days! Moments in Time by Dominic Wilcox.

London designer Dominic Wilcox has expanded his series of sculptures featuring tiny characters balanced on watch hands with three new scenes tackling protest and surveillance. In Love and Protest (above) a protestor and soldier embrace in a kiss, raised above the watch face and endlessly turning on the bent second hand. The UC Davis Protest (above) depicts depicts a circle of protestors subjected to pepper spray by a central rotating police lieutenant, while Captured (below) shows CCTV cameras watching over three figures taking photos and videos. The three new pieces are on show alongside four others from the series at Phillips de Pury in London. La luce nel Progetto . Disano Illuminazione. Urban Algae.